Outside the Lines

Raelynn is on a Europe vacation with her two best friends Ally and Bea. They are stoping in 4 countries there: England, Spain, Germany and France. But what happens when some familiar famous faces seem to be following them on their vacation for a tour? They seem to be at the same hotels, same restraunts and just pop up randomly. But what will happen when one of the band mates wants to hang out after their shows? Where will this lead for the girls and especially Raelynn who has one of the boys under her finger and falling hard?


16. Some New Friendly Faces

As the morning sun peeks through the window, I wake up shower and finish packing. Harry told me yesterday that they are going to Germany  also. They are leaving Paris a day later than us. Bea and Ally and I have a quick Breakfast, say a last goodbye to the boys and checkout of our hotel and we call a cab to go to the airport. The traffic was bad and once we go through security, we have to run to our gate and board right away. The flight wasnt too long which was nice for a change. We arrived in Germany at 2:00pm and we get our bags from the baggage claim like usual. As we leave the airport, we look around for a place to call a cab. Most of the signs were in German and there was little english. We go to the information desk and ask where we can call a cab. The man at the desk says with a thick accent says the cab service has had a malfuntion and has closed for the day and the local bus route is going on and should be here in 5 minutes. we nodd and thank him for the information. We wait outside and soon enough a large blue city bus pulls up and we wait in line to board. Once we get on, the bus is crowded and stuffy. We stand in the isle and hold onto our bags with one hand and the railing with the other. 

"Where is the hotel? We will have to watch for the street sign." Ally says. 

" our hotel Jumeriah Frankfurt, is Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 2." I say looking at the sheet I printed out showing our reservation confirmation.

"ah Jumeriah Frankfurt is a couple blocks form here. I am going there too!" I hear from behind.me. I turn around and see a girl who is probably 21 with long brown wavy hair who looks very pretty. 

"Thats a relief! I have a feeling we would have gotten lost." I say.

She smiles."Dont worry, I would have too but this is my second time here so I have a general idea of where to go. I'm Eleanor, by the way." She says sticking out her hand. I shake it.

"Hi! Im Raelynn and this is my friends Ally and Bea. We are from America on a European vacation." I say.

"Ah sounds fun! Im here visiting my boyfriend. I could tell by your accents that you werent from Europe. Im from the UK so I have the accent but no german." She says smiling. 

"Yeah It sounded pretty british to me." I say laughing a little. Eleanor looks outside and pulls the string to alert the driver we wish to get off here. Once the bus stops, we get off and go inside the hotel. It is a large skyscraper building and the interrior is very modern and luxurious. 

"Thanks for helping us Eleanor maybe we can hang out soon when you arent with your boyfriend." I say after we check in. 

"I would love to! My boyfriend isnt actually getting in until tomorrow so maybe we could hang out tonight?" She asks. 

"Sure you can come over to our room. what's your number so  I can text you when we are ready?" I ask. She gives me her number and we get on the elevator and she gets off on the 15th floor and we go up to our 20th floor. (Eleanor knows this because she was with us at checkin). Our suite has one bedroom with 2 beds, and a great bathroom with a jacuzzi tub, a large shower and a 3 sink. There is a flatscreen in the living area and with a desk and  a sofa and a glorious view of the city. There are two little dividers one seperating the beds from the living area and one seperating the living area with the kitchen area. Its very nice and We stand there in awe. 

"Ok so who wants to double up?" asks Ally. 

"I dont care, who wants to be alone?" I ask.

"I will so you and Bea can double up." Ally says. 

"Mkay, we just got dibs on the bed by the window." I say. She agrees and we get unpacked and settled in. Once I finish I flip on the TV and text Eleanor to come on up. She says she'll be there in 5 minutes. In the mean time, Ally and Bea are finishing up with unpacking. My phone buzzes and its a text from Harry. 

Harry: Hey love. Miss you cant wait to see you tomorrow! 

Me: Me too. Our hotel is awesome! Look at this view!" *pic attached*

Harry: Wow that's splendid. I just showed it to Liam and that looks like where we aare going to stay. is that the Jumeriah Frankfurt?

Me: Yeah why?

Harry: We are staying there so i guess we wont be far from eachother

A smile spreads across my face. I feel like I am the master of booking hotels. I cant wait to see him. I tell him about how the cabs were down and we had to take a bus and a girl was nice enough to help us and shes staying in the hotel too. As the text sends there is a knock on our door. Bea opens it and lets Eleanor in. 

"Afternoon Ladies. Isnt this awesome!?" she says.

"Yeah! This is awesome. Raelynn is the perfect hotel booker." ally says

"Yeah so is my boyfriend. Hes paying for me to be here. He is so sweet. I cant wait to see him tomorrow" Eleanor says. I nod. I know the feeling I think to myself. Eleanor joins me on the couch and Bea sets out a couple snacks for us. Ally and Bea come over and join us on the other couch.

"So Eleanor is your boyfriend from here?" Bea asks. She laughs. 

"No actually. We are just meeting here and hanging out for a couple weeks then going with him." she says. 

"So, he's coming from where?" I ask.

"He was ah... vacationing in France and then hes coming here to... ah... vacation?" She says.

" You seem unsure about the "vacation"" I say using air quotes on the word vacation. She blushes.

