A new school

meet jade who is struggling to fit in her new school.And then she meets kate.....


1. new school

I have been at this school for 6 weeks now. Sat at the other end of the playground, alone no one around to talk to or play with just me, and my thoughts. My name is Jade and one day I found something extraordinary, something that nobody will ever see or think is real.

We moved here from the city. Dad was giving an option to ether lose his job or to take a different job with less money in a different part of the country. So here we are. Now I’m going to tell you about the extraordinary something so, right where were we?                      

One day I was sat down at lunch alone (like usual) and finally some girl sat next to me and we were actually talking together! Her name was Kate. She was talking to me and everything! We had such a good time and we had so much in common. She didn’t have many friends ether and she always laughed at my jokes. She was just the bested friend a girl could ever have!

Kate was in the year below me so lessons were still difficult and lonely. I used to look out the window and count the minutes until break or lunch when I could see Kate again. Sometimes, when I was looking out the window I thought I saw her. Hiding by the trees or walking away from the school. But I couldn't have because she would have been in class. Wouldn't she?

The days passed by and I actually looked forward to going to school. My grades were getting better and I didn't moan to Mum and Dad about missing my old school. Some of the other children in my class began to speak to me. Not allot but at least I didn't have to sit on my own any more. Things were finally looking up.


Kate was always pleased to see me and we would talk for what seemed like forever. She was such a good listener. I couldn't understand why none of the other children in her year would walk past us and not even talk to her. 

Sometimes, I wouldn't meet Kate at break as I had made some new friends. She said she didn't mind. I asked if she wanted to join us but she said she was fine on her own. The more I look back, I realise she wanted me to move forward and on with my new life. Something she couldn't do.


My new friends come round to my house for dinner and to play. I always ask Kate is she wanted to come round to play but she always had an excuse. One day Kate wasn’t there. I couldn’t find her anywhere, I looked round the whole school for her but she wasn’t there. I looked everywhere until I was late for assembly.


It was another boring assembly until we were all told to stand up and remember this girl called Kate Turner. It turns out that Kate had died when there was a fire at the school when she stopped to help others to get out the building. They went on to say they wouldn’t be surprised if Kate still watched over the school now, as she was a very caring person who loved to help people when they needed it the most. They couldn't mean my Kate, could they?


The last time I saw her was when a new girl came to our class. Kate was sat next to her talking to her. She saw me a secretly waved as they walked off together, giggling.


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