CIA Girl

Imagine you Dad work for the CIA. Do you know what this means? I don't think so... I was train as a agent since I can think. Now I'm seventeen and my Dad sent me to England to finish school, like a normal teenager.
Sorry for the mistakes that I might made. I'm no native speaker.


5. Biggest boy band in time!

 When I wake up my first thought was: I kissed Niall. The second one was: Damn, I’m fucking hungry. This morning I went jogging just for an half hour, then I made myself a big breakfast. One look on the clock showed me that I were to late. Again. Shit, I just leaved. At the floor I bumped into Louis. He smiled: “Hey, what’s up?” I answered: “I’m just running late for school…” His smile got even brighter: “Well, I’m up and the boys will just wake up in a few hours, so I can drive you?” “Really?!” He nodded: “I always mean what I say, so let us go!” Louis had a really fast car. He asked me: “How was it yesterday with Niall? He didn’t’ say really much…” I smiled: “Well, it was a nice evening…” He raised an eyebrow: “Nice?” I looked out of the window: “Okay, it was beautiful and at the end we kissed each other.” The car stopped at a red traffic light: “You have to know, that he really likes you. You had him as you sit down with all this food on your tablet, but by the first word he truly felt for you. He is one of the nicest boys I know and he rally believes in true love..” I looked back to Louis: “Well, I really like him. It’s like we fit to each other…” Louis stopped the car, because we were in front of my school: “You should talk with him about the kiss…” I opened the door: “Hmm… Later… Maybe…Bye!” Before I closed the door Louis said: “We aren’t at home today and we’ll just come back tomorrow, so see you then!” I went inside the school and the day got over really fast. Josh and I went into the city. I bought some new clothes and then he helped be to bought some new food from the supermarket a few streets away. When we put the things inside the fridge my phone rung. I picked up: “Hey?” My dad answered: “Hey, sweetie, how are you?” I answered him: “Fine and you? How is it in America? How is work?” He sounds a bit worried: “Fine, thanks. Everything here is really good, but I miss you. How is it over there? Everything good there?” I went into the living room: “Oh yes! I met some greet friends, but they are all just boys… In my school are lots of mad crazy bitches, but I showed them who is better.” He asked: “You did what?” I laugh: “I just made some gymnastics and sports… Nothing to worry about. I don’t run around with a sign about my life.” My dad also laugh: “I’m so proud of you and for this I got you a present. It’s in front of your house. I have to go now, but I hope you like it.” We hang up and I went back to Josh: “This was my father. He said he has a present for me and it’s outside.” We run down the stairs and in front of the building stood a man. He gave me some keys and then went away. I looked around and saw this really amazing car. It was modern and stylish and mine. My dad presented me a new car. Josh and I were surprised. The time passed and it just got late evening, so I offered: “Josh? Should I drive you home?” I drove him home. He lived at the edge of the town in a pretty nice house. I drove back to the apartment building and just listen to random songs from the radio. One really good was playing, called Rock Me from a boy band. I didn’t really understand the bands name. I got back home and searched for this song on the internet. I played it while I did my homework and trained my dancing skills. Then I found some other songs of this boy band on YouTube. One video was with pictures. I was totally shocked. I exactly knew the faces. Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn were this boy band and they didn’t tell me. I searched them on the internet and the result was massive. In the CIA school we didn’t really fangirl or anything. It just didn’t mattered who was a star… But these boys were the biggest boy band in time. I read about their prices and everything. Then I called Josh: “Hey, man, now I know why some kids in school are jealous of you. You are friend with the biggest boy band. Why didn’t you tell me? I told you all who I am, so you just maybe think about telling me, who you all really are?!” I didn’t wait for an answer. I just hang up and went to bed.


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