Outside the Lines

Raelynn is on a Europe vacation with her two best friends Ally and Bea. They are stoping in 4 countries there: England, Spain, Germany and France. But what happens when some familiar famous faces seem to be following them on their vacation for a tour? They seem to be at the same hotels, same restraunts and just pop up randomly. But what will happen when one of the band mates wants to hang out after their shows? Where will this lead for the girls and especially Raelynn who has one of the boys under her finger and falling hard?


8. Time Flies in London

I wake up the next morning in Harry's arms. I feel so protected and secure I don't want to get out of bed. I could stay like this forever. I look at the clock and see its 10:30 we all slept in and I see Bea and Ally in their beds, which they got back much later than when I was awake. I feel Harry stir next to me and I feel him kiss the back of my neck. I crane my head and look at the deep green eyes and smile.
"Morning Love how did you sleep?" He asks smiling.
"Very nice actually. Did you sleep well also?" I say.
"Better than I ever have thanks to you " he says grinning from ear to ear which makes me blush. He pulls me closer to him and he holds me for a little longer. I hear stirring from the far bed which is Ally's and then Bea sits up also.
"Awwww love birds" Ally says yawning and stretching.
"It's cute as long as i don't see grody PDA" says Bea stretching also.
Harry gives me a kiss and we all get up. I decide to go to the kitchen and I pour myself some cereal and a glass of milk. The others come too and Harry gets cereal too whereas Bea and Ally have oatmeal. We all sit around the table and talk about our nights. Ally is going on and on about how Liam and her went on a romantic walk and how it was so perfect. Bea on the other hand just went to a club and found a cute British boy named Malcom that she flirted and danced with and ended up making out with at the end of the night. I felt bad for Bea going by herself but she said it was fine and she didn't mind because she had a lot of fun.
"Well I have rehearsals for tomorrow's show you guys are coming to soon. So I'll have to eat and run. You guys are still coming to the show tomorrow right?" He says. That's our last night here London.
"Of course! We wouldn't miss it for the world" says Ally.
"Awesome well I best be going talk to you girls later!" He says giving me a quick peck on the cheek and leaving. Once he closes the door ally and Bea get excited.
"So Raelynn is successful with her first country hookup and she went all the way. Touchdown" Bea says. I laugh.
"It was pretty great not going to lie." I say smiling.
"Liam says harry doesn't stop talking about you." Ally says
"So you and Liam are...." I say knowing I changed the subject. She blushes.
"We got make outy last night" she says twirling her hair as she blushed.
"Ally is successful too would ya look at that." Bea says. We all hang out and talk some more for the rest of the morning and then we go out and see the city for the last time. We do some extra shopping and go to our favorite coffee shop that we always stop at for the last time. We spend the rest of the evening getting all of our stuff together so we can have a smooth packing up so we can get a move on to France. (Our next destination ooo la la) we decide to go to bed early because we know that tomorrow will be a long but fun filled day and a late night.

We wake up the next morning to knocking on our door. Ally opens it and squeals as I see Liam in the doorway.
"Hi gals. We were wondering if you would like to come early with us to hang out before the show. So we aren't bored and some of us are excited to see you." Liam says.
"Sure!!! We just have to get dressed and eat!" Ally exclaims.
"We will stop to eat and then go to the arena." Says Liam.
"Ok well we should be ready in about half hour so we will meet you guys in the lobby." I say.
"Ok sounds good. See ya later ladies" he says as Ally closes the door. We all book it getting dressed and getting cleaned up in the bathroom and exactly half hour later we are in the lobby being greeted by the boys. Harry comes to me right away and hugs me.
"I hope you are as excited as I am" he says smiling.
"Oh yeah" I say we all get in the SUV and head towards the arena and we quick stop at a little pastries bakery for breakfast. We eat in the SUV so the boys aren't noticed and we finally arrive at the arena. We follow the boys through the secret back entrance and put our purses and jackets in their dressing room.
"Come see how big this place is!" Says Louis. We all follow and we somehow end up on stage and the arena is huge. It's unbelievable how they sold out and will be preforming for a massive crowd.
"I give major props to you guys I never could do that. Just putting that out there." I say
"Here it's fun like this. HELLO!!!!!" Harry says yelling as loud as he can and we hear an echo after he yells.
"Wow" I say
"You try" he says.
"Ok. I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!!!" I scram and it echos back.
"Nice choice!" Says Louis smiling and laughing.
We make some more loud whooping noises and then we head backstage and back to the dressing room. We all watch TV and see the news of outside the arena where there are already thousands of people outside.
"Wow that's so crazy" Bea says.
"Yeah but in all honesty I love it its nice to see so much support." Louis says.
"Yeah and it's pretty awesome" says zayn. We all nod and soon the boys are called to stage for a sound check. We eavesdrop and the sound pretty good. An hour after sound check is done the boys come back and they get ready for their meet and greets. I'm sitting in Harry's chair and he comes over to me and kisses me on the cheek.
"You better have fun out there!" I say smiling. He grins again.
"Of course I will ill be thinking of you too." He says as I blush. Harry then takes off his shirt and changes into a sport coat and puts a tshirt on under it.
"How do I look" he says to me and poses.
"Pretty sexy. But hang on." I says touching his soft luscious hair. I fix a messed up curl and then pull back my hand.
"There pretty hot and sexy." I say. He grabs my waist and pulls me into him and he kisses me. Then time just flies as he's called to go to the meet and greet signing . Then 2 hours later they are ready to go on stage and Bea ally and I take our seats in the front row. The boys absolutely rocked it as they sang from both of their albums up all night and take me home. Harry and I had cute connections as he was almost like singing to me and then once the concert ended with 3 encores we meet the boys backstage once the madness begins to die down. We finally make it to them and go to their dressing room. They all have changed out of their sweaty clothes and into more comfy clothes and are waiting for us.
"So what did you think!?" Niall asks.
"Sexy and gorgeous" we all say at once.
"Sweet well in an hour we can head back that's how long it takes for the crowds to die down so we can actually leave." Says Liam.
"Ok" I say as I sit next to Harry on the couch and he puts an arm around me and I snuggle into him. We stay like that for an hour and then we get the all clear to leave. We pile into the SUV and head back to the hotel. Harry and i have a long kiss goodnight and then I go to bed with a smile on my face after one of my best days ever. As my phone buzzes:

Harry: I had a blast today. I'll see you tomorrow don't even think about leaving without saying goodbye this was just too fun
Me: totally took the words out of my mouth. I promise I'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for another amazing night
Harry: anything for you. Night love
Me: goodnight :)
Harry :) <3
And a smile stayed on my face throughout the whole night. :)
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