CIA Girl

Imagine you Dad work for the CIA. Do you know what this means? I don't think so... I was train as a agent since I can think. Now I'm seventeen and my Dad sent me to England to finish school, like a normal teenager.
Sorry for the mistakes that I might made. I'm no native speaker.


1. England....

People are not ever, as they seem. I am never as I seem. From outside I look like a normal girl, but I never was normal, because my father works for the CIA. You know what this means? I do not think so… They trained me as a fighter. I was the only girl, who was train and so I trained even harder then anyone. It was time for my last school year and my father did not want me to do it in the CIA-school, so he sent me away, where I am just a normal girl. He gave me the chance of being a normal teenager and having fun, without six hours training per day. He droves me to the airport and I flew to England. It was a long fly, but I used it for thinking. Thinking about how an ordinary life is. From the airport I took a taxi. It took one hour from the airport to my new home. It was an apartment in a big apartment building. It was afternoon and I was hungry, so I go to a local called Nandos. In America I never heard about something like this, but I thought I would be like McDonalds. My thought was right. I bought some foods and looked up for a seat in the back. I found a good place, but in the same moment that I sat down, a boy sat down on the chair of the opposite. I stood up again: “Sorry…” He smiled at me: “Hey, we can both sit here. The table is big enough.” Does normal teenagers just sit down with strangers? I sat down with a stranger. We ate and talked a bit. His name was Niall and he was eating a lot, like me. Then some other boys came around. They was searching for Niall. One with really curly hair said: “Niall! There you are! We searched for you.” Niall smiled at the boys: “Hey, I was hungry and this is Palia.” He pointed at me and the four boys looked at me. The one with black hair said: “Hey, nice to meet you, ähm, Niall, we have to go…” I finished eating: “It’s okay, if you have to go. I should go as well there are many things I have to do.” We all went outside. The sun was going down and I didn’t remember the way to the building. The curly hair boy looked at me: “You looked a bit lost. Maybe we can help you?” I described the building and Niall said: “We are living there to!” One of the boys rammed Niall his elbow in the side: “You can’t tell someone where we life.” He whispered the words, but I understand them clearly. I was just quiet and wait until the biggest on of them told me the way. They had to go in the other direction. In my apartment I turned music on and put the things out of my baggage. After everything found a place, I turned the music louder and danced around. Dancing always reminds me of my mother. She was a dancer before she got to the CIA, where she met my father. Some tears run down my face. The doorbell rung and I opened it. Niall was standing there: “Hey, oh this is you. We are backing a cake, but we haven’t got any milk, have you?” I answered: “I don’t know if I have some. Let me look.” I wanted to go to the kitchen, but he grab my arm: “Are you crying?” I didn’t say anything, because more and more tears started running down my face. He hugs me. I never really hug a boy like this. In his arms I felt save and he let me cry all my feelings out. Normally nobody saw me cry. I was always the hard CIA girl. It was good to cry like these, but somehow I did not think that this was normal for a teenager. I stopped crying, but he still hold me in his arms: “Are you feeling better? What are you crying about? Can I help you?” I triggered out of the hug: “I’m just missing my mother.” He put his phone out of his pocket: “Here, call her.” I didn’t take the phone: “It’s not that easy. She died, when I was eight.” He put the phone back: “Oh, sorry. I’m really sorry.” I smiled to him: “Don’t worry. I still have my Dad. Please, come in, while I’m looking for the milk.” He came in and I walked to the kitchen. In the fridge was nothing, so I went back to Niall: “My fridge is empty.” The doorbell rung again and Niall opened the door. The curly hair boy stood there: “Hey, there you are. Have you the milk?” Niall answered: “No, but look she’s living in the flat next to ours.” I introduced myself: “So, hey, I’m the girl from Nandos. My name is Palia.” He looked at Niall: “Ähm, hey, I’m Harry. Nice to meet you. Then let us drive to the supermarket. It closes in ten minutes. Hurry up!” Niall grabs my hand: “Palia, come with us. You fridge is empty, so you need to buy food.” I grabbed the keys and leaved with those two boys. I was totally sure, that teenagers normally didn’t went shopping with strangers, but for me it doesn’t mattered. When they attacked me or anything, I could easy kill them. We reached the supermarket really fast and then Harry gave me money. They sent me in and waited in the car. I bought some food for me and the milk for the boys. Then we drove back to the building. Niall and Harry carried my food into my kitchen, where I put it into the fridge. Harry asked me: “Do you want to come with us?” I looked for the time: “No, sorry, next time, okay? I have school tomorrow…” Both of them leaved and I went to bed.

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