Boys, Boys, Boys

Cynthia, Holly, and Vannessa. Best friends forever, no matter what, but then... High School.

CYNTHIA: Self-image problems. Abused. Mom lives in a different city. So of course, the first guy who tells her she's pretty, or the first guy who asks her out, she can't say no. But what happens when she gets so caught up, she becomes known as the new school whore...

HOLLY: Small, short, adorable. The three words that she was called on a daily basis. But was that what she wanted? No one thought this nice, small girl could ever be involved with such a rude ass boy, like him...

VANNESSA: New school, new town, new people, and of course, new friends. So, the first group that offers her a spot, she takes it. Was it the right choice? Especially when the boys of that group, get a little too close for comfort...

Will these boys take control over their friendships and lives? Or will they stick together through it all?


4. Vanessa-New friends

   School was starting to get easier now. Well actually..not really. School wise it was, but making friends wasn't. I still hadn't really made any yet. I really missed Cynthia and Holly. And from what Holly has told me there's been a lot of drama with her and Cynthia back home. Not going to school with them anymore, made me realize how much I miss having a group of friends to sit. I was still eating lunch in the library everyday now. I'm sure the librarian knows my name by now. I mean yes, I did talk to a couple of girls throughout my classes, but I didn't have a stable group to sit with, or hang out with at lunch. And It's already been a month since my first day. I feel Pathetic.That guy Miles, who I talked to during the first couple days, got a schedule change, and now he's in my PE class...shoot me. If there's one thing I hate it's having cute guys in my PE class. Or any guy for that matter. I seriously am horrible at PE. Scratch that, I'm horrible at any kind of sport. I'm a singing, dancing, swimming, rock climbing, shopping kind of girl. My handi coordination? Zero. I can't catch a ball if my life depended on it.

I mean there is this one girl, and she's in my PE class, who's in three out of my six classes. And she's pretty nice, her name's Melina. She's short, maybe about my height, possibly shorter. Her hair is medium length, with dip died blonde ends. She wears alot of eyeliner, and we've talked a lot so I feel that maybe I could just ask her. The thing is, I feel awkward asking her "Hey can I sit with you at lunch?" I don't know why, I have a problem asking that, but I just do. I'm the type of person who likes when people ask me first. Always been like that too. But I suppose in this case, I'm going to have to do the talking first, because if I don't, No one will. And I cannot stand going to the library everyday for the next...Oh I don't know however long it takes me to make friends. I just can't. It smells like, old dust and coffee in there. Plus all the nerds hang out in the library, and they just sit there trading Pokemon cards, talk about video games, and debate whether ninjas or pirates are better...the whole time. Like, wtf? No. That's not the environment I want to be in. No offense to the nerds. And then there's me. Lonely old me sitting at a table, by my self, eating cheez-itz and sneaking sips of my gatorade, cause no food in the library. I feel like the biggest loser ever. There fore, that is why I need friends...badly. I just need to stop being a wuss, and ask Melina if i can sit with her and her friends. Cause I refuse to go to the library again...I refuse. 


"Alright, you can pass your assignments up." My Math teacher Mr. Romero said to the class. 

I grabbed the ones from the three people behind me. And passed them forward to the guy in front of me. I couldn't even see the board sitting behind him. His hair was like, a poodle and a bush had sex and there baby was born on his head. Yeah, my whole view was blocked. No big deal.

I scanned the room for Melina, she was sitting on the far side of the room by the window. I could see her chatting with some asian kid. I wasn't going to go over there and just interupt them. I decided I'd wait till after class and chat up a conversation with her that would eventually lead me to asking if I could join her and her friends for lunch .'Why am I making such a big deal about this'? I thought to myself. 'Stop being stupid Vanessa, grow up and stop being shy by asking a silly little question.' Yeah that's all I had to do is just ask one question.

*Brngggggggggg* There's the bell. 

I casually put my binder in my purse and swung my purse over my shoulder. I waited until I spotted Melina almost at the door until I went up to her. 

"Hey, Melina". I smiled as I walked out the door way, same time she did.

