Trouble in Paradise ~ Book 2 ~ Completed!

It’s been a year since Harry and Bess got married and their beautiful baby girl, Emma, was born. Bess works for the boys’ management now and the three of them are together always. When Harry suddenly starts being all distant and moody though, Bess doesn’t know what to think. But the real problems between her and Harry begin when she gets closer to one other member of the band. ~ Sequel to The Rebound Girl ~


16. Movie Night

When Harry and I went into the living room, I was giggling uncontrollably because he was right behind me, pinching and tickling me everywhere, while kissing the back of my head over and over.

‘Glad to see that you two love birds made up,’ Louis said with a smile and a wink from the sofa. Zayn and Niall were sitting beside him, holding a big bowl with popcorn. Apparently, even after eating dinner, they still had room for more.

Liam was talking on the phone and when he saw us, he asked, ‘Haz, can I invite Danielle, tonight, too?’

‘Sure, mate,’ Harry told him and walked to the sofas, dragging me along. When we sat down, he grabbed a handful of popcorn and threw some in his mouth, while I listened carefully to what Liam was saying on the phone.

‘Yeah, love, come on right over,’ he said to Danielle, who was on the other end of the line. He went on, ‘From now on, I want to spend every day and every night with you. I’ll be waiting for you. I love you.’

By the time they had hung up, I was pouting because I remembered that when I was dating him, he never told me that he loved me, not once. When I was dating him, he was all like, I really like you, Bess, and I really want you, but I’m only really with you so I can get over Danielle, the love of my life. Thinking about it now, a whole year later, it still kind of sucked.

Liam sat down next to me. He was smiling so big. I held back an argh and turned away. Harry sat back on the sofa and gently clutched the back of my neck, pulling me against him. I folded my arm around his stomach and rested my cheek on his chest.

Zayn was texting. ‘I told Perrie to come over, too,’ he said, hitting send, and put his phone away.

‘Eleanor’s spending the night with her family,’ Louis said, shrugging. He was holding a bunch of DVDs and was going through them.

I looked at Niall. He was silent, as almost always, and kept stuffing handfuls of popcorn in his mouth. This boy acted as if he was hungry all the time. His love for food was insatiable. He had a pretty good metabolism, too. ‘So, Niall,’ I began and his baby blue eyes focused on me. ‘Do you like anyone?’ I asked, flashing a smile.

Niall choked, swallowing hard. He probably didn’t expect that. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, shaking his head back and forth. ‘No,’ he finally replied, looking down at the popcorn. He looked a little sad.

‘But you haven’t had a girlfriend in a while,’ I said.

He lifted his head up. ‘I’m waiting on Emma,’ he joked, creeping me out.

Hey,’ Harry protested, shooting him a warning look.

Niall laughed hard, clapping, before he said, ‘I’m kidding, mate.’ Then, he went on eating popcorn, avoiding the subject.

When there was a knock on the door, Harry shouted, ‘It’s open.’ Danielle and Perrie walked in. The blonde singer sat down next to Zayn and they shared a kiss, while the brunette dancer stood in front of the telly, feeling uncomfortable. Liam quickly got up, rushing to her rescue. Without meaning to, I glared at her when Liam hugged her and kissed her forehead.

‘Be nice, beautiful,’ Harry whispered to me, stroking my arm.

‘Dani,’ Liam began. ‘You know everyone here but I think you haven’t met Bess before.’ He was pointing at me and was smiling again. In fact, he wouldn’t stop smiling tonight.

‘Nice to meet you,’ Danielle said. ‘Liam’s told me so much about you.’

‘Nice to meet you, too,’ I replied, politely enough. Then, the two of them sat down, too. Louis picked a film and when he turned off the lights, we all got comfortable on the sofas. Halfway through the film, Harry, Niall and Louis were fast asleep. Zayn and Perrie were talking in whispers to each other. They were discussing baby stuff. Liam and Danielle weren’t paying much attention to the film either, as they just wouldn’t stop kissing or murmuring romantic things to one another. Irritated, I got up and went into the kitchen. I grabbed a glass and poured some water in it.

‘Hey,’ Liam said from behind me and I jolted a little.

I turned round. ‘Hey,’ I replied, drinking my water.

He dug his hands in his jeans pockets. ‘I’m really very happy,’ he told me. ‘I love her.’

‘I’m happy that you’re happy,’ I said but a little bit of jealousy lurked in the pit of my stomach.

He lowered his voice, so, nobody else would hear. ‘Sorry about before, you know, when you thought I was Harry.’

I shrugged. ‘It’s my fault, really. I mean, I actually jumped on you!’

‘Yeah, but I returned your kiss,’ he argued. He was feeling guilty, since he was with Danielle now and all.

‘And your tongue came out and played, too,’ I pointed out.

Liam bowed his head and chuckled before he looked up. ‘It’s not something we haven’t done before, the two of us, right?’ he asked, wanting to be redeemed.

‘Right,’ I replied.

‘I like your purple pjs,’ he complemented.

‘I thought you might.’

He fell silent for a moment. He studied my face and I studied his. Then, he said, ‘I get the feeling that you don’t really like Dani.’

‘It’s not that I don’t like her,’ I began, trailing off.

‘What is it then?’ he asked, folding his arms and pressing the subject.

‘It’s just that I realize now more than ever that all I ever was to you was only a rebound girl,’ I replied, shrugging.

Liam sighed before he said, ‘I feel very close to you, Bess. I always have. I think you know that.’

‘I do,’ I nodded. ‘And she better not hurt you again because I’m very protective of you.’

Liam laughed a little. ‘She won’t,’ he said.

‘She better not,’ I insisted.

‘Should we have one last kiss?’ Liam asked with one of those innocent but playful smiles of his.

‘Sure,’ I said and when I put the glass on the counter, he moved closer.

Harry cleared his throat. He was leaning on the kitchen door with his hands in his jeans’ pockets, watching us. Liam and I quickly stepped away from each other.

‘How long have you been standing there, Haz?’ Liam asked uneasily.

Harry looked all cool and calm when he walked towards us. He hooked his arm around my neck and grinning, he replied, ‘Long enough to know that you’re probably scared out of your mind right now of how I may react.’ Liam chuckled and Harry went on, ‘Dani’s looking for you, mate. Don’t keep her waiting.’ Liam nodded, looked at me one last time and left the kitchen. ‘I’m tired, beautiful,’ Harry told me, sticking his lush lower lip out. ‘Let’s go to bed.’

‘What about the others?’ I asked.

‘I told them that they can all sleep here if they want,’ he replied, yawning big.

‘Fine,’ I murmured, kissing him below the jaw. ‘Let’s go to bed.’

Harry let out a throaty moan before he poked my belly and then pinched my butt.

‘NO,’ I cried in horror. ‘Stop it! Not again!’

He stared at me with a mischievous little grin. ‘Make me,’ he said.

I whimpered and ran away from him, into our bedroom, but he caught up to me in mere seconds. He grabbed my waist and jumped on the bed, pulling me with him. He positioned himself on top of me, pinning my hands over my head.

‘I love you,’ he said, hovering his lips over mine and rubbing his nose against mine.

‘I love you,’ I breathed, closing my eyes. He didn’t kiss me but melted his mouth on my neck, instead.

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