CIA Girl

Imagine you Dad work for the CIA. Do you know what this means? I don't think so... I was train as a agent since I can think. Now I'm seventeen and my Dad sent me to England to finish school, like a normal teenager.
Sorry for the mistakes that I might made. I'm no native speaker.


4. A kiss...

I wore a white dress and high heels. I made my hair curly. Niall wasn’t a second to late. He rung and I opened the door: “Hey!” We went outside and he drove to a little local. It was out of the city and the way was long. We walked inside and he smiled at me: “God, damn, you’re beautiful.” I smiled too: “Thank you, but you’re also pretty.” We got a table and chose our food. We both took big meals. He laugh: “You’re eating a lot for a girl!” I cackled: “Well, I’m a hungry person. I always do a lot of sport, but my favourite one is eating. You know I had to be trained, but food is always important too. If you’re just eating salad you might be skinny, but you miss some food additives. And why are you eating that much?” He drunk something of his coke: “Hmm… I need to have lots of power for my job and for the power I need fuel. My fuel is food.” We both laugh. After the dinner we got outside and went for a walk. Niall hold my hand and we walked down the road. He said: “Do you want a dessert?” I nodded and we went inside a little local. We sat down at a table and he ordered two ice cream. It was delicious. Then we drove back. We just sat inside the car and talked about life. He parked in front of our house. We walked inside, but the elevator didn’t work, so we walked the stairs. In the middle of the stairs I felt. I felt backwards down the stairs. Niall tried to catch me, but he couldn’t crab me. I landed on my back, but it didn’t really hurt. Niall ran down to me: “Oh shit! Are you okay?” I nodded: “Yes, was just a little fall.” He helped me up: “Are you sure?” I walked the stairs up again: “Yes! Come!” He followed me and then we finally got in front of my flat. He hold my hand: “Well this evening was really nice. I never thought that in this world is someone who can eat so much…like me… It’s like you fit to me…” I looked up into his eyes: “I know what you mean… I was always just working or train. I never really got friends and since I’m here, I met the most gorgeous boys. I don’t really know where friendship starts, but if it didn’t start until now, I hope it will start soon, because I really like you all.” He looked down into my eyes: “I’m not just talking about friendship… I think… You’re more then just a friend for me… Even if we just know each other for a few days.” His face came nearer to mine and I felt his breath on my skin. Then his lips touches my lips. It was like fire and ice. A big explosion. It felt perfect, like everything was perfect. It was a bit like everything around us just stopped to exist. Like we were the last people on earth. He took my breath away. Then he just let my lips go. I looked at him. My heart was beading harder then ever. He smiled: “Hmmm…” I tried to get my heart on a normal level again: “I might go inside now…” He didn’t say a thing, so I went inside and closes the door behind me. What happened? Since I was in England my life turned around. It totally changed. What was this feeling? I never felt like this… Was this love? I was totally sure. It was in love. I couldn’t get this kiss out of my head, so that I just started doing sport until I took a shower and went to bed.


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