"Oh hey I'm sorry, what's your name again? I'm Terrible with names." She laughed. 

"Haha oh no it's fine. I am too. Here, I'll give you a hint it starts with a V." I Kinda wish I hadn't said that. I realized I should of just told her my name. I felt like a moron. 

"Ummm", she hesitated. "Is it...Victoria? She asked unknowingly. 

"Haha you're close. It's Vanessa." 

"Oh yeah that's right! Vanessa, okay, I'll remember that." She smiled.

We both didn't say anything for about 4 seconds. 'Break the ice' I thought. 

"Anyways", I cleared my throat. "Umm, I like your shirt." I facepalmed my self mentally. I Like your shirt really? Wow. I should've just come right out and said, 'Hey if you don't mind can I sit with you for lunch?' But no. I said I like your shirt instead. I felt stupid why am I treating this situation like she's some cute guy that I'm all nervous to talk too? She's not.  But that that's not the point. The point is, is I'm being a wimp and can't ask one stupid question. Goddddddd. 

She looked down at her shirt. "Oh thanks. Yours is cute too." she smiled.

I Looked down at mine. Haha was she crazy? I was wearing a bright pink t-shirt that said "Spotlight Dance" in big bold black letters. Obviously she was just saying that because she wanted to be nice too. But I actually meant it, when I told her, her shirt was cute. It was a flower Laced black mesh button up shirt, with a sparkly tank top underneath. And then Here I was wearing white shorts, and a pink T-shirt. Cool. 

"Haha no problem, and thank you!"

I smiled back. Silence once again. I could feel the awkwardness. She was probably wondering why I was still walking with her. We both were in the same class fourth period, but we never walked together. I was going to say something until she broke the ice first this time..

"Haha yeah, so anyways, like, where do you go for lunch? Cause I never see you around. And at first I wasn't even sure if you had the same lunch period cause I like never see you. Haha." 

Shit. I didn't think she would ask that. What could I say? I didn't want to tell her I ate in the library, cause one that's embarrassing, and two...well it's just embarrassing. So I settled with....

"Oh. Haha umm well I'm around, ya know. I usually stay in the cafeteria, because I don't like going outside alot, or sometimes I hang out by the uh, library."

"Oh okay cool. So then who do you chill with?"

Ahhh. Again, another question I had no idea how to answer..

"Umm, different people. Sometimes I just hang out by my self, haha, I dont know, I don't really mind just being alone sometimes."

Complete lie. I hated being alone at all times. I didn't even like being home alone. I feel lonley. Especially now that I'm in a new house. And All I have is my older brother who's a senior and I'm a freshman. But even though were at the same high school, I still never see him around. Cause one: He's embarrassed of me. And two: Well, my brother is a social butterfly, he'll legit talk to anyone about anything. So he already has a bunch of new friends, so he doesn't want me"interacting" with them. I only see him after school, in the parking lot, when we go home. Other than that, it's like we still go to different schools. 

There was an awkward silence between us. Finally she spoke up. 

"Oh okay. Well you can come just chill with my friend Jocelyn and I...if you ever want too. It's just us two, so you know another person would be cool." 

Whoa. It's like she knew what I was gonna ask.

"Um yeah, that'd be cool. I always like meeting new people anyways. Do you mind if maybe I could sit with you guys today? 

"No. Not at all. You should. After fourth period just meet me by the door and we'll walk together to go find Jocelyn."

"Okay. Awesome thanks!" I smiled. 

"Yeah, no prob." She smiled back.

Well this is cool. She just made it all easier for me. I was finally happy I had people to sit with for lunch then go to the library.I thought, as I sat down in my desk for the start of fourth period. 


"Jocelyn! Over here!"

Shouted Melina when she spotted her friend. Her friend was fairly tall, with tan skin. Her hair was a little farther than her shoulders, and it was a light brown with, dirty blonde streaks in it. She was wearing shorts, and a white shirt with a pretty sick picture of the San Francisco bridge on it. I could tell she was Hispanic too. Which was cool, because so was I, and so was Melina. 

