Outside the Lines

Raelynn is on a Europe vacation with her two best friends Ally and Bea. They are stoping in 4 countries there: England, Spain, Germany and France. But what happens when some familiar famous faces seem to be following them on their vacation for a tour? They seem to be at the same hotels, same restraunts and just pop up randomly. But what will happen when one of the band mates wants to hang out after their shows? Where will this lead for the girls and especially Raelynn who has one of the boys under her finger and falling hard?


2. Why Hello There

I wake up to Bea poking my side a.k.a. My ticklish spot. 7 hours later we have arrived in London And it is a gorgeous sunny day. We get our bags from the baggage claim and go through security and decide to call a cab to our hotel. The cab takes us to our hotel and we saw a glimpse of Big Ben. When we arrive to the hotel, we pay the cab driver and go in and check in. We all pooled our money together to get luxurious hotels for our vacations.
"Hello there how can I help you?" the lady at the front desk says as we intake our surroundings.

"Oh sorry! We were just in awe." I say. "We are checking in, room for Raelynn Andrews."

"Ah yes here you are! Here is your keys and your room number is 1125. Enjoy your stay!" She says.

"Thanks we will!" Ally says taking one of the keys and we all begin walking to the elevators. Bea pushes the elevator button and we wait. The elevator dings as the doors open there is a big body guard with some boys behind him. 

"Sorry ladies the other elevator should be on its way. We are picking someone up." Says the big body guard. 

"Ok we can wait." I say. As the doors begin to close I see two of the boys look around the body guard. One quickly hides again but the other one looks for a few seconds longer. Then he disapears. The other elevator dings and we get on it.

"That was weird. I wonder what kind of people stay here. Famous wise." says Bea. The elevator dings again and the doors open. We get off and walk to find our room. We are one level from the top of the hotel and the window in the elevator lobby has a gorgeous view of the city. We find our room and Ally opens the door. The room is a suite and it is very modern with one big bedroom with 3 beds and 2 large bathrooms and a kitchen and living room area. 

"Wow! This is really nice I love England already!" Ally says. 

"I call the bed closest to the window!" I say. 

"Middle!" says Bea. 

"Ugh fine you guys win. But who cares this is gonna be awesome! Im hoping to have some hot guys up in here!" Ally exclaims. Bea and I roll our eyes and we begin to unpack. 
"Im going to get ice!" I shout from the kitchen area. 

"Wait for me! Im hungry so I'll come to to get something from vending." says Bea. I check twitter as I wait for her in the hallway and finally I see her blonde- red hair come out of the room and I put my phone away and we begin to walk to the vending area. We walk past the elevators and find the vending shortly after. Bea gets some chips from the vending machine and i fill the ice bucket with ice, trying to keep the bag lining on the inside to fall down. Once I get the ice in, we walk back and I stop to fix the ice to keep the ice in the bag. 

"Raelynn I'll race you back!" Bea says. 

"Wait!-" I say picking up the pace, not paying attention to where I was going still tackling the stinkin ice bag. All of a sudden I run into something hard and spill the ice all over.  
"Oof!" says the something or should I say someone. I look up and its the curly haired boy from the boys from the elevator and he has some of the now melting ice over him. Bea comes around the corner.

"Hey slow poke what is taking you so long- woah what happened!" says Bea.

"I'm so sorry! Its my fault I wasn't paying attention, gosh I feel so bad." I say looking around blushing and feeling embarassed. 

"No its my fault I shouldn't have been texting and walking." says the thick British accent. Holy hot and I'm dying. 

"Well its not my fault so I'll meet you back at the room Rae." says Bea walking away. I pick up the ice bucket and empty the dirty ice into the nearby garbage. 

"I couldn't help realize your accent. You from America?" says Curly. I didn't realize he hadn't left. 

"Yeah me and my friends are from Wisconsin." I say blushing a little. Get a hold of yourself i think to myself. 
"That's really cool. And so is your name. Rae correct?" He asks. 

"Uh yeah, actually Rae is what my friends sometimes call me. Its Raelynn." I say. 

"Well nice to meet you Raelynn. I hope you like it here in London. Sorry again I probably should go. Maybe I'll see you around. I'm in room 1130 so we might run into each other, but hopefully not literally." He says winking at me. I laugh and smile. 
"Yeah that'd be cool." I say.

"Yeah well see ya!" he says walking away. 

I go back and refill the ice this time the bag not giving me any trouble.  I realize I never got his name although he looked vaguely familiar. I might never know the name of Curly.  

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