Outside the Lines

Raelynn is on a Europe vacation with her two best friends Ally and Bea. They are stoping in 4 countries there: England, Spain, Germany and France. But what happens when some familiar famous faces seem to be following them on their vacation for a tour? They seem to be at the same hotels, same restraunts and just pop up randomly. But what will happen when one of the band mates wants to hang out after their shows? Where will this lead for the girls and especially Raelynn who has one of the boys under her finger and falling hard?


10. First night in Paris

Harry's POV

we get a call from our manager and we all have to meet in the hotel lobby ready and packed to leave for a country still not decided yet. It's 5 in the morning and we have to be in the lobby by 6. It's been only a day since Raelynn and the girls left and I can't stop thinking about her. Our conversation was hard but I just can't forget. But I couldn't read her. Was I a fling or is she moving on? I guess I'll never know... All is boys clean up and finish packing and we head down to the lobby 5 minutes early. Our manager is already there.
"Morning Lads! Hope you are all excited, we have come to a conclusion where to go next. And we have decided France. We will be staying in Frances finest hotel downtown. And the plane leaves at 8:30 so we should be there by noon so you guys can relax and have a nice night. Sounds good? The SUV will be here at 7:15 so be ready." He says. "Ok" we all say at the same time. Our manager leaves and we go and eat breakfast. Once it is 7:15 we all get to the SUV and we head to the airport where we take our private jet. I must have dozed off on the plane because I'm awaken by Louis.
"Harry we are here!" He says. I sit up and look around at the marvelous sight. The jet lands and we get off and we are met by a very good looking woman.
"Hello boys. My name is Marion. I am here to be your translator and tour guide when needed. I have the SUV down in parking so if you follow me we can get to the hotel quickly." She says starting to walk. She must be 23 because she looks so young with her long blonde hair and icy blue eyes that tease you. We all follow and I walk next to Marion.
"Thanks Marion. How old are you anyways? How do we know your not a fan girl? I say.
"I'm 23 and I have the most maturity for the helpers here. So you're welcome." She says smiling at me. We reach the SUV and head to the hotel downtown 6 blocks from the Eiffel Tower. The hotel is very elegant and we have one of the 2 penthouses explains Marion once she gets our keys. We go to the last pent house and get settled. Once we all unpack and eat, it's 3:40 all of the guys decide to take a nap and I decide to also. But at 7:30pm I am woken by Niall jumping on my bed.
"Let's go out sleepy! The others are getting antsy and they Want to go out. They are saying the Eiffel Tower because of the night view. What do ya say." I rub my eyes as I groggily wake up.
"Will Marion be there?" I say. I can't get that cute blonde out of my head and those eyes that tease me to follow her.
"Haha! HARRY IS CRUSHING ON MARION!" Niall yells. "And yes she will be there. So what do ya say?"
"I'm in. Lets get going!" I say hoping out of my bed. I look outside and see the lights of the Paris night and a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. Almost like Raelynn's picture she tweeted. I'll make note on calling her tonight. I meet the boys in the living room and we head out. As we wait for the elevator I hear girl giggles from our neighboring penthouse. Hopefully they aren't crazy fan girls. But a laugh sounds vaguely familiar. It sounds like Ally and Raelynn's getting closer to the door to leave. . ok man get your head out of it. I think to my self as we get on the elevator before the girls come out. She isn't here stop missing her so much. Lets go and meet Marion. We get into the SUV and I sit next to awaiting Marion.
"Hey babe." I say to her. She rolls her eyes.
"I am supposed to think of you guys as nothing but an employee" she says scooting a little away from me but I scoot closer to her. I'm gonna make this little Marion game a fun one. We pull up to the tower and get out. I take Marion's hand and she tries to pull it away but I hold it..
"Styles let go now." She says stepping on my foot. I smile and give her some satisfaction. But out of the corner of my eye something catches my eye. I turn and look and I see a brunette dash away. I see a red blonde and a blonde with their backs turned. Like it was Bea Ally and Rae. Styles stop! Now! Gosh call her tonight. Meanwhile lets play this Marion game. I dash up next to Marion and put my arm around her.

