Trouble in Paradise ~ Book 2 ~ Completed!

It’s been a year since Harry and Bess got married and their beautiful baby girl, Emma, was born. Bess works for the boys’ management now and the three of them are together always. When Harry suddenly starts being all distant and moody though, Bess doesn’t know what to think. But the real problems between her and Harry begin when she gets closer to one other member of the band. ~ Sequel to The Rebound Girl ~


13. All I Want For Christmas Is You

It was the day before Christmas and our party would be held tonight, at Christmas Eve. It was 3 in the afternoon now and I was struggling to make a few biscuits for the party. I was always such a proper disaster in the kitchen, so, Harry was there with me, supervising me. Emma was taking her nap. Harry was standing beside me, pressing his butt against the counter. His arms were folded and he had one foot crossed over the other. He was wearing a navy blue onesie that was only zipped up to his stomach. I was wearing grey yoga pants, a pink sweater and an apron with flowers on it. I gasped when I accidentally dropped at least a cup more of flour in the mixture than what I should have. I quickly looked at Harry. He was shaking his head, half smiling.

‘It’s so much harder from what it looks like on telly,’ I complained, rubbing my forehead with the back of my hand. Harry laughed and I asked, frowning, ‘What?’

‘You got some flour on your forehead, beautiful,’ he replied, cheekily greening, and pointed at my forehead. A dimple played on his cheek.

‘Of course I have,’ I mumbled before I bowed my head and hid my face with my hands. ‘I’m such a disaster,’ I said.

‘Now, now,’ Harry said, wrapping his arms around my stomach from behind. ‘It’s my wife you’re talking about,’ he added, kissing the rim of my ear. He pulled me against him and I felt his upcoming boner.

‘Harry, NO,’ I protested. ‘I have to finish these biscuits first.’

‘What if,’ he began in a thick voice, breathing into my ear, ‘What if we go into the bedroom now and I’ll make the biscuits myself in 15 minutes?’

I turned round in his arms. ‘Nobody will eat them if I make them, anyway,’ I said, shrugging, and slowly unzipped his onesie.

‘That’s true,’ Harry agreed, nodding, and I hit him on the chest. He chuckled before he took his onesie off. He wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

‘Pervert,’ I joked, looking into his eyes.

His eyebrows flew up. ‘Oh, yeah?’ he asked before he threw me over his shoulder, slapped my butt hard and playfully threatened, taking me to the bedroom, ‘I’ll show you pervert.’

Harry!’ I squealed, kicking and squirming, but he slapped my butt again.

‘Shhh, beautiful. Be a good girl, now,’ he softly ordered, rubbing the back of my thighs. My cheeks burned and I fell quiet. I wanted him so badly right now.


I looked myself in the mirror. I had on a tight, knee length, blood red dress and had painted my lips with the same shade of color. My hair fell loose over my shoulders and had put on a pair of plaid black and red converse. I wanted to keep it cool tonight and not too classy.

Harry came up behind me, put a hand on either side of my stomach and gently kissed my neck before he said, ‘You look tempting.’ Then, he rested his chin on my shoulder. He was wearing a blood red shirt and a pair of jeans. We were both so Christmassy. We both looked into the mirror and our eyes met there.

Two years ago, I felt like a worthless thing every day of my life but then Harry came along. He saved me from myself and from everything else. ‘You’re the love of my life,’ I told him, taking his hands. I intertwined our fingers and wrapped his arms around me. I went on, ‘You make me feel safe and because of that I’ll love you till the end of time.’

Harry half smiled, showing off his dimple. ‘Right back at you, beautiful,’ he said with his lips brushing against my cheek. ‘And I love making you feel safe. It’s my favorite job.’

‘I hate when they do that,’ Eleanor complained to Louis. He was sitting at the end of our bed and she was sitting on his lap. She was holding Emma. I had dressed her in a beautiful pink dress and had put a pink bow on her blonde hair.

