Outside the Lines

Raelynn is on a Europe vacation with her two best friends Ally and Bea. They are stoping in 4 countries there: England, Spain, Germany and France. But what happens when some familiar famous faces seem to be following them on their vacation for a tour? They seem to be at the same hotels, same restraunts and just pop up randomly. But what will happen when one of the band mates wants to hang out after their shows? Where will this lead for the girls and especially Raelynn who has one of the boys under her finger and falling hard?


14. Second Chance

I tell Charlie to meet me in the hotel lobby. I change into some yoga pants and a sweater with a new, flowy scarf and put on my uggs. The cool winter is beginning to settle in and its getting cooler as the days continue. I step out of the elevator and see Charlie siting on the sofa in the lobby. He is checking his phone and he looks really nice. He has a tight button down flannel shirt that shows his toned body. Raelynn what are you doing?! this is a second chance for him and you think Harry is hot and you like him not Charlie like that. I shake the thoughts from my head and I approach Charlie. He sees  me coming and stands up and gives me a hug hello.
"Thanks for agreeing to come to lunch. I havent stopped thinking about you. I really wanted to talk." he says.
"Well lets go and we can talk when we eat. Im actually kind of starving." I say. He smiles and we walk out of the bustling hotel and we walk around.
"I know this great sandwich shop. Its a couple more blocks away is that ok?"he asks. I nodd and then the wind picks up and I feel my teeth begin to chatter.
"Cold? Here wear my jacket, Im comfortable without it."he says. I never realized he had a coat with him and I accept it. I should be used to this cold weather being from wisconsin and all. I hope im not getting sick... As we walk he places his hand on the small of my back as we walk through a big crowd. I whirl around and shoot him a look.
"Sorry! I just didnt want to lose you in the crowd of people!" he says putting his hands up in defense. I smile.
"Its ok, its just.... Harry may stop by or walk by to say hi a couple times...." I say trailing off. His eyes widen.
"Oh so we may not be technically alone. So I guess we cant talk, talk in private huh?" He says.
"Well we will just need to keep an eye out while we are eating. Dont worry though, we will still have a nice time" I say. He smiles although it looks forced. I give him a little nudge and smile at him, trying to lift the awkwardness. He gives a real smile and nudges me back.We walk a little more in silence.
"Ah here we are. Lets go in."Charlie says. I follow him into a modern sandwich shop and we both order. He insists on paying so I let him. We find a table by the window and we begin to talk.
"i want to apologize first and foremost for how I acted last night. I was drunk and I dont know what came over me, I guess I just wanted you for myself and just wanted to be with you and..."
"Its ok. I wish I could have hung out with you too but I knew that you liked me and I just dont want any drama between us and Harry. I am beginning to know him better and I really enjoy him."I say. He lets out a small sigh.
"Why cant I be the one you want to get to know better?" He mumbles.
"We can but just as friends." i say. He looks down and nods.
"i wish I could be Harry to have a beautiful, and gorgeous girl as his." he says, his deep ocean blue eyes locking with mine. I melt on the inside. No Raelynn you cant do this! Harry Harry Harry Styles... Styles, Charlie's hair styles.... Charlie's cute smile... RAE! NO! I break the connection and look out the window and I see the familiar curls poking out from a green beanie. I smile in Harry's direction and he smiles and gives a little wave. Charlie follows my gaze and sees Harry and lets out a sigh.
"I wish I could tell you how I really feel. Can I ask you please... one date with no rules, or people keeping watch?"He asks. I sigh.
"I cant Harry wont want that"I say.
"Please. Just once. No one will have to know." He says. He takes my hand and gives it a squeeze and I pull it away from the spark. I sigh. I glance out the window.
"Fine. Text me tonight where to meet you. Dont tell anyone." I say finishing my sandwich. his face lights up and smiles.
"Thank you thank you thank you!! Lets get going so there wont be any suspicion."He says. We stand up and leave and walk back to the hotel. Once we get there he kisses me on the cheek goodbye and whispers that he'll see me later. I go up to my room and see that no one is there. I go over to One Directions room and knock. The voices stop and a "Who is it!?" replies form the other side.
"Raelynn!" i say through the door.
"YAYYY!!!"I hear as the door flings open and Louis and Harry fly at me.
"We missed you hope you werent tortured." Harry jokes giving me a quick peck.
"It was nice actually. And I still saw you so I get to see you again which makes it better." I say. We all hang out and order room service and eat in. Around 10:00 us girls head back to our rooms. I feel my phone buzz and its a text from Charlie.
Charlie: Hey meet me outside of your hotel
Me: Idk.. I dont like sneaking around...
Charlie: PLease you said u would...
Me: fine see you in a few.
The girls are going to bed early and I slip into my room and change clothes and slip out. I take the stairs to avoid waiting for the elevator just in case the boys would come out and interrogate me. As I walk through the lobby i see a familiar Blonde head. I see Niall look around and I duck behind a plant. He walks by and i sneak out of the hotel unnoticed. I find Charlie under the lights of the hotel.
"Hey! Thanks for doing this. Follow me" he says. He takes my hand and we begin to walk in a familiar path. Then I realize that this is the way to the Eifel tower.
"Hey! were going to the tower arent we?" i say. He smiles as we approach the tower. We climb to the top and admire the view. This brings back when we supprised the boys. I loved the feeling of seeing him again and kissing him once he saw it was me. I feel an uneasy feeling in my stomach. But I try to ignore it.
"this is so beautiful." I say
"Indeed. But you are more than this view." he says his face coming closer to mine. then his lips land on mind. They are warm and soft, but there wasnt as much of a spark. But it was an adreniline rush where i cant pull away. then I feel my pocket buzzing. I pull away and see the caller I.D. Harry
My stomach drops.
"He-Hello?"I answer. Charlie becomes dead silent.
"Hey, where are you? I went to your room and the girls and I couldnt find you. I missed you today, I wanted to go for a walk with you."He says.
"Oh well I am on a walk too, Im actually coming back to the hotel where I could meet you and we could walk." I say.
"Ok. And you know where to go? You said earlier that you get lost easily."He says. Charlie coughs and I shoot him a glare.
"Who was that? Are you with someone? Whats going on?? He asks. Shit.
"Well as I was on my walk I ran into Charlie.."
"Youre out with Charlie?" He asks.
"We are just at the tower... Im on my way back now"
"You didnt run into him did you. Rae you arent the best liar. why are you out with him?" He asks.
"Its just friends! I swear"I say gasping a little. Its silent on the end.
"Harry?"I ask.
"Yeah... um you might want to see who is around you..." He says. Huh? I whirl around and see Niall. no...
"Harry please let me explain-"
Um Im actually really tired. Im going to bed. Have a nice night. Just dont forget to use protection when you go all the way with him.Bye." He says.
"Harry no! Harr-" But the line goes dead. I look at Niall.
"Sorry Rae I just.... You guys were kissing and the pictur...I know how he feels about you and I... I dont know.."
"Dick! Why?!"Charlie says
"Charlie you have no right to say that to him." I say
"Huh?" He says.
"Im going and I dont think I want to see you again." I say to Charlie fighting the tears as I go as fast as I can down the steps. I run away from the tower and after a few minutes I have no idea where I am. I begin to sob and I sit down on a nearby bench and sobb into my sleeves. I really fucked up this one... Then I feel someone sit next to me and give me a hug. I swear to god if its Charlie... But I look up and see Niall has followed me.
"Niall! I don't know what I'm doing anymore and I'm an awful person and I just can't lose Harry and I hate myself so much and I can't believe I did this and all of the boys and girls are going to hate me and think I'm a slut and why are you still here don't you hate me? Niall what do I do!?" I cry all at once.
"Shhhh. It's ok. We won't hate you Harry is just confused and give him time and talk to him tomorrow and I'll explain to the guys and everything will be ok. Don't worry now let's get back to the hotel." He says
"You know where to go?" I ask he nodds.
"Yeah and I have a feeling that you don't do you..." He says. I let out a sputter laugh and nod. I walk with him back to the hotel and I go up to my room, get into my pjs and explain everything to the girls. They said the exact same things as Niall did. Just wait till tomorrow. Hopefully Harry will give me a second chance... Hopefully he believes in them like I did... But look how well that turned out.....

