CIA Girl

Imagine you Dad work for the CIA. Do you know what this means? I don't think so... I was train as a agent since I can think. Now I'm seventeen and my Dad sent me to England to finish school, like a normal teenager.
Sorry for the mistakes that I might made. I'm no native speaker.


6. Leaving...

 I didn’t sleep well and I got up again at tree o’clock. I went jogging. When I ran, I could always think about everything. Then I went to school. I just sat there and didn’t say a word. It was like I lost my voice. Josh wanted to tell me things, but I didn’t listen. When school was out I just got inside my car and drove home. I knew that Josh took the bus to the boys, but I didn’t care. I brought my bag into my flat and then I went to the boys. I rung the doorbell and Liam opened: “Hey, Palia! How are you?” I gave him an icy look: “Well, I’m really fucked off. Where is Niall?” Harry came from their living room: “If you’re searching Niall, you’ll always find him near the food.” I went to their kitchen, where Niall cook some ravioli. I looked at him: “Why didn’t you tell me?” He looked at me: “Hey, tell you what?” I got angrier: “That you’re the biggest boy band in time! I told you everything! So why didn’t you?” He looked at me: “You liked me for who I am and not for superstar Niall. Then I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t find the right time. The other boys heard me shouting and so they came into the kitchen. Zayn asked: “What’s going on here?” I turned around: “I just said Niall, that I know who you really are! How could I trust you with keeping my secret, if you all hide this massive thing from me?!” They all were quiet and I just added: “Well, I guess! I have to leave!” I went outside the flat and got inside mine. I grabbed my phone and called my father: “Dad, something terrible happened. I have to leave this town. Can I tell you the whole thing later?” My father understood me and so he just sent me where I should go. I packed my baggage, while I turned the music really loud and didn’t open door. Every minute someone rung the doorbell, but I didn’t care. When I was ready I opened the door. Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn and Josh looked at me. A tear passed down my face: “Sorry, but I have to go. It was a great time with the superstars.” Josh touches my arm: “I’m sorry. Don’t leave…” I looked at him: “I have no choice. In my work we can never got a thing back. Liam gave me a quick hug: “You’re such a adorable person… Don’t go! Let us keep in touch…And” I interrupted him: “No! I can’t… There’s not always a happy ending in life.” Niall was the last one standing in my way. He was also crying. I looked at him: “The thing between us would never work out. Better I leave now, then I leave when it’s to late… I won’t forget you. You’ll always be a part of me. I’m not even one week here, but this week changed me. I will never be the same. I’m wishing you all the best…” I got inside the elevator and then outside I got inside my car. I cried while I drove out of this city and out of this country. I just left them all behind…

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