Amanda, who is desperate, about her brakeup, find 1D boys, who help her out, and fall deeply inlove with Harry...


3. It started with a crush


____________________IN THE STUDIO_______________________________

»♫and live while we're young ♫!« »WOOOW , that was amazing. I'm sure your fans will love it!« »Thanks Amanda, we really aprecitaite your opinion« said Niall. »Now, we're gonna take you to our favourite starbucks.« »No,no I can't you did for me soo much already! I can't accept that« said Amanda.

It's was luch time and the doorbell rang. »Amanda, can you go open it for us please? We're too busy eating.« »Yes sure.« -OPENS DOOR- It was Mick. » I heard you were staying here with them, soo I came by, to pick you up, I changed my mind. You belong to me now. Come on let's go.« said Mick and grabbed her arm. Harry ran outside, and stopped Mick. »What do you think you're doing? Leave her alone, you broke her heart once, and you don't wanna do it again!« said Harry. »Or else, what? Are you gonna cry? haha..shut up« shouted Mick. »Or else I will beat you up.« answered Harry. » Hahahahahahhaha...do you think this is a joke? YOU 're gonna beat ME up? Hahaha...« laughed. »I didn't said, that I'll beat you up alone! Come out boys!« said, and called the boys out. »Where is the problem buddy?« asked Louis. »This is Mick«, »Mick who?!?!« replied Louis. »Mick is that guy, that cheeted on Amanda!! Wake up Louis!« wishpered Harry. »Ohh...SUPERMAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN« said out loud Louis. »Wow, you guys are so pathetic & crazy, you are souch a freaks!!! Get away from me, I hope it's not contagious«. Said Mick, and ran away. »Yea' that's what I'm talking about« said Niall. »Thank you guys, soo much.« thanked Amanda. »You saved my life hahahahahahah« »Hahahaaha, Harry you are the brave hero J hahahahah« all laughed. »Ohh...whell, we need to finsih our lunch, and I need to take a nap. I need my beauty sleep!!« said Harry. »Ohh Harry, you little beauty queen...XD« answered Louis.

»You know guys, I know it's a stupid question but what can I wear, I have no clothes« asked Amanda. »You know what this means shoooping time! Can't wait I must buy a new striped T-shirt and a pair of toms« yelled Louis. »Keep calm Louis, we're going shopping ok, but Amanda picks the store« said Harry.. »Me? I can't decide, I'm such a shopaholic, what about everyone pick one just one store?« »Ok good idea but I don't have time going shopping with you guys I'm going to Danielle's place today:« said Liam. »Soo just us four is going. Can I drive?« asked Harry. They all agreed.. First Louis bought a pair of Toms. »You really needed new shoes, because the old ones stunk like death« laughed Zayn. 


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