Outside the Lines

Raelynn is on a Europe vacation with her two best friends Ally and Bea. They are stoping in 4 countries there: England, Spain, Germany and France. But what happens when some familiar famous faces seem to be following them on their vacation for a tour? They seem to be at the same hotels, same restraunts and just pop up randomly. But what will happen when one of the band mates wants to hang out after their shows? Where will this lead for the girls and especially Raelynn who has one of the boys under her finger and falling hard?


11. Surprise!

Harry POV.

My mind is spinning at 100000 miles per hour. I can't believe this is happening.
"Surprise!"says the American accent i love. I bet I look like a fool for having my mouth open but I'm just in utter shock and disbelief. I just thrown arms around her and take her in. She is the perfect size for me. She is short enough where i can rest my chin on her head, she isn't stick skinny which I love because I love the curves of her body (I go for the curves) and her... Everything i just soak in all in. I wrap my arms around her waist as she wraps her arms around my neck and i lift her up and spin her around.
"Are you surprised?" She asks. I nodd as I finally swallow and find some words.
"I thought I wouldn't see you again and... These almost 2 days haven't been the same... And man I'm lost for words. This made my night." I say smiling. I turn and look at the guys who are smiling and laughing.
"Clever huh. I almost ruined it too when Ally crept up behind me. I almost yelled for Marion."says Liam. Then Marion is back.
"So this is your girlfriend?" She asks me suspiciously.
"Uh well I guess not officially?" I say exchanging the same look with Raelynn. Hopefully she has the same thoughts.
"So why were you doing all those things to me?" She asks.
"Just to have some fun!" I say smiling but leaving her and going over to Raelynn. I wrap an arm around her and she smiles.
"I was going to call you tonight too " I say.
"Well you still can." She says smiling.
"Wow! Look at this view! I was wondering why we came up here in the first place." Ally says. We all turn and laugh with her and Rae looks over and takes in the view.
"Did you really mean that I was more beautiful than this?" She whispers to me.
"100%." I say. She wraps her arms around my waist and hugs me. The night dampness begins to settle in and it grows chilly. We all decide to go down to ground level and part our seperate ways. Raelynn goes around and socializes with the other guys while Bea walks next to me.
"So I take it that this was a good night huh..." She says to me.
"Yeah. How did you know it was us?" I ask.
"Rae was actually going to go after you guys because she thought you guys were French. She wanted to see if there were any hot French boys but she saw you turn and sprinted back claiming it was British boy band." She says. So Raelynn wasn't the only one trying to mess around with French...
"Wow that's quite funny. I thought I saw her also so that is when she ran back huh... Wow" I says laughing. Bea laughs too. We reach the SUV and Bea calls a cab. I go over to Raelynn and give her a long hug.
"I'm still calling you tonight." I whisper in her ear. She smiles and nods ok. I let go of her and go in the SUV back to the hotel.

Raelynn's POV

We get in the cab and I can't stop thinking about what just happened. I can't believe they boys came to Paris too. It's like they are following us.... But oh well I missed talking with all of them especially Harry. I could tell that he missed me a lot and even though its only been 2 days. It's nice to feel that i missed them. I missed zayns quiet humor, Liam's sweetness, nialls charm and Louis's hilarious humor. Harry said that he is going to call me tonight but what I'd kill to meet him face to face, person to person again. I wonder where they are staying? How far? Their SUV disappears into the busy Paris streets and we end back up at the hotel in no time. I get into my comfy pajama pants and sweatshirt and relax in the living room with the girls while we start our favorite movie Mean Girls. As the movie begins my phone rings and I see its Harry. I go to my room to answer.
"Hello?" I say.
"Hello my love. How are you?" He says his thick accent making me smile.
"Very well actually how about you?" I say.
"Well I'm talking to a very lovely girl and she makes me happy so I'm quite fine thanks for asking."he says. I feel like I can her him smile through the phone.
"Thanks. I really wish I could talk face to face right now." I say.
"Me too. Want to meet up somewhere?" He asks.
"Sure. How about the cafe on piper street?" I ask.
"Ah yes I saw that coming into town. Sounds delightful. Not too long of a walk from your hotel I hope?" He asks.
"No. Long for you?" I ask.
"No it's only a block away. Meet you there soon" he says as we hang up. I sit up and get some shoes on. I change into sweatpants and leave the penthouse. I hear a door close in unison with mine and I take it that our neighbors are leaving to go out also. I go to hit the down arrow on the elevator and a male hand comes down on mine.
"Rae? Is that you?" I hear British. I look up and see a smiling face.
"You never told me you were staying here?!" I say.
"Same to you too! Lets just talk in the lobby." He says taking my hand as the elevator arrives. We go down to the lobby and sit on the love seat.
"What are the odds. Are you following us?" I say.
"I should be asking you the same thing!" He exclaims.
"Gosh this is too good." I say.
"Yeah. So what do you think of Paris so far? Any boys catching your eye?" He asks. I blush. How does he know about the whole me Thinking they were French thing?
"Erm... Not exactly. How do you know about that?" I ask.
"Bea told me. Were you really going to go after French boys?" He asks.
"Welll... If any showed interest. I thought it was going to be like us." I say.
"What do you mean like us?" He asks.
"Not real just for fun but not towards the end of last week." I say.
"So are we just a fling?" He asks.
"You tell me mr flirting for fun" I say. Now it's his turn to blush and object.
"I swear i was just messing around and nothing at all. "He says. I nodd.
"So that was kinda awkward when Marion asked if you were my girlfriend."he says as I blush.
"Just a little." I say unsure of where this is gong.
"Do you want to clear it up and... Rae will you be my girlfriend?" He asks. I'm in shock. Do I want this sort of attachment? What about in 2 weeks when we leave again? What about.... Ahh mind rattling. Ahh fuck it why not??

A/N hi hope you like it so far. If you want you can give some feedback. I'm open to any ideas/ comments. Thanks for reading!
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