Doctor Who, Jackie and Rose Tyler.

This story is short. It's very short. But it's angst-ridden and sweet and just a little fluffy. It's also been touched by the foreshadowing brush, as it hints at things to come. Nonetheless, a short and sentimental moment between a mother and daughter.


1. Please Don't (Take My Sunshine Away)


Please don't take my sunshine away.


"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..." Jackie Tyler sat on a slightly uncomfortable plastic camp chair between two beds, one a rocking cradle that housed her young daughter, and one a fold-out camp-cot for herself. She was singing softly to try to get the baby to sleep, knowing she wouldn't have much luck as her perceptive child picked up on the fact that Jackie Tyler was exhausted, and heartbroken, and terrified.

She was exhausted after the hours of crying and grieving for her husband of just two years, Pete, who had perished in a hit-and-run accident just six days earlier. She was heartbroken for the same reason- and she was terrified, because she was on her own now, no parents to help her, with a baby to look after and no qualifications to her name.

"You make me happy, when skies are grey..." Jackie's voice cracked a little and she closed her eyes, taking a ragged breath that rasped by the lump in her throat. Rose were so young... she'd never know the wonderful, dreaming man that was her beautiful father. It wasn't fair that she had so little time with him, that she'd grow up knowing him not as Daddy, but as a stranger. A face in a photo- Jackie had the same relationship with her mother, and she'd loathed every second of it. She had been determined that any child of hers wouldn't suffer the same, but now...

Thanks to some drunken buffoon on the street, a beautiful and very young girl had lost her Daddy, and Jackie... Jackie had lost the love of her life. She was just twenty-one years old but she knew, she'd always known, right from the moment Pete offered to share his chips with the new girl at school when they were seven, that he was the one for her. She had fought long and hard to get it through his obliviously thick head that she loved him, and finally he'd realised that there was never anyone else.

Their wedding... Jackie choked up at the memory. She'd been nineteen, put Pete through hell as she tried to organise everything on her own. Her temper had reigned and she wondered to the day how he managed to put up with her, how on earth did she get lucky enough to enter that church and see him waiting at the end of the aisle for her? As far as she knew, she hadn't done anything special or brave or fantastic, just been stubborn and pushy and bossy until Pete caved in and finally said I love you too, Jackie Tyler.

"You'll never know dear, how much I love you..." Jackie continued, almost whispering now, the words of the lullaby foreign yet familiar. Rose was asleep now, had been for a long time, but Jackie couldn't leave her side. What if she disappeared too? Jackie couldn't bear it- that little girl was the light of her life. She'd die before letting any harm come to her precious Rose, and although the odds were stacked fairly heavily against her, Jackie Tyler made the solemn vow that no matter what happened, she would do the best she could for her daughter. And nothing would stand in her way.

"Please don't take my sunshine away..."


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