Outside the Lines

Raelynn is on a Europe vacation with her two best friends Ally and Bea. They are stoping in 4 countries there: England, Spain, Germany and France. But what happens when some familiar famous faces seem to be following them on their vacation for a tour? They seem to be at the same hotels, same restraunts and just pop up randomly. But what will happen when one of the band mates wants to hang out after their shows? Where will this lead for the girls and especially Raelynn who has one of the boys under her finger and falling hard?


17. Germany

The next day is a rest day for the boys. Since they have multiple performances this week, their manegment thought it would be a good idea to have a day off to rest their vocal chords. There is a knock on our door at 9:30. Ally opens it and sees Niall.

"Oh hey Niall. Come on in!" Says Ally. Bea looks over and her face turns a little red. 

"Erm... Hi ladies, I was actually here to talk to Bea if thats alright." He says, turning a little pink. 

"Sure! Beaaaaaa!" I sing. She stands up and walks towards Niall.

"Oh is Harry up yet? I knew he wanted to hang out today." I ask Niall.

"Ah yeah he was going to come with me but he went to get something. He should be back by now though." He says as Bea follows him out. Me and Ally exchange glances. 

"They have such mixed feelings its ridiculous. Niall cant take his eyes off her and she cant stop thinking and talking about him." Ally says.

"Really? I guess I havent noticed." I say shrugging.

"Yeah wanderlust. You have been really caught up with your Harry. You always are talking or with him. We dont mind, we are happy for you, but we miss you." She blurts out. Huh? Have I really been with Harry that much?

"Well you guys have been with us, we are usually with the boys as we go out. I miss you too, but you two also go out and stuff too." I say. She nods. 

"Also we are getting concerned. We just dont want you to get hurt. Do you know what will happen when we get ready to leave for home after Spain?" She asks. There it is. 

"No and I dont want to think about it, it makes me kind of sick thinking about it. Another piece of evidence that I am out of the loop is that he told me that he loved me on the day after the Charlie incident." I say. Her mouth falls open. 

"awww! That is so sweet!! Why didnt you tell us?" she asks.

"I dont know. I guess it never came up and that... I dont know. Ok, you me and Bea are having a girls day tomorrow when the boys are working." I say.

"I like the sound of that." She says smiling. There is a knock on the door. 

"Rrrrroooooommmm Service!" a feminine-ish voice sings from the other side. I open the door and see a bunch of roses in front of a curly head. 

"Surprise!! Morning love! Date today?" he asks with a sexy wink. I blush and take the roses. 

"Of course monsieur. " I try to say cheesily. 

"Awww!!!!! Im forever alone! Have fun cutie pies!" Says Ally.

"Dont worry we'll find you a man Al. See you later!" Harry says taking my hand.

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"its a suprise" he says winking.

"You and your surprises." I say giving him a nudge. He smiles. We go out of the hotel and walk downtown Frankfurt. Its gray and cloudy, but the sun it trying to peak through the clouds. 

We walk towards a car that Harry must know. 

"Hello Harry all set?" The driver asks.

"Jup! lets go" Harry says. We get into the car and we drive for a half hour. We get into the countryside and a lake appears. Its a breath taking view and as if on cue, the sun comes out and the clouds dissapate. We are dropped off in a grassy meadow and Harry grabs a picnic basket and blanket out of the trunk of the car. I follow him and we sit on a bare grassy spot that overlooks the lake. 

"Wow this is gorgeous." I say. Harry spreads out the blanket and we sit and look over at the view.

"Just like you, but you are more gorgeous." He says cheekily. I give him a nudge and he wraps a arm around me, as I lean into him. He kisses the top of my head. 

"You are so cheeky Harry Styles, but it s the cutest thing I have ever heard. He smiles and we sit in silence, the peaceful kind listening to our surroundings. 


Harry's POV

I cant take my eyes off of Raelynn. I just love being with her so much, she makes me feel like a better person, she makes me feel like im on cloud nine. I love being here in this peaceful place away from the commotion and craziness. She snuggles into me. I take her chin and make her look at me. I look into those sea green eyes, and see the smile in those eyes. 

"can I help you Mr. Styles?" She asks me. 

"No just looking thanks though." I say, pulling her closer to me and bringing her lips to mine. I love the spark that goes through me when we kiss. I deepen the kiss and she leans into me more, our bodies touching and fitting perfectly into each other. I roll her on her back as our tounges begin to dance with eacho other. Her hands go to my hair and my hands begin to slide up under her shirt. I begin to move down and start kissing her neck and as I reach her collar bone she lets out a moan. She looks me in the eyes and gives a small nod. I unhook her bra in the back and she takes off my shirt and we both remove the rest of each others clothing. this reminds me of when we were in london and we had this kind of experience every day in the stair well at the hotel. I reach into the picnic basket and pull out the condom and put it on. This is what I have been waiting for, finally doing this out of love. Earlier we did it for the fun of it but that was before we loved each other. I thrust inside her and our bodies move together like it was meant to be like this. Moans and groans escape our lips and I could not be happier. Once we are panting, we finish and we put our clothes on and begin to eat our lunch. 

"Well, I can cross that off my bucket list." she says taking a bite of the sandwich I made. 

"What?" I ask.

"Dating a superstar and making love in the middle of nowhere." She smiles and winks. I smile and give her a peck on the lips. 

"I love you." I say.

"I love you too." She says smiling. Then she hesitates as if she wants to say something more. 

"What is it?" I ask.

"Well, what will happen when I have to go back home in 4 weeks?" She asks.

"Spain next right? Well... we will spend a lot of time because we will be going to Spain too next. I would love to stay together." I say confidently. 

"Really? So this isnt a fling?" She asks.

"No! Not at all! I mean every word I say when I say I love you. I am in love you Raelynn Andrews. I love your laugh and smile and your personality. I love the way your eyes smile when your smile and I love the way your eyes crinkle when your smile and laugh." I say. She blushes and looks up at me teary eyed. 

"Really?" she croaks. I nod.

"Of course." I say. We kiss and we talk some more until we head back to the hotel. Its 8 oclock and we join the others in my room. Niall has his arm around Bea which is a plesant suprise. Love is in the air.


Raelynn's POV

We walk into the guys's room and we all talk about our day. And I look at Bea and WOMP There it is! Niall has his arm around Bea and Bea looks comfortable, The rest of the night we watch Pitch Perfect and laugh until we cry, during and after the movie, telling funny stories .

The rest of the German vacation goes fast, we go to two of the boy's concerts and Bea and Ally have our girls day and we get massages and mani pedis. us and the boys and Eleanor and Danielle all leave at the same time and we go on One Directions private jet to Spain, and me being the booking hotel expert, we are all in the same hotel in Barcelona and we get checked in. As Harry and I walk towards the elevator hand in hand, we hear a feminine voice shout "Harry!!!!!" We both turn around and see a blonde girl rushing towards us. 

"Taylor?" Harry asks looking shocked as she gives him a hug. I recognise her immidately. Taylor as in Taylor Swift. Great just my luck. 

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