CIA Girl

Imagine you Dad work for the CIA. Do you know what this means? I don't think so... I was train as a agent since I can think. Now I'm seventeen and my Dad sent me to England to finish school, like a normal teenager.
Sorry for the mistakes that I might made. I'm no native speaker.


2. Special for me...

 My alarm clock rung at five AM and I went jogging for one hour. After I got back, I took a shower and get ready for school. I need half an hour to get there with a bus. It was a big building and many students walked around. It was easy to found the secretariat. I got a timetable and the headmaster brought me to a class. The whole class looked at me and some start whispering. The teacher gave me the place next to a boy named Josh. He said something, but I didn’t answered, because I was just concentrating. Every time the teacher asked a question, I knew the answer. Then the lunch break came and I started a conversation with Josh. He showed me the way to the cafeteria. In the cafeteria a few boys came to us and they started an argument. They just swear at Josh and then they pushed him around. Nobody did something, so I went in between them. One of them said: “What are you doing, little girl?” My look was icy: “The question is, what are you doing?” He answered: “Nothing, just having some fun.” I said: “Didn’t look like fun. Come, Josh, let’s get some food…” I turned a round, when one of them pushed Josh and he was falling to the ground. I caught him and then I turned around to the boy. He laughed. I rubbed him one and you can see the outlines of my hand on his cheek: “Was this fun?” He tried to beat me, but he didn’t hit me. Then I just made a cartwheel and stand behind him. With tree touches on his back he was falling down. While I was doing this the other boys started hitting Josh. I went against them and after one minute they saw that they wont have a chance. I helped Josh up, while they went away and one said: “Freak.” I didn’t care about him. I cared about Josh: “Are you okay?” He nodded: “Yes, thank you. But, what did you do there? This guy is so strong. They all are… And you just let them fall on the ground… This is unbelievable!” I looked around. Everybody stared at me. Then I looked back to Josh: “It’s okay, just let us eat.” He was still shocked, but he walked behind me to get some food. It wasn’t delicious. The rest of the day, I just sat in class and listened to the teachers. Sometimes I changed a few words with Josh, but not often. I was happy, when school was out. Josh and I went to the bus station. He was driving the same way like me. I asked: “Where are you living?” He smiled: “At the other end of the city, but I’m visiting some friends.” We find out that his friends was my crazy neighbourhood boys. Harry just opened the door: “Hey, Josh! Man, what’s up? Come in!” Then he saw me walking to my door: “Hello, Palia, we just cook. You want to eat with us?” He didn’t accept my no and so a few minutes later I was sitting at a table with Harry, Josh, Niall and the other boys. One of them, called Louis, introduced me to Liam, Zayn and himself. We ate pizza. They made 5 super big pizzas and Niall ate one, like me. All the boys made jokes about it, but Niall and I didn’t care, because we just liked to eat. After this we just hang a bit around. Nothing special. When Josh went home, I went home too. I did my homework and then I called my Dad. He was at work, but he didn’t care: “Hey, sweety, how is England? And how are you?” I told him: “Well, this city is beautiful and I met some nice people. Nothing really happened. I’m just a normal girl here. Nobody knows my real name and nobody knows about my real life. It’s all just fine.” We talked a bit, but then he had to go. I didn’t say anything about the cafeteria fight. He shouldn’t worried about me. I did some sports in my pyjama. From the boys flat I heard some loud noises, sounds like a party. I went to the balcony and looked at the stars. The cold night wind felt really good at my skin. On the balcony next to mine Niall was standing. He smiled at me: “Hey.” From behind him I heard loud music. Okay, this must be a party. I smiled back: “Hey, are you having a party?” He nodded: “Yes, are we to loud?” I still smiled at him: “No, it’s okay. I just wanted to looked at the stars and think a bit…” He touches my hand: “If there is anything you wanna talk about, I’m there for you. Should I come over?” He started trying to climb on my balcony, but it just looked funny. I started laughing: “Maybe I should come over.” For me it was an easy way. A bit like a flick flack over a small wall. Niall and I was standing next to each other. One of his arms was around my shoulders and we watched the stars. Then he said: “You are different then the girls I normally meet.” I smiled: “You are also really different then the boys I knew from America. Even if we don’t know each other along time, I’m felling like, I know you my whole life.” He laugh: “Tell me, how you grew up and how you childhood was?” I didn’t lie, but I didn’t say everything: “Hmmm, yeah, I grew up in New York in a private school, where both of my parents worked. So these was nearly everything. I was in this school since ever. Ah, one thing, I was the only girl in this school… What sounds a bit crazy, but it was okay. We were all really concentrate in learning… Well, anything special about your childhood?” He needed a bit: “I grew up in Ireland, in a little city, like a normal boy. Okay, ah, on truth, before I met the guys I never felt really beautiful or talented… They changed everything…” I lied my head on his shoulder: “I think you’re really beautiful. I mean, did you ever look into a mirror? Your eyes are bluer then the sea!” I saw a sparkle in his eyes: “Thanks and there is one other thing. I think that love really truly does happen… What about you?” I shrugged my shoulders: “I don’t know. I never really thought about this. Maybe?” Zayn came from inside: “Hey, Niall what are you doing here? Oh, hey, Palia.” He smoked one Cigarette and we just talked about the party. Finally I asked: “What time is it?” Someone shouted from inside: “Half past two AM.” I turned around: “What?!” Zayn started laughing when he went back inside and Niall looked at me: “Everything okay?” I nodded: “Yeah, except the fact that I’ve to get up in not even four hours! I think I should go to bed now.” He hug me and I jumped back to my balcony: “Bye” Niall waved his hand: “See you tomorrow! And then you have to tell me, where you learned to jump like these! Not even I jump that high!” I walked inside and made myself a cup tea. This boy was different from all the CIA boys I knew. They all were different, but he was more than just different. He was special. Special for me. But what means this? I didn’t find an answer. I just went to bed and felt asleep in a few seconds.


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