CIA Girl

Imagine you Dad work for the CIA. Do you know what this means? I don't think so... I was train as a agent since I can think. Now I'm seventeen and my Dad sent me to England to finish school, like a normal teenager.
Sorry for the mistakes that I might made. I'm no native speaker.


3. I'm working for the CIA.

The next day came really fast and I was tired, but I got up on time and went jogging. I ate and get ready, but I was to slow. I missed my bus and so I run the whole way. I was a fast runner, but I wasn’t so fast as a bus. So I was to late in school. When I came inside my classroom some of the guys started talking. I heard the word ‘freak’ a few times. I just sat down: “Sorry, missed my bus.” Josh and I didn’t talk for the lessons. Then we went together to the cafeteria and ate lunch. I was eating a lot, like always and Josh smiled: “You know what? You are like Niall, always eating a lot!” I laugh and we talked a bit about random stuff, then I asked: “Can I asked you something? You don’t have to answer, but why were these guys yesterday so mean to you?” He looked around: “Well, I have something what they will never have.” I said: “So they are jealous? About what?” He didn’t answered and the bell rung. This day I had physical education. I was the first girl outside at the sport ground. Some boys were warming up. They ran some rounds, so I started running with them. I was a bit faster then of most of them. I recognized the boys from yesterday, which means that I even ran faster. A teacher came: “Hey, guys! Hope you’re all good and had nice holidays. Boys play football today and the cheerleading team can practise as well. The other girls play tennis today, okay? Then take your stuff!” I went to her: “Excuse me, I don’t know where I should go. I’m the new girl in this school…” She looked at me: “Are you good at gymnastics? Or do you prefer playing tennis?” I smiled: “Well, I think I’m good at gymnastics, I’m also a good tennis player and I can play football too. So, it’s your choice where you want to see me.” She smiled: “Interesting, you really can play football?” In the CIA school we sometimes played football in our free time, but it was harder then normal football, because we used special moves and fought against each other. While I remembered, I smiled: “Oh, yes! I grew up with lots of boys and played football often.” She called a boy: “Toby! She needs some football equipment.” It was the boy from yesterday: “She? Come with me.” First he was surprised, but then he saw my face and didn’t say another word. We went inside a little house full of football stuff. I took the smallest schooners and protectors and put them over my clothes. Then I went back to the boys. No one wanted me in their team, but one of them had to take me. I played against Toby. The boys never passed me the ball, because they thought I was a bad player, so I run against Toby. Took the ball from him and got a point. The boys just looked at me and started passing the ball to me. I made the half of our points and we were a lot better then Tobys Team. The teacher was surprised of me: “Palia! You’re amazing! Guys, one minute left!” In this minute I made another point. I was happy, when I looked at the face that Toby made. I jumped, made a flick flack and did a twist. The cheerleading girls looked at me, when the teacher said: “Girl! You’re even surprising me more.” I smiled, put the football equipment back and changed my clothes. Josh waited at the schools main entrance: “How was physical education?” I told him what happened and he laugh. First he didn’t believe me, but then after I swore it, he believed me. He was going to the boys again and so we had the same way. At the boys flat nobody opened so I invited him to come inside my flat. We cooked some spaghettis. After eating we went into my sleeping room, because I wanted to show him a text I wrote for school. We searched for hit on my desk, but couldn’t find it. Josh grabs a box from my desk: “Could it be inside there?” I looked at the box: “No! No! Just put the box back!” It was to late. He opened the box. Inside the box were CIA stuff. Not guns or invisible capes. Just some passports and other formal stuff. He looked up to me: “What’s this? Are this passports?” He grabbed two out of the box: “What is this? This are yours? Why are they different names and everything?” I went to the kitchen: “Well, I’m not an ordinary american teenager girl.” He followed me: “Are you a murderer? Shall I go? Don’t kill me! Please!” I made myself a tea: “I’m not a murderer. I’m from the CIA. I will tell you the whole thing. My dad lost his parents and then the CIA took him for a special program. My mum was a dancer, a really good one. She was on stage with some famous artist, but she also loved fighting sports. She was a good fighter and the CIA find out about her. So she became an agent in my fathers team. They fall in love, married and the I came. While I was growing up, they still worked for CIA. The CIA has a school normally just for young buys, but my parents sent me there. My mum started working as a teacher for fighting sports at this school and we spent lot’s of time together. I was eight and we all made holidays in a little village in spain. My mum and I were jogging, when someone shot her. I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t even see someone. My dad found me sitting next to my mums body a few hours later. He exactly knew who this was. Now the person is in a top secret prison, but this doesn’t matter. My father still works for CIA, but he want me to have at least one normal school year and be like every teenager girl, so he sent me to England. And this was the story of my life.” I heard a noise from behind me and turned around. The other boys were standing in my kitchen. I looked at them: “How long do you stand there?” Harry was the first one who found his voice: “Long enough… So what’s your real name?” I took a long breath: “It’s Palia Clarkson. Most times I just changes my last name.” They all looked at me, but this time Liam said: “Crazy! Boys, we know a CIA girl!” He took it funny, but for me it wasn’t funny: “Shh! Are you mad! Don’t scream it around. It’s top secret… Well, please keep it. I’m going and pack my baggage.” Niall sounds shocked: “Pack your baggage?” I nodded: “Mhhh…, I have to leave this county. I missed the most important rules and everything. I showed you who I really am…” Josh hug me: “Don’t go! You are the best girl in school. We won’t tell anyone who you are. You have to stay, please. Nobody has to know that you broke the rules.” He went back to the boys and Zayn added: “Yeah, and rules are meant to be broken.” I saw that a tear was on Nialls cheek. I just jumped and hug all of them: “You’re amazing! I never meet so beautiful guys! But how got you inside my flat?” Liam respond: “The door was unlooked. Well, are you hungry?” Niall and I said at the same time: “YES!” We all started laughing. Josh came up with an idea: “Let us go to Nandos!” We went to Nandos and sat all in the back. The boys were a bit strange. They always looked around. Just Niall didn’t. He and I had an eating fight. We wanted to find out, who can eat more. At the end he ate one burger more. He smiled: “Hmm… What’s my price?” I shrugged my shoulders: “Don’t know…” We smiled and I saw a sparkle in his eyes: “I have an ides. My price is a yes from you.” I asked: “A yes for what?” His smiled got bigger: “Just say yes. Would you go out with me?” I nodded: “Yes.” The other boys didn’t really hear what we talked about and so they didn’t know about our date, until we went home. I went into my flat: “Bye! See you later!” Niall smiled: “Yeah! I’m picking you up at seven!”


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