CIA Girl

Imagine you Dad work for the CIA. Do you know what this means? I don't think so... I was train as a agent since I can think. Now I'm seventeen and my Dad sent me to England to finish school, like a normal teenager.
Sorry for the mistakes that I might made. I'm no native speaker.


7. Miracle...

It was my birthday. My real birthday, but in Ireland nobody knew. The only congratulations I got were my fathers. He called me and he sent me a present. Late at this evening I got a better present. I haven’t seen Niall and the boys for tree months. I just watched them on TV or internet. I really missed them, especial Niall. In my school everybody taught I’m just a fan girl, but they didn’t have a problem with it. There I was the girl who study and work hard for school. I focused on finishing school and then going back to America and work for the CIA. I often thought about calling one of them or try to get in contact with them, but it was my thought to go and I didn’t really know how to get in contact with them. I mean thousands of girls tried this everyday, so it wouldn’t really work… I that they all missed me, especial Niall. In interview or everything he was just sitting and didn’t really talking. I know this could be for every reason, but he wrote a song called ‘Why did you leave me?’ and so I thought that his sadness is my entire fault. I listened to this song everyday and everyday I hate myself a bit more for what I have done. I would give everything to change it, but what did I expect? That a miracle happened and he just walked on the other side of the street? Well, it wasn’t the other side of the street. I listened to ‘Why did you leave me?’ I don’t want to say, I miss you. I want to be in the position to see you again. But I know this might never happen, cause there a miles between us. How can I say I lost you, when I never really got you? Then it happened. Somebody bumped into me. I felt down and looked up. It was Nialls face. He looked sad, but then he saw who I am. I heard some crazy teenager girls screaming and so I stood up. I grabbed his hand: “Come!” Then we run into a little alley, where they wouldn’t see us. We stood against each other and he looked at me: “Is it really you, Palia?” I still hold his hand: “Yes, I’m really here.” I started crying and he just looked at me: “You know what crazy is, since I’m popular I saw nearly the whole world. I saw places people normally just dream of, but that’s not the crazy thing. The crazy thing is that I met thousands of girls, but I just fall for one. I fall for the one, who leaved me and I thought I would never see her again, but something brought us together again and this again is now.” I looked into his sad eyes: “I can also tell you, what crazy is in my life. It’s crazy that I ever worked so hard and then I got a chance to be just a normal lucky girl with some amazing friends, who I all leaved. I met fife amazing male friends and one boy I felt for. I felt in love with one boy and I’m still in love with him. I know that he must hate me, but I’m sorry for what I’ve done. In this moment this boy is right in front of me and I don’t know what I should say to excuse me, because there are so many things that I could use as reason, but reasons aren’t excuses. Then there is another crazy thing, this boys are the only people except my father who saw me cry.” I saw tears running down his face: “I’m also still in love with the girl and that’s the sad thing, because I lied to her and she probably never want me back.” I lean myself against the wall: “She wants you back, but she wants also to trust you.” He started smiling under all the tears: “He wants no lies anymore. Just the truth. You know, my truth is I love you.” I also started smiling: “And mine is I love you too.” We hug each other. I didn’t know how long we just stand there, but it felt really long. Then we parted from each other and I saw his beautiful smile. We were face to face and then we kissed. In this moment I felt happy again. My tree month sadness was over. Niall was also happy. He smiled: “Okay, let us eat something.” We walked side by side to the next fast food local. Niall bought our food, while I was on the toilet and removed my smudged make up. When I went back I saw the other boys next to Niall. The didn’t see me and so I just listened to their talk. Harry said: “Niall, here you are. How long wasn’t you at Nandos? What happened? You look so happy and you’re eating as much as you do before…” I went over to them: “Before I left…” Niall still ate his burger, but the other five faces looked at me. I looked around: “I should say sorry to all of you. You don’t have to forgive me, but you should know that I’m sorry.” Liam said: “No, we’re sorry. We know we should told you the truth, but we enjoyed that you like us and not our famous status.” We just all ate and then we went outside. Zayn stopped me: “Have you a minute to talk?” I nodded: “Sure.” He looked at me: “I know it’s the fault of all. We all missed you, but Niall didn’t laugh like you left. Please, never leave him again.” A tear rung down my face: “I never want to leave him again.” Then we followed the other to their hotel.


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