I wake up and I have a head ache and my eyes feel all puffy from crying last night. I pull on a sweatshirt and yoga pants and i check my phone and see no new messages. Only one from Charlie which I refuse to reply to. I have to do it. I go over to the guys room and knock on the door but there is no answer. They all must be out. I decide to text harry

Me: please call me as soon as possible. I need you so much

Not even 5 min later my phone rings and its Harry. My heart flipps.

"Hello Harry!?" I ask.
"Don't get your hopes up this is Louis. Harry doesn't want to talk right now he just wants to make sure you are fine," Louis says. I let out a sigh.
" yeah I'm fine. Please tell Harry that when he's ready i need to talk to him. Please. I just.... I need..." But the tears are overflowing.
"Shhh it's ok I'll let him know but please stop crying its all going to be ok. Can you stop crying for me?" He asks I try but tears still fall.
"Will you stop crying for me?" I hear a deeper voice on the other end. It's Harry.
"Oh my god. Harry! Please don't hang up." I say
"I will because we are almost done with break during rehearsals. Make it quick." He says.
"Harry I just need to talk to you when you get back. Text or call me please when you get back" I plead. It's silent but then he relplies ok. And we hang up. I stay in the penthouse for the day because I look like shit. Bea and ally stay with me and we watch TV. I realize that we have only 3 more days left here in France. Which means that Harry.... Is it even worth is? Then around 4:00 there is a knock on the door. I get up and it's Harry. Right away the tears come and I burst out bawling. He reaches behind me and closes the door and he envelops me in a big hug as we walk towards the couch outside the elevator.
"Harry... I'm so sorry please- I can't even imagine-"
"I love you" he says. I stop crying and blink at what he just said.
"What?" I croak.
"I love you Raelynn." He says.
"But- but- i " I stutter.
"I can't ever be away from you. I can't live without hearing your voice. I feel awful for what I said to you last night. I just felt angry that he pulled that move on you." He says
"Me too. I just wanted to jump off and run back to you." I say. He puts his arm around me and kisses my head.
"I'm sorry." We say in unison.
"I forgive you." We say together. He squeezes me closer to him and he tilts my chin up towards him and he gives me a long passionate kiss. Once we pull away I say "I love you too Harry styles." I say. He smiles.
"I'm in love with Raelynn Andrews. Nothing can keep us apart" he says and nothing will ever. Even second chances will roll around for the better.
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