Raelynn's POV

The next day goes by fast. Since we arrived in late last night we all sleep in until noon. We eat our complimentary breakfast and we scope out the hotel and hang out in our luxurious penthouse. Around 3:45 we hear some commotion outside our room. Our neighbors must be here. It is so weird only having 2 rooms on the floor but its also nice. It sounds like a group of boys with accents that aren't American. Almost British sounding but it was hard to tell through the door. We are lazy bums for the rest of the afternoon but by 7:00 Ally is starting to go stir crazy.
"I need to get out. I want to do something! Lets go to the Eiffel Tower so we can see the bright lights and big city!" She says.
"I'm in on that. How bout you?" Bea says.
"Sure. Maybe I'll meet some hot French boys." I say trying to get my mind off of Harry. Maybe I'll call him tonight. We get dressed in more presentable clothes and Ally stumbles out of her room stuck trying to get into her skinny jeans.. Bea and I crack up and laugh hard.
"Let's go slow poke" I say as I head towards the door. Ally laughs too
"Don't mind me. Girl dying on the floor." I laugh some more but I hear some commotion outside the door. I listen as Ally and Bea come and when I open the door nobody is there. The accents I heard sounded familiar. We call a cab and we head to the tower. We get out behind an SUV that has a group of boys and a girl. They are all hot and tall from behind.
"There are your French boys go get them Raelynn!" Says Bea. I smile and nod as I begin to approach the group. I see a boy with long wavy hair. Him. I chose him. I tell myself. But the he turns a little and i gasp. I rush back to Ally and Bea and turn them around so our backs are to them.
"What's wrong?" Bea asks. I keep them from looking.
"They aren't... French..." I say panting.
"Huh? What do you mean?" Ally says.
"It's them. It's...." I breathe. Ally looks and she squeals.
"No way! Liam didn't tell me!!!" She says getting ready to take off after them but i hold her back.
"No! Don't and Harry! He's with the blonde though. Look he's got his arm around her now. He almost saw me. Gosh I thought he wasn't going to move on so fast." I say sighing.
"Do you or don't you have feelings for him?" Bea asks. I feel butterflies return. I nodd slightly. I am being honest and I just can't stop missing him.
"Well... Time for a surprise." Says Ally. We stay a few paces behind the boys as we get closer to the tower and begin to climb the stairs. We stay behind so they don't suspect anything and the boys seem like they are going as high up as they can. As we whisper I can hear Harry and the girl. She has a surprisingly low voice and she has a thick non British accent. Then she starts speaking French. Ahh so she's French... Once the boys stop on the level, they spread out and look all around. Harry follows the blonde and I see him get closer.
"Gosh damnit Harry get away now." Blonde says. Harry has a surprised look as blonde storms away. I hide behind the iron frames. I give ally her cue as she goes to Liam who is farthest from Harry. She goes and pokes his sides from behind and as he turns around she covers his mouth before he shouts. His eyes widen and Ally puts a shhhhh finger to her mouth. Liam nodds and as she takes her hand away he hugs her. I feel a tingle and so i go into motion. The others figured out what's going on except for Harry. He's by himself and saying something about the view. I go over next to him and lean on the railing next to him.
"Beautiful isnt it?" He says to me. I smile and i can't hold it back.
"Yeah it sure is. I haven't seen anything as beautiful" I say. He doesn't look at me and so he doesn't realize yet its me. "I have... I wish I could see her again." He says.
"Ah a girl?" I say.
"Yeah I feel like I've lost her. But I just need to see her. I bet your beautiful and all and I shouldn't be talking about this with a random- HEY!" He says finally looking up.
"Surprise!" I say smiling at his huge smile. I can't help but to blush and laugh.
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