They Don't Know About Us

This is about a girl named Anika and her two best friends! All three of them are in love with One Direction! What happens when they meet the 1D boys and fall in love even more? And what happens when there is a big tragedy in Anika's life? What will she do? We're will she go for help? Read to find out!

FYI: This is a Harry Styles FanFiction! Please no hate on the story and if ou want something to happen then you can just tell me and I can add it! Thanks!


1. #1

Okay, so hey. I'm Anika and I'm 16 years old! I have a big family of six people and a dog! I love in Canada and I don't like it because I really like music and famouse people so when you live in Canada...nothing ever happens! I have two best friends named Summer and Kiwi! Thats not her real name but can't spell her real one and besides...we alway call her Kiwi! Us three call eachother the 1Derful because we all love one direction so much! All I our rooms are covered in One Direction posters and you cant even see the paint thats on the walls!

Hope ou enjoy this Movella!
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