Trouble in Paradise ~ Book 2 ~ Completed!

It’s been a year since Harry and Bess got married and their beautiful baby girl, Emma, was born. Bess works for the boys’ management now and the three of them are together always. When Harry suddenly starts being all distant and moody though, Bess doesn’t know what to think. But the real problems between her and Harry begin when she gets closer to one other member of the band. ~ Sequel to The Rebound Girl ~


6. Bess' Dream

I was lying on the mattress in my white underwear. Harry was sleeping on his side beside me. He had his back to me. I watched his broad back heaving up and falling down while he breathed deeply in his sleep. I wrapped my arm around his naked torso, carefully pulling myself against him. I didn’t want to wake him up. His flesh was very warm. Goosebumps ran all over me and I kissed his hair, playing with one of his curls. When Zayn walked in the bedroom, I panicked for some reason. He was wearing a black suit with a white shirt and his eyes looked dark and dangerous. I wanted to ask him what he was doing here but I realized I couldn’t speak. It was as if I had lost my voice. Zayn prowled to bed, grabbed both my ankles and dragged me away from Harry. I thought I screamed but I heard nothing. Harry was still fast asleep. Zayn spread my legs, knelt in between them and put his hands behind my knees, keeping me still. He looked at every part me, eating me up with his eyes.

‘No,’ I cried, reaching for Harry. I touched his back with my fingertips but his skin was ice cold now. His back wasn’t moving up and down anymore either. He wasn’t breathing. He was dead. Hot tears stung my eyes when Harry’s form began to disappear. A lump rose in my throat and the tears fell.

Zayn fell on top of me, grabbed my wrists and pinned them to the mattress. ‘You’re mine now, Bess,’ he told me in a hoarse, unearthly voice. I fought against his body but it was useless. In this nightmare, Zayn had all the power.

‘Zayn, NO,’ I protested when he melted his lips into my neck, nibbling and sucking hungrily. I sobbed. I wanted Harry. Where was Harry? He couldn’t be gone. He wasn’t. He would never leave me. He had told me so on our wedding day. To love and to hold, till death do us part … And I knew he wasn’t dead because this was only a dream. Wasn’t it? I wanted to scream Harry’s name but I was mute again.

‘Harry’s gone, Bess,’ Zayn barked, harshly, as if he had read my thoughts and was replying to them. ‘Let me comfort you,’ he suggested, softly now, staring into my eyes and running his fingers along the top of my underwear. His golden eyes and dilated pupils were beginning to hypnotize me.

I let myself go with a sigh, ‘Zayn…’ If Harry had disappeared, my soul had disappeared with him. I didn’t care about anything else anymore. Zayn could do whatever he wanted with me now.


This is a half chapter that describes the dream Bess was having when she called Zayn's name. I'll update a full chapter later today or tomorrow. In the meantime, hope you like this one. :) xx

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