Outside the Lines

Raelynn is on a Europe vacation with her two best friends Ally and Bea. They are stoping in 4 countries there: England, Spain, Germany and France. But what happens when some familiar famous faces seem to be following them on their vacation for a tour? They seem to be at the same hotels, same restraunts and just pop up randomly. But what will happen when one of the band mates wants to hang out after their shows? Where will this lead for the girls and especially Raelynn who has one of the boys under her finger and falling hard?


20. Hardest things to do

This is going to be harder than I thought. Avoiding Harry like this. Every time I see him I have to battle the urge to go up to him and take him back. He tries to come and talk to me but I go hide behind Louis or Eleanor or Bea. I never thought it'd be this bad.... It's our 5th day here and Louis and Liam say that they are treating all of us to a day out in the city with bowling, trampolines and other fun surprises. We all meet in the lobby and of course Taylor is by Harry's side. It makes me many to gag of how clingy she is. We all go out and begin to Walk to the bowling alley. We walk through the crowded down town and Liam and zayn keep asking Louis when "it" will happen. I try asking what "it" is but Louis gives me a big smile and says its a surprise. I see Taylor and Harry holding hands and they kiss a little. How can he do that in front of me? Does he not feel the least bit bad that he left my heart broken? We are about to the bowling alley and ethere is a crowd forming behind us of directioners. Then all of a sudden.... Harry lets go of Taylor's hand and whispers in her ear.

"What!!!?! Whadya mean this isn't working out?!" She screeches.

"Love please.... It's just I have someone else. This isn't working." He says. I cringe at how he called her love. This is getting the paparazzis attention.

"Well? Who is this girl I never saw a girl here that you took interest in except me!" She exclaimed. Then Harry looks me straight in the eye and says:

"Well then you're oblivious to the world. She was holding hands with me as we walked in to the hotel on our first day. She is the one I love being with. This management thing isn't working out and I can't afford to lose her." He says.

"Wait you mean that nobody that shat up the ice in the lobby? Wow that's a new low Harry. I hope you're happy. I never never never want to see you again. We eeee! Never never never again." She says walking away. What the hell was that. All of a sudden I burst out laughing and niall and Louis and Bea and eleanor and ally join In.

"What's so funny?" Liam asks.

"Oh just.... Diva I guess..." I say laughing a little more.

"Yay!! Time for some bowling with beasties!" Says Louis leading the way to the alley. I still keep my distance from Harry who looks miserable. I just want to go and give him a big hug and kiss and make it all better. But I still need time. We walk in through the doors of the bowling alley and we go get shoes and our lanes. On one lane it's the boys and the other is the girls. We all get situated and I go first getting a spare and then announce I am going to the bathroom. The boys rented out the alley just for us to avoid fan stampedes and the crazies with bowling balls. As I finish up and begin to wash my hands I hear the door open. Hmm someone must have had to go too? I walk out of the sink area into the powder room area and see Harry standing there.

"What are you doing this is the girls bathroom!" I exclaim.

"I don't care I just need to talk to you with out you finding someone to hide and talk to. I know what I did was upmost horrendously wrong. It's just that management can be so strict.... And scary for that fact. I just can't lose you. Please Rae. Forgive me."he says taking a step towards me. I can feel his warm breath on my face and the familiar smell of him. I missed that for the past 4 days. I could have given in so easily and leapt into his arms.

"I forgive you. But I have to go its my turn." I say sealing him off and leaving the bathroom to go back. I don't hear him follow me. Good hope he's thinking. He deserved for me not to come running back. But my heart aches for him... I go for my next turn and see Harry has returned. I feel a tap on my shoulder and see its Louis.

"Hey Lou." I say warching the others.

"You know he went against management right?" He says softly to me.

"Really?" I say letting it set in. He nods.

"That's how much he cares. Just... Think about that" he says. And I do. That is one of the most sweetest things anyone has done for me. But I keep thinking through the first round. I end up bowling a 140 which is pretty good for me. Then my tummy growls.

"I'm hungry I'm going to get some French fries to snack on? Anyone want to come with?" I ask. Harry stands up immediately and follows me. I place an order for 3 baskets of fries and we wait at the bar. I turn to face Harry.

"Is it true?" I ask. He looks up and our eyes lock.

"Which part?" He asks.

"You going against management for me?" I ask. He nods.

"I couldn't lose you. I know I'll get an earful but for you... It's so worth it. Please just know how much you mean to me. I don't know how I lived without you and how I've been so arrogant and stupid but-" I cut him off by connecting our lips. I kiss him long and passionately. His arms wrap aroundy waist pulling me into him. Once I pull away, he pulls me into a hug and burries his head in my shoulder and picks me up and spins me around.

"Raelynn...." He whispers.

"MISS RAELYNN! Here are your fries!!" The bartender says putting down the tray of fries. Harry pays and I take the fries back to the lanes and we all snack on them. We play 2 more games and Louis gives me a happy look as i steal glances of Harry. I blush. Who knew that a turn of events could happen so fast? This has been the hardest thing I've had to do... But it's beginning to start to take off in a new direction.... It's gonna help in the long run right??!
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