Outside the Lines

Raelynn is on a Europe vacation with her two best friends Ally and Bea. They are stoping in 4 countries there: England, Spain, Germany and France. But what happens when some familiar famous faces seem to be following them on their vacation for a tour? They seem to be at the same hotels, same restraunts and just pop up randomly. But what will happen when one of the band mates wants to hang out after their shows? Where will this lead for the girls and especially Raelynn who has one of the boys under her finger and falling hard?


21. A/N

I don't know if I will continue on with this. I have hit a writers block with this and I have other ideas. I made another movella if you want to fav or like that. I think it will be a lot better than this one. I think this is just getting bad. If anyone has any ideas that would help make it better I'm open to opinion. Thanks guys! <3
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