Amanda, who is desperate, about her brakeup, find 1D boys, who help her out, and fall deeply inlove with Harry...


2. Frendship Getting stronger


When they arrived to the candy shop Niall almost had a mini heart attack, he was soo happy, he was soo hungry… He's always hungry.. » I'm gonna eat this shop, I can't stop eating this delicous hmhmhhm food« said Niall while he was eating brownies. »You're theeth are black like the night ha ha ha ha.. You should clean them when we get back home« said Zayn and almost choked himself, because he was eating candies. »Boys keep calm, don't eat the whole store, we can come back tomorrow« said Paul when he just walked in the room. Amanda was in a good mood so she just sang: »♫ We're gonna eat this all night, until we see the sun, we're gonna…♫« They all were having great fun till the shop closed. »Sorry guys but it's closing time, I must kick you out, no offense.« said the candy lady (merchant).. »Where are we going now?« asked Harry. He was in a good party mood.. »I think Amanda should decide, she's the guest.« said Liam with his carrying voice. »Me? I don't know we can all just go home and watch a movie or just party all night..« They all said: »Partying all night definitely.« They went to FUNKY BUDHA the best club in London. »Vodka on rocks for all of us« said Louis. In a couple of time he said again: Another round.« and soo it went all night. »How we're gonna get home?« asked Liam in panic. »I'll call a taxi, don't worry« said Niall giggling because of the vodka..  They all went in the taxi and Amanda was really cold soo Harry hugged her and gave her his jacket. Amanda fell asleep in his arms.

»Good morning sweetie, slept well?« »Yes thanks for asking Liam.« »Hey, I almost forgot! We're waiting for you in the living room, we need to talk« said and closed the door. Amanda was very scared, because she thought, that they can't have her in the house. In fear she sat down, and Louis said: Look we decided, since you trust us we should trust you too, soo today we're heading to our recording studio, and the best part is, that you're going to hear our new song LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG, for the first time! You're going to be the first person ever.«  »Omg this is such a honour. Thanks!« thanked Amanda and smiled with little tear in her eye. 

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