CIA Girl

Imagine you Dad work for the CIA. Do you know what this means? I don't think so... I was train as a agent since I can think. Now I'm seventeen and my Dad sent me to England to finish school, like a normal teenager.
Sorry for the mistakes that I might made. I'm no native speaker.


8. A call..

At their hotel we watched a bit TV and then I told them: “Guys, this is my best birthday ever! I got you back and you don’t hate me! Thank you so much!” They all looked at me and Harry said: “It’s your birthday?!” I nodded and they all started singing and hugging me. Then we just got on with watching TV. I must felt asleep, because I woke up in Nialls arms. He also slept. Everybody slept in front of the TV except me and Liam. He looked at me: “Hey.” I smiled: “Hey, what’s up?” He smiled to: “Not much, everybody is asleep…” I nodded: “Yeah, you’re right.” His face turned seriously: “You know, I know it’s our thought that we didn’t tell you the truth and you left, but please never ever leave Niall again. He is really sensible and I never saw him so sad. In these months without you he was totally different. He even ate not much… I never want to see him like this again. I don’t want to see anyone of the boys like this. They are brothers for me. We have different last names, but they don’t mean that we aren’t a family.” I stood up and hug him: “I think you’re a good brother. Thank you for taking care of Niall.” Zayn just woke up: “Guys, why are you so loud?” I looked at him: “We are just talking and we need to do something, while you and the others snore like it’s a competition!” Liam laughed and Zayn stood up: “I’m going to bed.” Liam and I stayed up all night and then I remembered: “Oh shit! Li, I have to go to school. I totally forgot that I have school!” Liam jus laugh: “Well, if you’re here like you were in London, I think, it’s okay, if you aren’t there or one day.” He was right and I spent the day with the boys.
I spent the whole week with the boys and then at their last night in Ireland Niall and I took a walk. It was nearly midnight and we walked to a park. Niall wanted to say something, but then my phone rung. I didn’t know the number and so I just picked up: “Hello?” The voice sounded familiar: “Hello, here is Barack Obama.” “What?!” He just continued: “I know this is a bit unusually, but I have some news for you, Miss Clarkson.” I looked to Niall, but answered: “Okay, Mister President.” It was clearly his voice. I was speaking to the president. It was totally crazy, but then I remembered that my dad and his team were there at some special events to keep the president safe in the last few days. This call had something to do with my father. The president said: “Okay, these are bad news. Your father died a few hours ago, while he saved my life. I know this sounds really hard and I have to ask you, to come back to America. There we can talk about everything. The tickets are at your home for the first fly an tomorrow morning and there is also someone picking you up at the airport.” I tried to sound like nothing big happened: “Okay, Mister President, I will be there. Bye.” I hung up and Niall looked at me: “What happened? Is everything alright? Tell me!” I couldn’t say a word. I just felt the tears came out of my eyes. Niall just hug me and waited till I stopped crying: “Wanna go back to hotel and the boys.” I wasn’t able to speak and so I just nodded. I was shaking and he put his jacket around my shoulders. The boys all shared a hotel room and they sat in front of the TV. When we came in they give as a quick look and then looked back to the TV. Josh was the only one who saw that something was wrong. He turned the TV: “What happened?” Niall answered: “I don’t really know. She got a call and then…” He was nearly crying. Liam was the first one who stood up and gave orders: “Louis, go down and buy some tea. Harry, we need a blanket. Zayn, go and get us some food. Candy would probably be the best. Look for chocolate. Josh help me to bring them both on the couch.” They all jumped from the couch and did what Liam said. Niall was holding back his tears, because he couldn’t do a thing for me, while I was eating chocolate and drunk a fruity tea. Liam was right after this I felt better and I was able to speak again after a deep breath: “I got a call from the President. My father saved his life, but this coasted my father’s life. My father is dead and the president wants me to come to America. He wants to speak with me and that’s it.” Their eyes got bigger and I started crying again.
 In the middle of the night Niall, Liam and I took a taxi to my flat. I packed my things and got the ticket. The next stop on the boys’ tour was also the US, but they flew to Alabama later that day.


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