Amanda, who is desperate, about her brakeup, find 1D boys, who help her out, and fall deeply inlove with Harry...


6. The Hangout


She heard a loud applouse and some »BOOOS« in the crowd. »Thank you guys for your support and thank you honey for being who you are and nothing else« said Amanda and gave Harry a big smooch. ;) When they came down of the stage all the guys we're just: »When's the wedding? Can I be your best man? No me me.. I want to be your best man.««You will know everything at the right time« laughed Harry.. The girls called Amanda to their conservation. »Amanda can I get your phone number? I'll call you..« asked Eleanor. »I need your phone number too. Me too« said Perrie and Danielle..  »Of course I'll give you my number.. we're friends aren't we?  They smiled  and said: » Of course we are. We are in the club of One Direction's girlfriends..«

The next morning Amanda's phone rang. »Hello« »Hi, Dani here can I come over?« »Sure no problem. In one hour ok? I must take a shower before .« »Ok« She hanged up.  Amanda went outside to find Liam, he was drinking cofee. »You know Danielle is coming over.« said Amanda. »Really? How do you know that?« »She called me a few minutes ago. »Cool. You two are friends?« »Yeah a kind of, not good friends..yet. .. »Haha ok. I must get ready a bit for Dani she can't see me like that. »Why, you look stunning. Teddy bears are the new fashion trend.« He was in his pajamas with teddy bears.  The dorbell rang. Amanda ran outside because she knowed that's Dani. It was El, Perrie and Dani. »Hey girls what are you doing here?« asked Amanda. »We heard Dani is coming to your place soo we decided we're coming too. If we can of course?« »Sure you can, come in.« They went to the living room and the boys were there. »Hi Eleanor my sweetie, what are you doing here?« asked Louis. »We just came by for Amanda.« answered Eleanor. »I'm happy you guys are making friendships.« said Zayn. »Of course we do. What do you think we're gonna hate eachother« said Perrie and sat on his knee. He kissed her. »Where is Liam?« asked Danielle. »He's changing his clothes. Before you came he was in his teddy bear pajamas« laughed Louis. In that moment Liam came downstairs and said: »Must you tell everybody about my pajamas? There are comfortable and I like wearing them.« And right after that he ran to Danielle and hugged her. »Honey I can't breath« said Dani and pulled herself out of Liam's arms. »Guys the football game just started is the popcorn ready?«  asked Niall. »Yeah of course it's ready, I made it ten minutes ago.« said Harry.« The boys started ignoring the girls and just watched the game.

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