Trouble in Paradise ~ Book 2 ~ Completed!

It’s been a year since Harry and Bess got married and their beautiful baby girl, Emma, was born. Bess works for the boys’ management now and the three of them are together always. When Harry suddenly starts being all distant and moody though, Bess doesn’t know what to think. But the real problems between her and Harry begin when she gets closer to one other member of the band. ~ Sequel to The Rebound Girl ~


17. Tour Bus

Two months later, the boys were touring the US and sometimes, things could get pretty boring in the tour bus. I had just woken up from my nap and walked into the TV room area of the bus, stretching. Liam and Louis were playing Call of Duty on the big flat screen telly.

Louis eyes left the screen for mere milliseconds. ‘Looking good, Bess,’ he jested with a smirk. My hair was piled on top of my head in a messy bun, while I was wearing a large hoodie, large sweatpants and a pair of pink flip flips. Liam looked at me up and down and winked at me before he focused back on the video game.

‘Whatever,’ I yawned, dismissing Louis’ comment, and dropped myself next to Zayn on the sofa. He was talking on ooVoo with Perrie. She was almost five months pregnant now and her belly had gotten pretty big. Recently, they had also found out that it was a boy and even though Zayn had secretly wanted a girl at first, he was really over the moon now.

I sat back, crossing my legs. Niall was sitting on the armchair and was holding Emma, as always. Her little back was pressed against his stomach and he was caressing her thin blonde hair while reading a fairytale to her. With his other hand, he was pointing things to her in the book. I had noticed lately that Emma had picked up his Irish accent a little, which I had to admit was kind of cute.

Harry sat down beside me and put his arm around my shoulder. ‘I’m a tad worried about the relationship Niall has with Emma,’ he told me, staring with a furrowed brow at his 20 year old band mate and his 1 year old daughter.

I laughed a little and put my hand on his knee. ‘Are you afraid that Emma might have a taste in older men like you had in older women?’ I asked.

Harry groaned. ‘I don’t even want to think about it,’ he replied, all protective of his little girl. He went on, ‘That’s it. The minute she turns 11, I’m sending her in an all girls’ boarding school in Switzerland.’

‘And that will stop her from making mistakes anyway how?’ I argued and a horrified look covered his face, realizing that Emma would eventually become a teenager and then an adult, something which meant that life would mess her up, no matter how hard her daddy tried to protect her. ‘Relax, baby,’ I cooed, rubbing his knee. ‘Niall’s just one of her four favorite uncles.’ Harry nodded and shook his head, probably trying to block out any thoughts of a reckless, teenage Emma.

My stomach gurgled and I blushed but Harry settled his hand on it and asked, smiling, ‘Hungry?’

‘A little,’ I replied, embarrassed, and looking down. ‘I keep having these cravings lately,’ I said. Harry kept smiling. ‘What are you smiling about?’ I asked, frowning.

‘Nothing,’ he lied, getting up. ‘I’ll get you something to eat.’

When Zayn hang up, he put his legs on the coffee table and yawned big.

‘Have you decided on a name yet?’ I asked.

‘We’ve narrowed it down to Aiden, Adem, Christopher, Julian and Logan,’ he replied, using a finger for every name.

‘Sounds good,’ I said and he looked at the bus’ ceiling, getting lost in his thoughts.

When Harry came back, he handed me a cupcake, a bottle of water and a brown paper bag. When I got the small bag, I remembered the last time Harry had given me one and a shiver ran through me. It was during our honeymoon, when he had bought me three pregnancy tests. I swallowed with difficulty and asked, ‘What’s this?’

He shrugged, sitting down. ‘Open it,’ he said. Niall and Zayn were watching us now, and even Liam and Louis had stopped playing their game and were focused on us, too.

‘I don’t want to,’ I said, immaturely, and put it aside, but Harry placed it on my stomach.

‘Open it, beautiful,’ he insisted. ‘You can’t avoid this forever.’

‘Avoid what? I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ I replied, stubbornly.

‘Open it already,’ Louis ordered, raising his voice, and I realized that all five of them were in this together.

‘Fine,’ I said defeated and opened the bag. Just like I had guessed, there were three pregnancy tests in it. ‘Will you stop buying me pregnancy tests?’ I complained, turning to Harry. ‘I’m not pregnant this time!’

‘I think that you are,’ he calmly replied, caressing my hair.

‘How can you possibly know that?’ I cried.

‘We have all noticed the symptoms, babe,’ Louis said.

‘Which are what?’ I asked, folding my arms and glaring a little.

‘Morning sickness and constant cravings,’ Niall replied instead.

‘Look,’ Harry began, grabbing my full attention. ‘First time I got you pregnant you freaked out and spent our whole honeymoon in denial. But look at what came out of it,’ he persuaded, pointing at Emma. I looked at my daughter and my eyes softened. Then, he asked, ‘Would it really be that bad if we've created another little angel like that?’

‘Argh. I hate you, Styles. You always have a way with me,’ I said, getting up. I headed to the toilet, locked the door, did the three pregnancy tests and waited. A few minutes later, they were all positive and a smile spread across my face. I guess I wanted another baby with Harry after all.

When I walked out of the toilet, five set of eyes stared at me. They were all quietly waiting for me to say something. Harry got up, came closer and asked, impatient, ‘Well?’

‘Well, what?’ I asked, teasing.

‘Bess, don’t tease me, love,’ Harry warned. ‘What did the tests show?’

‘You were right,’ I said and added, shrugging, ‘I’m pregnant again.’

All the boys burst into loud cheers and I stood there, giggling. Harry put his arms around my waist, lifted me up and nuzzled into my hair. ‘You have no idea how happy you make me,’ he said, sighing.

I folded my arms around his head. ‘I’m guessing as happy as you make me,’ I replied into his ear and then, I kissed it.

‘You my friend,’ Louis began, patting Harry on the shoulder. ‘Are one fertile guy.’

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