Amanda, who is desperate, about her brakeup, find 1D boys, who help her out, and fall deeply inlove with Harry...


4. Love is in the air

»I still don't get it, why you wear shoes on barefoot« asked Niall. »It doesn't matter, it's Amanda's time to buy something.« She decided a store, she didn't saw it never before.. She picked some shirts, a skirt and a pair of jeans, then she went to the dressing room.. She was putting down her clothes when she hear a laugh.. »Harry, what are you doing here?« »I wanted to see you. You saw me almost naked the other day, when I came from the bathroom, soo I wanted to see you too.« »Oh.. you. I can't be mad on you sweetheart.. You'll see me another time ok? I promise.« »Deal's on« Amanda walked out of the dressing room and asked the boys: » What do you think guys, I really need you opinion.« »My opinion is that his jeans make u fat« said Louis. »Really?« »Noo I'm just joking, you look stunning..« »Totally agree with you Louis« said all the other boys except Harry, he whispered something to her ear. »You know all the clothes look soo good on you, so I decided I'll buy you a special dress for a special day, the dress is waiting you in you bedroom at home.« Amanda said: »Noo I can't accept it.« »Sure you can« said Harry and kissed her on the cheek. When they arrived home Amanda ran into her bedroom and saw a stunning dress. It was gorgeus, just her style. In her head she thought: »Why is he soo nice to me? This must cost a whole fortune.« At this moment Harry walked in her room. »Amanda, I must ask you something, um… basically. Would you go on a dinner with me?« »Sure, but when?« asked Amanda.. »In a couple of hours, this is why I bought you the dress..« Amanda just smiled. She got dreesed and put some make up on, but not too much because she knows that Harry doesn't like girls with too much make up. »Are you ready Amanda, the car is waiting« shouted Harry from downstairs. »I'm ready, let's go« They arrived to the restaurant. »Whell, this is strange… I mean, I don't usually go on a date with a celebrity.« »Oh… soo what would you like to eat?« asked Harry. »I'll have chicken and the caesar's salad, please.« »Ok, coming right up.« said the waiter. »I need to ask you something, which I usually don't ask a lot of people.« »Ok, what's the question?« asked Amanda, and smiled.«Soo..um.. basically… I was wondering..if would you like to.. um.. maybe..be my girlfriend?« asked Harry. He was really nervous. »Oh my god, I didn't expect that!!« was Amanda suprised.«Whell, we weren't expecting that either known voice under the table. »Who said that?« asked Harry, and looked under the table. »Guys!! What are you doing here??!« shouted Harry. »Niall was hungry.. again…, so we thought we should stop by, and say hi!« explained Louis. »Soo what's the answer Amanda?« asked Zayn. »Oh..yeah the question, sure I would be your girlfriend, and I'm not saying that because you Harry Styles, but couse now I know your beautiful personality.« »Awwwh..« they said all in one. They all went home, and went to bed, only Harry and Amanda stayed up a little  longer. They were sitting by the fire and looking stars. It was very romantic, later they fell asleep in eachother's arms.

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