"Im sorry, its complicated and I dont think Im allowed to say who and what he does. I dont want anything to change between us. I like having you girls to talk to. I have a feeling that we will become good friends. And Ill have to introduce you to one of my best friend. She gets here tomorrow as well." She says. 

"Ah sounds nice," Ally says. 

"So since I really want to tell you about my love life tell me about yours. Or your life." Eleanor says. 

"Well mine isnt as exciting as yours where you cant say who it is.He must work for the government or something huh. But I  wont keep askiing. But anyways, my love life isnt as interesting as some people's *cough* Rae" Ally says. I blush.

"Oooo! Raelynn gotsa guy in her life?" Eleanor asks. 

"Uh, yeah he's actually coming tomorrow so maybe you'll meet him." i say.

"what's his name?" She asks.

"You'll know when you just see him tomorrow." I say keeping it secretive. as if on cue my phone buzzes and its a text from harry. I tell him i gotta go and Im hanging out with friends. 

"Hmmm..... You and I got secrets, this is interesting." She says. We sit and chat and eat dinner until around 10:00 and then Eleanor goes back to her room and we get ready for bed. 

"Eleanor seems nice." I say

"Yeah she is, she just looks famililar, like famous or something." Ally says.

"You read too much celebrity things so maybe you're halucinating." Bea says sarcastically but taken litterally by Ally. Bea rolls her eyes.

"Well Im going to get some shut eye. Cant wait for tomorrow." I say.

"Oooo love" Ally coos.

"Maybe... Yeah, i cant deny it." I say blushing.

"Hey if he treats you right and makes you happy, he's worth it." Bea says. 

"haha thanks guys. See you in the morning." I says drifting off into a deep sleep.


I wake up to the sun peeking through the drapes. I roll over and see its 10:00 am. I sit up and see that Ally and Bea are waking up too. 

"Morning." I say yawning. They yawn in response.

"Yay the boys are coming. I miss my party animal boys." Ally says drowsily. 

"Me too." Bea says chiming in,

"AKA your irish boy." ally teases.  Bea rolls her eyes and we get up and go down to the lobby and Have complimentary breakfast. After, we go up to our room and relax and wait for the boys. Around 3:00 my phone rings and its Harry.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Hey love. We are in germany and the cab is on the way to the hotel. I cant wait to see you." He says

"Me too. And the others too, call me once you are all settled and unpacked so we can come join you guys in your room and we can hang out." I say. 

"Ok sounds good. We  just pulled up to the hote- Holy screaming girls. Looks like the back entrance will get a work out. See you later love" He says. 

"Ok be careful and safe.See you later" I say hanging up.

"Well they are here and so they will call when they are ready for us to come up." I say

"OK" they reply. 20 minutes later there is a knock on our door. Bea open it and see my curly haired boy. I gasp and rush to give him a hug. 

"Suprise lovelys!" he says. I smile and kiss him on the cheek. 

"One day away and im a mess." I say laughing.

"Good at least im not the only one." He says giving me a soft kiss on the lips.

"Wait howd you find our room?" Bea asks. 

"Oh you know, I knocked on every room." He says.

"there are 218 rooms though" Ally asks very confused. Harry sees the literal confusion.

"No I asked the front desk. You can do anything when youre famous ya know." He says. 

"Yeah yeah. lets see the others!" Bea says.

"Antsy for some Irish eh Bea?" He asks. Bea blushes but blows it off.

"I cant wait for you guys to meet Louis and Liam's girlfriends that came out to join us." Harry adds. 

"Oh yay!" I say as we leave and get on the elevator as we go all the way to the top floor 25 to the boy's penthouse. Harry opens the door and shouts SURPRISE! They all look and see us and they cheer. 

" Yayy!!! THe girls are here!!!!" Louis says getting up and giving us all squishy hugs. the others join and over Nialls shoulder I see two girls with their backs towards us. There is a curly haired one and a familiar wavy brown haired one. They turn around and I see Eleanor.

"Eleanor!?" I ask excitedly. 

"Raelynn? Wait Harry is your Boyfriend?" She asks suprised and happy.

"Yeah wait who i-" I stary 

"NO WAY! Eleanor Cadler! Louis's girlfriend! And Danielle Peazer Liam's girlfriend. This all makes sense now! You looked so familiar I thought i was going crazy." Ally says. They laugh.

"Well it looks as though you know who i am too. Its nice to meet you Raelynn Bea and Ally." Danielle says. 

"Woah Im way behind and getting lost. Can someone please explain?" Louis asks.

"Eleanor helped us find this place on the bus and we hung out last night and she couldnt say who her boyfriend was because she knew we'd know who she was and Rae wanted to have Harry meet her to suprise her that she's dating a star. But since you all know eachother its kind of sweet." Bea says. Louis still looks confused but the others are now comprehending. We all hang out and order in room service and it is an awesome night. We watch tv and chat about life. And through every second Harry never left my side which I enjoyed very much. As the night began to close, Eleanor and Danielle left to go to Eleanor's room which they share and us girls begin to head back. I hang back and harry gives me a long kiss goodnight. 

"We need to have some alone time. I want some more of the stairwell action like we had in England." He whispers in my ear. I smile and give him a wink and say definatley. I can not get enough of this guy. Harry Harry Harry.... And I hug him goodnight and sleep with a smile on my face, getting antsy for the "Stairwell action" 


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