Outside the Lines

Raelynn is on a Europe vacation with her two best friends Ally and Bea. They are stoping in 4 countries there: England, Spain, Germany and France. But what happens when some familiar famous faces seem to be following them on their vacation for a tour? They seem to be at the same hotels, same restraunts and just pop up randomly. But what will happen when one of the band mates wants to hang out after their shows? Where will this lead for the girls and especially Raelynn who has one of the boys under her finger and falling hard?


12. Bonjour Mon Amour

We relax in the lobby for a couple of hours. Harry doesnt move is arm that is around me at all. I feel so secure in his arms. I begin to feel drowsy and I snuggle into Harry a little more.

"Tired Love? Here lets go back up." He says standing up. I am about to get up too but he picks me up wedding style and carries me to the elevator and up to our level. I'm surprised that I havent broke anyything of him because I am too heavy. He sets me down in front of my room and we stand there not wanting to leave each others company. His face suddenly comes closer to mine and his lips land on mine. The sweet softness of his lips are familiar but yet so foreign. My hands make their way up to the curls of his hair and his arms slip around my waist. Once he pulls away he hugs me and I dont want him to let go. 

"Goodnight Raelynn my love." he says winking at me. I smile.

"Goodnight Harry. Thanks for another amazing day." I say.
"Same to you. This is one of the best days I have ever had. Truth be told." he says kissing my hand.
"Goodnight" we  say in unision. I open the door to our penthouse and after I close it i let out a big happy sigh.  

"So I take it your night went rather well." I hear Bea from her room. I walk into her room and sit on the edge of her bed. She is already under her covers and she flips off the TV.

"Yes I just cant stop smiling." I say. 
"Lucky you. Uh... Niall talked to me tonight. He wanted to hang out, but I said I was tired and I left. I dont know what to think. I dont want to fall for him because I dont want the heartbreak. Ya know?" she says. I nodd. Then the thoughts I had earlier when Harry asked me to be his girlfriend, came back to my mind. I knew exactly where Bea was coming from. 
"I know what you were thinking. Tonight Harry asked me to be his girlfriend and I had the exact same thoughts you are thinking about. So I said why not? I want to enjoy this trip and if it means I meet a new friend that has taken interest in me, Ill make that happen too and it will be fun and save the worrying for the end. YOLO ya know" I say. Bea nods and she lays down. 
"Thanks for listening and talking. I now can think clearer thanks. Im gonna go to bed now. See you in the morning." Bea say.

"Yea no problem. Night" I say. I walk into my room and get into my pajamas and snuggle into my covers. I get a goodnight text from Harry and I fall asleep instantly. 


I wake up and I already have texts from Harry. I see its 9:30 and the texts have been waiting for me for over an hour. 
Harry: Morning Love. The guys and I are having rehersals this morning and I was wondering if we all wanted to go to lunch at 1?

Harry: Sorry you must be asleep. Let me know what you think? We will be at Baguette Diner. Cant stop thinking about you :)

I hear comotion from the kitchen and I go and see Ally and Bea are up. 
"Lunch with the boys at 1?" I ask. Their heads shoot up and nod. 
"Ok then" 

Me: Harry! the girls love the idea see you at 1! <3

Harry: Yay see you later love!

"Hey lets go out and see some sights and parks!" Ally says. 
"Sounds perfect. Lets have a quick bite to eat and head out" says Bea.
"Ok!" we eat some cereal and we get dressed and head out. We walk a block or so and we come across a little plaza with a green park where there are a lot of people by a gorgeous fountain in the center. 

"Lets go look! And maybe make a wish!" Ally says walking ahead. Bea and I follow. We get to the fountian and it is a wishing fountain where you throw a penny and make a wish. I dig a penny out of my purse and Ally and Bea follow suit. I face away from the fountian and make a wish and throw the penny behind me and make a wish. I wish for this trip that I will remember forever and make it the best time ever. I hear two other pennies hit the water. 

"qu'est-ce que vous souhaitez pour mon amour?" I hear from behind me. I turn and see a tall brunette, with flowy hair and deep blue eyes looking at me. 

"Um... Speak English?" I try. His eyes get wide and he laughs and smiles. 
"Sorry! I said, 'What did you wish for my love'?" he says with a thick accent, smiling a cute smile. I blush and smile. 
"Nice try but I cant say otherwise it wont come true."  I say. Bea and Ally are now at my side. 
"Hi who is this Raelynn?" Asks Ally. 
"Um... this is..." I say
"Ah yes. I'm Charles, but my friends call me Charlie. and that is what you can call me. And your names?"

"Im Ally, this is Bea and thats Raelynn." says ally. Charlie takes Ally's and Bea's hand and kisses it. Then he takes mine and his deep blue eyes are looking deeply in mine. 
"The pleasure is mine to meet you. And- AY BOYS! Come here!" Charlie says to two other boys on the opposite side of the fountain. The look up and walk over. 
"These are my best friends, Pierre and Adrian. Boys this is Ally Bea and Raelynn." he says. With his accent he says my name like Ray-e-lynn. I smile. 
"Ehllo ladies! Nice to meet you. Americans correct? I could tell by your accents that they are not British." says Adrian. 

"Yes. We are vacationing here for two weeks." Says Bea. 
"Ah nice. Bea is your name short for Beatrice?" asks Adrian. she has shades of pink crawl up on her cheeks and nodds. 
"Its very lovely. Hey lets get your cell numbers so if you want a tour of France, let us know!" Says Adrian. We take out our phones and exchange numbers. Once I get my phone back, I see the time is 12:30. 
"Oh man! Girls its 12:30! we need to get going." I say. The girls snap out of their French world and are now alert. 
"Where are you girls going? Need Help finding where?" Asks Charlie. Now that I think about it, we do I have no Idea where Baguette Diner is. 
"We are meeting some of our British friends at Baguette Diner. Do you know where that is?" I say. Charlies eyes light up. 
"Yes! Its only a block away. We will walk you there wont we lads." Charlie says. They nodd and we walk away from the fountain. We all chit chat along the way and Charlie and I lead the group. 
"I really like your name. Its very beautiful, like you" he says smiling and he takes my hand. I blush and I melt on the inside. Harry has called me beautiful and I dont know why im meltiing on the inside. I see a red awning that reads baguette diner. There is outdoor seating and I see the curls poking out from a blue beanie. 
"Well thanks for walking us." Ally says. Liam sees us and Harry and Him get up and walk over to us. I realize that I am still holding Charlies hand. I let go quickly and Charlie gives me a weird look. 
"No problem. Hello lads." Charlie says to Liam and Harry.
"Hey youre those boys from One Direction!" says Adrian. Harry and Liam smile. 
"Yes we are. And you are? Thanks for walking the girls here. We apreciate your French hospitality." says Liam. 

"Im Adrian and this is Pierre and Charlie. and youre welcome!" he says. they shake hands. 
"Well bye ladies hopefully we will see you again dont forget to call or text if you want a tour." says Charlie. 
"Ok bye boys!"  i say thanking them again. 
"Bye Raelynn, Mon Amor" says Charlie walking away with Pierre and Adrian. 

"Raelynn my love? I thought that is what I called you." Harry says to me forcing a smile. 
"Yes and you and only you for sure. Mon Amor." I say kissing him on the cheek. He smiles and kisses me on my cheek. 
"In all languages you are my love, mon amor." He says taking my hand and we go and sit down and order food. All I can think about is two boys calling me their Amors. Both that make my stomach flutter. But Harry and Charlie both have something special in them.  I have found Harry's but not Charlies. But I guess that is why Harry is mon Amor. 



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