Louis smirked. ‘You mean when they act as if there’s nobody else around and that they’re about to jump each other’s bones all the time?’ he asked, joking.

‘Yes!’ Eleanor replied in a high pitched voice. Emma clapped excitedly in her hands.

Harry and I turned to them. They had come earlier than the others to help with the preparations for the party. It was 8 pm when the doorbell rang. It was Liam and Lana. After a while, Zayn, Perrie and Niall came, too. We all sat around the table for dinner.

‘Everything looks delicious!’ Niall said, staring at the food on the table, blinking. He looked mind blown.

I looked at Harry but he was already looking at me and I hid a smile while he was grinning wide. After our 15 minutes in the bedroom, Harry and I went back in the kitchen and cooked together the dinner and the dessert, naked.

Before we began eating, Zayn and Perrie got up. His arm was around her waist and her hand was on his chest. He cleared his throat and said, smiling, ‘Perrie and I have something to share with everyone.’ We all looked at them, waiting. Zayn sucked in a breath before he announced, ‘Perrie’s 2 months pregnant and I proposed to her last night.’ The two of them looked so happy.

My mouth fell, Niall dropped his fork, and everyone else was speechless. It took us all a few seconds to digest the brand new information. Then, we got up, congratulated and hugged them. I was so glad that Zayn sorted himself out and that he had made the right decision. He and I could go back to being friends now.

After dinner, Harry put some music on. Zayn danced with Perrie and Niall danced with Emma. Some days I really believed that that Irish boy loved that baby to death. I, of course, danced with Harry. When the song ended, Liam patted Harry on the back.

‘Can I have the next dance?’ Liam asked, looking at me, and I quickly looked at Lana. She was sitting on the sofa with her arms folded, glaring at me.

‘Will you try to steal her from me again, mate?’ Harry joked with a little grin.

‘No, not again, Haz,’ Liam replied, smiling. Harry walked to the sofas and Liam stood opposite me. He looked nervous, a lot. Last Christmas began playing and I put my hands on his shoulders. He appreciated that I made the first move and then he put his own hands on my waist. We danced with a couple of inches separating us.

‘What’s the matter, Liam?’ I asked. I could tell that something was bothering him.

He took a deep breath through his mouth and let it out before he said, ‘We went through a lot, the two of us, last year, right?’

I nodded because that was true. Liam and I could never only be friends. A stronger bond would always connect us and I would always feel very close to him.

He went on, ‘I like Lana. I like her a lot.’

‘I sense a but coming,’ I said.

He smiled. ‘But,’ he began, emphasizing the word. ‘I’m still in love with Danielle. I know it’s been a whole year since we broke up but that’s how I feel. And nobody can help who they love.’

‘Call her then,’ I told him and he looked into my eyes. We had stopped dancing but we still held each other. ‘Danielle’s your soul mate, Liam,’ I said. ‘Not all people are lucky enough to find theirs. But you did find yours, so, call her one last time. Don’t let her slip away. Give this love one last shot.’

He was silent for a moment. Then, he asked, ‘What about Lana?’

‘She’ll get over it when she finds her own soul mate,’ I replied, shrugging.

Liam kissed my forehead before he said, ‘Thank you, Bess.’

‘Go call her. Now,’ I ordered and he smiled. When he went away, Harry came back. He put his hands on my hips, pulling me close, and I folded my arms around his neck.

‘What did Liam want?’ Harry asked, looking at Liam. He was talking on the phone now, which meant that Danielle had picked up!

‘You’ll find out very soon,’ I replied, smiling. Harry looked at me with a furrowed brow but I rose on my toes and kissed his lips, distracting him from everything else. He deepened it, wrapping his arms around me, and when our bodies collided, I ran my hand through his curly hair. That Christmas party changed the lives of everyone that was there. I got pregnant that night and as for the all the others, well, you’ll find out soon enough.

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