Trouble in Paradise ~ Book 2 ~ Completed!

It’s been a year since Harry and Bess got married and their beautiful baby girl, Emma, was born. Bess works for the boys’ management now and the three of them are together always. When Harry suddenly starts being all distant and moody though, Bess doesn’t know what to think. But the real problems between her and Harry begin when she gets closer to one other member of the band. ~ Sequel to The Rebound Girl ~


24. Fifteen Years Later - Sunday Lunch 1

Emma's POV

It was hard being the teenage daughter of one of the members of one of the most popular bands on the planet and I, Emma Styles, knew it all too well. Yes, One Direction were still together after all these years and they continued making good music for everyone to listen to, dance to and enjoy. I was happy for my dad and his four best mates, who were like uncles to me, I really was, but some days, I hated my life. At school, everyone either hated me because they weren’t me, or, pretended they liked me so they’d be friends with Harry Styles’ daughter. Not to mention that I was being stalked by photographers all the time. It was frustrating. I was sixteen, had long brown curls and green eyes, and everyone always told me I looked just like my dad, so, I guess I did.

Eddie, though, my younger brother, who was fifteen, loved all the attention he got from both photographers and girls. Everywhere he went, Eddie was being ogled by females of all ages, but he had gotten used to it, so, it didn’t bother him much anymore. Eddie was the spitting image of our dad. He had curly brown hair, big emerald eye and full lips, something which Eddie used to his advantage all the time. He was such a cheeky flirt.

Eddie and I had a younger sister, too, Eva. Eva had dark brown curls, big brown eyes and a small, pouty mouth. Even though Eva was only six years old, everyone could tell she was going to be a bookworm, as she had a fairytale book in her hug all the time. Dad pampered Eva a little too much, because, she looked a lot like Mom. And here you have it, the three children of the Styles’ family.

Every Sunday, us, the Styles had lunch with the Payne’s, the Malik’s, the Tomlinson’s and uncle Niall. I felt really close to uncle Niall and I often wished I was older, so, I could tell him how much I really loved him. I dreamed of kissing him, too, a lot, all the time, actually. His wife, auntie Sophie, died in a car accident years ago, and even though he had a few girlfriends after that, he had sworn never to get married again. He was still heartbroken about what had happened to auntie Sophie.

Today, I was sitting on a kitchen stool with my headphones on, listening to some indie rock song, drawing hearts and stars in my history textbook, thinking about my Irish uncle Niall. I was supposed to be studying for the test I had in a couple of days, but I mean, come on, it was Sunday morning! And besides, my mind was full of other things. Eddie was sitting next to me. He had his laptop in front of him and was flirting with three different girls on Facebook. I really hoped that my little brother wouldn’t turn into a douche. Eddie kept flipping his curly hair, just like Dad used to do when he was younger. It had become Eddie’s trademark. Eva was lying on her stomach on the carpet, turning the pages of her fairytale book.

Mom giggled and I rolled my eyes, shaking my head. Dad was hugging Mom from behind, kissing her neck, distracting her from cutting the salad. They were married for over fifteen years now and their love for each was still going strong. I hoped I would find someone to love me as much as Dad loved Mom one day. My parents were my role models, no matter how cliché that may sound.

When the doorbell rang, I jumped off the stool and ran to open. When I did, I faced uncle Zayn, his son, Logan, and uncle Niall.

‘Uncle Nialler!’ I squealed, crashing into him. Uncle Niall laughed loudly, putting his arms around me.

‘Aw, I missed you, too, my little potato,’ uncle Niall said, kissing my hair and rubbing my back. I lifted my head up and stared into his bright blue eyes that were like two pools of crystal clear waters. Uncle Niall chuckled, letting me go, and I pouted, turning away before he could see.

‘I want a hug, too,’ Logan said with a grin and a wink, opening his arms, and I rolled my eyes, moving closer and giving him what he wanted. Logan wrapped his arms around me, pressing me hard against him. He smelled my hair, holding me tight. I had a suspicion that he had a little crush on me, but he was like a little brother to me. I didn’t want to complicate things with him, so, I pretended not to notice when he stared at me or found reasons to sit close to me and touch me. When I pulled away, I looked at him for a moment. Logan was fifteen. He had big hypnotizing hazel eyes, thick, long eyelashes that were to die for, chiseled cheekbones and a strong jaw line. His dark brown hair was in a perfect quiff, as always. He was pretty much a spitting image of uncle Zayn.

‘Where’s auntie Perrie?’ I asked my uncle, taking my eyes off of Logan.

‘Tia’s a little sick, so, the two of them stayed home,’ uncle Zayn told me, shrugging. Tia was his five year old daughter.

I jolted when uncle Louis and auntie Eleanor’s triplets ran into the house, shouting, ‘This is Sparta!’ They ran right into the kitchen and when they met with Eva, they all started shouting together at the top of their voices, jumping up and down. Great. I already had a headache. The triplets were six years old and they were all sassy, funny and cute like their dad. They were two boys and a girl. Uncle Louis and auntie Eleanor appeared behind uncle Zayn and I realized that they were all still standing outside in the cold.

‘Come in,’ I told everyone, but before I closed the door, uncle Liam and auntie Dani walked inside, too. Andy and Jessie, their eleven year old twins, were with them, as well. Jessie danced her way into the house, as she wanted to be a dancer when she grew up, like her mom, while Andy was coolly playing with a baseball ball. Andy, who looked a lot like uncle Liam, was wearing a white snapback and a black varsity jacket.

Mom and Dad came in the living room. Dad was still hugging Mom from behind, holding her tight, and resting his chin on her shoulder. I tilted my head to the side, hugged myself and looked at my parents, smiling. Logan was standing beside me and was staring, examining every inch of my face, but as always, I pretended not to notice. The triplets and Eva ran into the living room, still shouting, climbed on the sofa and turned the telly on. And then, they were finally quiet.

‘Hey, man, what’s up?’ Eddie asked Logan, walking towards him.

Logan tore his eyes away from my face, replying with a nod, ‘Not much, man.’

I hid a smile. Whenever the two of them got together, they always acted all cool. It was kind of funny, really.

‘I think we have a full house, today, beautiful,’ Dad told Mom, kissing her earlobe.

‘I think we do, baby,’ Mom replied, smiling, stroking his forearm.

‘Gosh, why can't I have what they have?’ I asked, sighing dramatically.

‘I can give you what they have,’ Logan told me, dead serious.

I rolled my eyes. ‘Sure you can, Logan,’ I joked, messing up his hair. ‘You’re like a little brother to me, you know that,’ I told him with a small smile.

‘Like a little brother, huh?’ Logan muttered irritably, fixing his hair.

‘Uh huh,’ I replied, nodding, and turned away from him.

As I went up the stairs to my room, Mom said after me, ‘Lunch is in an hour, darling.’

‘Fine, mom,’ I replied dully over my shoulder. When I got to my room, I jumped into bed, fell on my back and let out a deep sigh, looking at the ceiling, but Logan followed me. He leaned on the doorframe, folded his arms and stared at me in silence.


I haven't updated in a while, but I was too busy with all the things I had to study. But anyhoo, what do you think of the new chapter? We're fifteen years in the future now! Also, just a reminder that the next chapter's the last one! Let me know what you think? Marlboro. :) xx

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