Trouble in Paradise ~ Book 2 ~ Completed!

It’s been a year since Harry and Bess got married and their beautiful baby girl, Emma, was born. Bess works for the boys’ management now and the three of them are together always. When Harry suddenly starts being all distant and moody though, Bess doesn’t know what to think. But the real problems between her and Harry begin when she gets closer to one other member of the band. ~ Sequel to The Rebound Girl ~


18. Diamond Ring

‘These cravings are killing me,’ I complained, taking a French fry and dipping it in vanilla ice cream. Then, yes, the horror, I ate it!

Harry laughed, rubbing my back. ‘Aw, my poor baby,’ he said, grabbing my waist and pulling me to him. He was sitting back on the tour bus’ sofa and I got comfortable against him, burying my head into his neck, wrapping my arms around his torso and putting my legs between his. It had been a week since I found out I was pregnant again and the boys were still on tour.

‘I hate you,’ I breathed into his ear before I kissed the spot below it over and over.

‘Sure you do, babe,’ he replied, stroking his fingers up and down my spine. His other hand was resting in between my thighs.

‘I didn’t want to get pregnant again so soon,’ I complained, pulling away to look at him. I tried to tell him that a few times too many this past week but he always shrugged my complains off.

‘Now, now, beautiful,’ he said, patting my butt. ‘If the guys weren’t sleeping in the bedroom, I would take you in there and change your mind.’

‘Harry, I’m serious,’ I said, frowning.

‘I know,’ he told me, fixing his stunning green eyes on mine. ‘And I restrain myself from slapping you hard on the arse every time you say that, because, I would never slap you anywhere else, you know that. So, stop complaining about our new baby.’ I pursed my lips and tried to get up but he grabbed my wrist, pulling me back against him. His free hand settled on my crotch and I gasped. ‘We could settle this in another way, if you want,’ he suggested, kissing my forehead.

I fumed. He always did that! He always tried to solve our problems with sex. ‘Stop it,’ I cried, trying to push him away, because, I had a point to make here and I needed a clear mind to do it.

Liam walked into the room and when he saw us, his eyes widened and he quickly looked away. ‘Oh, shit, sorry guys, I didn’t know you two were doing… well, you know,’ he said, embarrassed.

‘We’re doing nothing!’ I replied, shooting Harry a tiny glare. My stubborn husband chuckled, shook his head and let me go.

‘Oh, okay,’ Liam said, putting his hands in his shorts’ pockets and looking at the ground.

‘What’s wrong?’ I asked him.

‘I have something to tell you guys,’ he said, looking up timidly, his eyes meeting mine.

‘Sure, mate, what’s up?’ Harry asked and I patted the seat next to me on the sofa. Liam sat down with a deep sigh. Okay, now I was really starting to worry about him.

‘I’ve already told Zayn, Nialler and Lou about what I’m about to tell you,’ Liam said, digging one hand in his pocket. He took out a purple velvet ring box and set it on my knee. My eyes filled with tears and my heart began to pound painfully against my ribs. I knew where this was headed and I didn’t like it, not one single bit. ‘I’m going to propose to Danielle the minute we return to the UK,’ Liam announced with a big happy smile on his face.

‘Wow,’ Harry breathed. ‘This is brilliant news, mate,’ he said and the two of them high fived. I, on the other hand, wasn’t as excited.

‘NO!’ I cried, jumping up from my seat. The ring box dropped at my feet and I really, like really, wanted to kick it out of sight at that moment.

Liam sighed. ‘I was afraid of how you might react,’ he said with his head bowed.

‘Bess,’ Harry called in warning, getting up. He stood behind me, held on to my hips and pressed his torso against my back. ‘Aren’t you happy for Liam?’ he asked, attempting to make me behave. I pressed my lips tightly together, refusing to reply. Liam looked pretty sad during my little immature scene. ‘Liam’s in love with Dani and he’s going to marry her,’ Harry told me.

The words that I said next slipped out of my mouth before I could stop them. ‘Who says she’s going to accept his proposal?’ I asked. Jealousy had clouded my better judgment. Liam fixed his chocolate brown eyes at me. He didn’t curse me, like I deserved, or get mad. He only clenched his jaw, picked his ring box from the floor and left the room.

Harry swirled me around. ‘You’re way out of line on this one, beautiful,’ he told me, scolding. ‘You’ll go talk to him. Now,’ he ordered before he slapped my butt and pushed me towards the bedroom, where Liam had gone. Harry opened the door and pushed me inside before he leaned on the doorframe, folded his arms and watched me. I narrowed my eyes at him and he sent me a wink. Then, I focused on Liam.

All the boys shared a bedroom. Louis, Niall and Zayn were already sleeping. It was past midnight. Liam was sitting on his bed, staring at the ring in his hand. I sat down next to him and looked at the diamond ring he had bought for his girlfriend.

‘It’s beautiful,’ I told him. Liam sighed, closed the box and looked at me. He smiled at me, encouraging me to go on with my apology. He was such a nice guy and I loved him so much. I took a deep breath before I told him, ‘You’re like the most adorable puppy that I wish I could keep.’

Harry cleared his throat from the door. ‘I’m like right here, beautiful,’ he told me, kind of jealous. ‘So, you know I can hear you, right?’

I rolled my eyes at him and turned back to Liam. I grabbed his face, squishing his cheeks, but when he chuckled, I dropped my hands to my knees and pouted.

‘What is it, love?’ Liam asked, touching my knee. ‘Why are you so sad about this? You won’t lose me. I’ll always be your friend.’

Would he though?

I stared into his eyes and said, ‘You’ll always be my cuddly bear and I don’t care if Danielle gets jealous of that. Okay?’

A sweet smile formed on Liam’s lips when he nodded. Then, he pulled me into a warm, bear hug. ‘Thank you,’ he said, kissing the top of my head, and I hugged him even tighter.

‘Okay, I think that’s enough,’ Harry said, taking my hand and pulling me out of Liam’s arms. ‘Come on, beautiful. We’ve left some unfinished business in the TV room,’ he went on, dragging me out of the bedroom, while Liam choked down a laugh.

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