Amanda, who is desperate, about her brakeup, find 1D boys, who help her out, and fall deeply inlove with Harry...


5. The Girlfriend Club - I miss Payzer

Amanda woke up and saw Harry in her bed. He was awake. »Good morning honey, how did you sleep?« asked Harry with a sweet voice. »Great, how about you?« »Me too. You know, today afternoon I'll take you to the V Festival.« Really? Never before I was there. Can't wait.« said Amanda. »I knowed you want to go, I almost forgot Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie are also going, soo you can meet them for the first time.« said Harry. »Oh yes I forgot that I'm in the club of One Direction's girlfriends honey.« Harry was just smilling. They went downstairs for breakfast. »There's no more cereals, what should I eat? I'm straving.« said Niall almost in tears. »You ate them last night, I saw you in the kitchen at midnight.« said Liam. »And what were you doing at midnight awake?« asked Louis. »Amm… hm.. I was just hanging around with Dani..« Then Zayn came in the kitchen and said:«Hahaha. You two are like married.« They all laughed because they knowed it's true.  A couple of hours later they all were getting ready for the V Festival the boys were also performing. They sat in a limousine and drove away. »Aren't the girls coming too?« asked  Amanda. »They are already there, they are volunteers.« said Zayn. They finally arrived. When they walked out of the limousine, there were a lot of paparazzi taking pictures and asking questions: »Who's that girl? Is that Niall's new girlfriend or what?« They boys were just quiet and crawled throw the bunch of people. They sat in a tent and there was Perrie, Dani and El waiting for them. »Where were you guys? You're late we're waiting here for you more than a hour« said Perrie. »Sweetie you know traffic and paparazzies all the way« said Zayn with a voice Amanda never heard it before. She though: »He must be really in love.« Then she saw that the girls are calling her to sit next to them. »Hi I'm Eleanor and these are Danielle and Perrie.« »I know you.. You're just the most perfect girlfriends boys can have.« said Amanda. »And what's your name?« asked Danielle. »I'm Amanda.. Yeah I know a stupid name, but what can we do? »Stop it sweetie! It's the most perfect name I know« said Harry and kissed her on the cheek. »You're such a cute couple, do you know that?« said Danielle. »You and Liam too, and El an Lou too and Perrie and Zayn too.. haha« said Amanda. »Boys it's time for your performance, 30 seconds left.« said a manager. »Amanda I love you« whispered Harry in her ear before he got on the stage. Amanda blushed. » You don't know, you don't know you beautiful, oh-oh..« sang the boys. »I have a special announcement. I'm not single anymore. I have an incredible new girlfriend who means the world to me, soo an  applause form y lovely girlfriend Amanda!« said Harry. »Oh my god, I can't go on the stage, I'm gonna die.« »Oh yes you can!« said Niall,Zayn,Liam and Louis and pushed her on the stage.

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