Outside the Lines

Raelynn is on a Europe vacation with her two best friends Ally and Bea. They are stoping in 4 countries there: England, Spain, Germany and France. But what happens when some familiar famous faces seem to be following them on their vacation for a tour? They seem to be at the same hotels, same restraunts and just pop up randomly. But what will happen when one of the band mates wants to hang out after their shows? Where will this lead for the girls and especially Raelynn who has one of the boys under her finger and falling hard?


18. Feeling Change in the Air

Taylor Swift? Really? Why is she here? She ditched Harry at the beginning of the year because he never made it to New Years because he accidentally forgot his passport at home. Why would she- gosh I have no idea what to think, as long as Harry will stay by my side. 

"Taylor! eh... what are you doing here?" Harry asks a little exasperated. 

"Oh I have a couple of shows here and just vacationing. Nothing really new. What are you doing here!? I missed you so much! Why didnt you reply to my messages and call be back?" she asks all inocently.

"Well I... ah... got busy." He says

"And got his shit together." Mutters Louis.

"What was that Louis?" she asks.

"Ah, once he stopped talking to you, we all were able to get refocused. No distractions. It was nice." Louis says trying to be nice. Taylor nods but looks confused. This fits the blonde sterotype of blondes. 

"Ok? So you want to go out tonight?" She asks. I stiffen up immediately. Harry gives my hand a squeeze. 

"No." He flat out says.

"Why not?" She asks with a pouty face. 

"Ah... Im busy sorry." He says.

"Oh, maybe tomorrow then. Ill see you around then!" She says giving Harry a kiss on the cheek and dashes off. I let go of Harry's hand and take my stuff and go in the open elevator and go up to my room, leaving everyone down in the lobby. Im beyond pissed. That woman comes up and Im basically invisible. This can not be happening. What if Harry goes back to Taylor? I dont know what to think. I find the room that Bea and Ally and I have. I open it and it is an elegant room with the same type of layout as Germany. I put my suitcase on the bed closest to the window and I flop on the bed. I cant believe I just walked away from everyone. They must think Im a wuss. I want to be in Harry's arms. With no concern in the world. Just him and me and no taylor. 

"Raelynn?! Its us! Open up!" Bea says through the door. I sigh and hoist myself up and open the door. I am immediatly attacked with manly arms. 

"Raelynn Im so sorry. I cant believe shes actually here. I dont want to have any association with her. You are the one I want. Rae please! I-" Says harry but I shuh him up.

"Its ok. I just... this has been so amazing. I just dont... dont want to lose all of these fun  memories and friendships and well... you." I say. He sits me down on my bed and holds me in his arms. I dont want to move. 

"I promise you that I wont let any of this go. I love you too much to let it go. If I see Taylor again Im getting the hell out of there." he says. I blush and lean into him. 

"Now I am going to tell you something and promise  not to freak out." He says. I nod.

"There were some paps in the lobby getting footage of what went on, dont freak out about the news. Manegment will help handle it, i think" he says

"What do you mean I think?" I ask.

"Well either they will see it as a big no no or they may not do anything about it. But Ill make sure its all taken care of." he says.

"Ok good . I had the slight urge to go up to her and give her a piece of my mind but I thought... mmm.... better not." I say. (A/N haha im putting pitch perfect refrences in here. I did in the last chapter too haha best movie ever!!!) He smiles.

"You are so cute. I love that. Well lets go to our room so we all can hang out together and we can decide what to do next." harry says. We get up and I realize that Bea and Ally droped of their bags and they dashed off. Sneakers. Harry and I go up a couple of floors and he opens the door. 

"Yay!!! Rae Rae is here!!!!" says Louis and everyone cheers.

"haha thanks guys." I say.

"Dont worry no one can replace you guys. this has been too much of a fun time. Tay wont get in on our gang." Says Louis joking. 

"yeah our gang whats our gang sign then" Says Zayn. Louis gets up and does a tribal dance and a hoot. 

"Ok honey, thats good." Says eleanor sitting him down. He smiles and gives her a kiss. 

"Ok before things get too steamy, lets go out and do something." says Liam

"yeah lets go out to get something to eat." says Niall.

"Only you just kidding im starving too." Harry says.

"Yeah, I kinda know a good place like nandos, but i think its a few blocks away. Lets go on an adventure." Liam says.

"Ok. sounds good!" we all say. We get our stuff together and we go down to the lobby. We see Taylor but we all bolt out when she calls Harry's name. We rush down the street and turn onto a different street and on our way, away from Taylor. We finally make it to the Spanish version of Nandos and we all get food. We chat and have a fun time. Harry's phone goes off and takes the call. When he finaly comes back, i ask who it was.

"Oh that was just management. They ah.... got the problem... er.. fixed." He says. 

"really you dont seem like it." I say. 

"Yeah they did. Dont worry babe." He says giving me a kiss on the cheek. once we finish we walk out. Bea, ally, danielle and eleanor and i all walk together while the guys walk behind us. We walk to a park and we turn around and it looks like we lost the boys. 

"Where did they go?" Asks danielle. 

"I dont know but they were deeply in conversation with Harry." Says Eleanor. Now I get an uneasy feeling in my stomach something didnt feel right. Danielle and eleanor let out a shreik and the boys are there. 

"Where did you guys go?" we asked

"You guys were booking it and we lost you guys." Louis says.

"You were behind us the whole time though..." I say. Louis has a sad look go over his face but then gives what looks like a forced smile. 

"Yeah we just uh... had a quick chat about when rehersals are" says louis, but not in his happy fun voice.

"Mkay..."I say. harry comes up behind me and kisses myhead. 

"I love the smell of your hair. I love you." He says.

"Aw love you too." I say. We hang out at the park and then we head back to the hotel. We go off to our seperate rooms (Girls and guys and Dani and Eleanor) and relax. 

"Hey i need some ice!" Says ally for her soda.

"Ok ill get it." I say. I grab the ice bucket and head out to the hallway. Signs say that the ice machines are in the lobby. I go to the elevator and down to the lobby. I find the ice machines and fill up the bucket. after I fill up the bucket I look around for a few minutes at the little lobby store. This hotel is so cute and nice and simple but elegant and modern. As I walk back towards the elevators, i see a familiar blonde head. I see Taylor talking to someone, and really in the convo, being sincere by touching the boy's arm and giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They both turn and so i can begin to make out the faces. It is definatley Taylor and Im trying to see who the other is. He comes out from behind taylor and I see the curls. I also see his hand in hers. What the fuck. I drop the ice and Harry turns but im already gone up the stairs to our room. I dont hold the tears back. Im broken.



Hi lovelys!

Happy new year! well its technically 945 here in the midwest. But yeah hope you like it! Just to clear some things up.... i like some of taylor swifts music, but right now im anti Haylor. Im sorry but its a joke and Harry needs to get out of that relationship asap. Just my opinion.. :) Happy New Year!!

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