Outside the Lines

Raelynn is on a Europe vacation with her two best friends Ally and Bea. They are stoping in 4 countries there: England, Spain, Germany and France. But what happens when some familiar famous faces seem to be following them on their vacation for a tour? They seem to be at the same hotels, same restraunts and just pop up randomly. But what will happen when one of the band mates wants to hang out after their shows? Where will this lead for the girls and especially Raelynn who has one of the boys under her finger and falling hard?


6. Tourists by Day, Sneaking around by night

After Harry and I made our friends with Benifits deal, we actually saw each other a lot more. We became closer as friends but we also used Benifits like having secret hookups in the unused stairwell. But hey, if I tell myself that I want to hook up with other foreign boys on this vacation, I might as well do that with Harry. But we also agreed not to tell the others about our deal,
Because sometimes secrets are fun. So as the first week passes, Bea, Ally and I go out and sight see, shop, go to day clubs, and or do touristy things. We almost have a routine down and arrive back at the hotel at the same time in the evening/ afternoon. We would get settled and comfy after our day of walking and cab hopping and would hang out and relax. Let me interject though. I am not the only one who is sneaking around with one direction boys. Bea and I have caught Ally and Liam kissing in the pool or in the elevator. But they both deny everything. Bea admits that she and Niall see each other but don't go hard like Ally and her boy craziness. But the only one that suspects anything between me and Harry is Bea (mostly because of her common sense)
"So... You and Harry..." She says smiling
"No not really...." I say trying to hide my smile and try to change the subject by hearing Ally slamming the door shut as she's leaving to go down to the little store.
"Ah ah what's going on I hear you leave at 1 am." She says
That part is also true. For the most part Harry likes it when we sneak out when nobody is awake. I blush a little
"Yeah so?" I say but she's got me.
"So.... You and him are dating" she says
" no.......... We made a deal. FWB" I say
She catches on right away. "Good thinkers I'd say" she says "I won't tell anyone because I don't see the need to." She says smiling.
"Ok" I say. Then my phone buzzes and I see the time is 10:30. It's Harry.

Harry: meet at the stairs? ;)
Me: meet you there :)

I leave Bea and go to the unused stairwell and find Harry waiting for me.
"Hey babe" he says winking and kissing me on the cheek.
"Hey yourself. What's up?" I say.
"Oh I just missed you that's all" he says smiling. I can't help but to blush asy stomach flipps.
"So do you want to go out with me? Like on a real date? Becuse I want a real date with you before you leave." He says
"What happened to no strings attached? I'd love to but where is this going?" I ask
"Well, we can just cross that bridge when we get there?" He says.
"Ok... Sure ill go out with you " i say.
"Ok so tomorrow at 7 meet me in the lobby?" He says
"Sounds perfect " I say.
He smiles and grabs my waist and presses his body up against mine and backs me up against the wall. My hands go to his curls and I let my body melt into his. Harry lifts me up and i wrap my legs around his waist and he kisses me more deeply.
"Do... We really... Have to do this in... A stairwell" he says in between breaths.
"Bea And ally went out I know so...." I say back and he opens the stairwell door and carries me to my room. I unlock the door and he goes straight for my bedroom
And I release myself and kiss him and push him to my bed. He kisses my neck and begins to take off his shirt. I help him and then he starts to help take off my tshirt. His body is so warm against mine it's almost electric but it feels so right. He starts to fumble with his pants button but that is when I pull away. I can't do sex. Not now.
"Harry I'm sorry." I say
"No I'm sorry I shouldn't have gotten ahead of myself. I should have asked you first." He says
"To be honest I didn't think we were goin to get this far." I say. He laughs and i stand up and get my sweatshirt from my suitcase.
"That was fun though " i say giving him a kiss. He sighs and smiles.
"Did anyone tell you that you are an amazing kisser?" He says kissing me back.
"Just now" I say smiling. He sits up and puts an arm around me. I could actually stay like this and I love the feeling. .
"So Friday night (1.5 days left until we girls leave) we are staring off our tour and we were thinking it would be fun if you guys came and saw our concert." Says Harry.
"That would be awesome! Where do you tour after here?" I ask
"Well I know that in the next 2 months we will be here, Germany Spain and France but that's not the order I know for sure but not exactly sure" he says.
"Wow because after this week we leave to go to one of those countries also. We are doing a 2 mont vacation and those are the countries but I don't know which we are going to next. We might pass you guys in the sky." I say.
"Haha fun." He says thinking and then he gives me another kiss. My stomach does some more flipps as we kiss some more and our tounges dance together. But once we hear the door open we stop and Harry leaves and hugs me bye. I love the feeling if being in his presence and being with him. What am I feeling? Oh well Harry said we will cross that bridge when we get there
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