"Hey this is my friend Vanessa" Said Melina as she introduced me. 

"Hi". Said Jocelyn. Kinda shyly. 

"Haha Hi." This was awkward.

"So she's gonna sit with us today, if it's cool with you."

"Haha yeah I don't care."

"Alright cool, well lets go." Motioned Melina to Jocelyn and I to start walking. 

We started heading for the quad, when we heard two guy voices behind us. They were shouting for both Jocelyn and Melina. All three of us looked back to see who it was. The first one I noticed was Tall, and he had pretty dark skin. His eyes were brown, along with his short hair. He was wearing shorts, which he was sagging, and a lose white T-shirt. Which was also accompanied by a black snap-back, and white Chuck Taylors. He was also wearing a rosary around his neck. He was fairly cute. He wasn't ugly, but he wasn't like 'oh my god your attractive', kind of guy either. He was average, decent looking. The second guy, was shorter then him, he looked maybe to be only a little taller than me, and I'm 5'2, so for a guy yeah we has kind of short. He was also wearing his shorts, that were sagging, and a black t-shirt. He was just a tad cuter than the taller guy. His skin was similar to mine, olive color. And his hair was buzz cut, and black. He had big brown eyes, and a little guy stache growing, it was kind of cute. In a weird way. They were both Hispanic also, I could tell. And so was I, and the other two girls. We were all like a mini Hispanic group. 

"Dude, you totally just left without us." said the tall guy to Jocelyn. His voice was deep, and kind've raspy.

"Haha, my bad, I went to meet up with Melina."

"Its coo, I forgive you, haha. So where you guys heading? Hector and I are gonna chill wit you guys." Said the tall guy once again, so now I knew the short guy's name was Hector. 

"Alright let's go" said Jocelyn. 

We all walked off towards the quad together. Jocelyn was in the middle, and Melina and I on one side, and the two guys on the other side of her. They were all chatting and I was awkwardly just standing there, listenin to their conversations until one of the guys noticed me. 

"Aye whats this chick's name?" Asked Hector to the group. He was pointing at me. 

"This is my friend, Vanessa." Melina spoke for me. 

"Oh yeah, Hi." I said. Trying not to sound to shy nor too perky.

"Whaddup. I'm Adrian." Said the tall guy.

"And I'm Hector."

"Haha hi."

I realized that I recognized Adrian. He was in my English class. He sat in the front row, and I sat in the very back, so I never really noticed him. But now I did, only because he comes late all the time, and plus one time when I was wearing shorts I got up to throw something away, and from the corner of my eye I could see he was checking out my ass... But other than that we never really interacted before. 

"Hey, you're from my English class aren't you?" I asked Adrian, even though I knew he was, hey, atleast I was trying to make conversation. 

"I am.?" 

"Yeah. Haha I recongize you because Mr. Lewanni always gets mad at you when you come in late. aha. You probaly never noitced me cause I sit in the very back. 

"Aw forreal? Das hella tight. Now I got someone to walk to class wit."

"Haha yeah for sure."

Melina, Hector, Adrian and I, were just having small chat. Jocelyn had left to pick up her boyfriend, from the PE locker room. Lunch was almost over, we had been talking pretty much the whole time. And then I had remembered that Melina wanted my number so she could text me about the homework tonight. So I decided I might as well bring it up now..

"Hey Melina, whats your number so I can text you tonight?"

"Aw shit. Haha I forgot my phone at home. Here, just give me yours right now and then I'll text you later."

"Haha alright.". I took my phone out. Hector and Adrian were kind've just standing there. 

"Okay ready? " I asked. 

She took a marker out from her bag. Ready to write on her hand. 

"Yes, shoot."

"Okay, so my number is 1-203-554-6751."

As I was reading my number aloud I noticed both Hector and Adrian were also punching down my number into there phones. I was kind've suprised I had just met these boys. I didn't think they would want my number already.

"Haha so I guess you guys can have my number too." I told them.

"Hell yea." said Adrian.

"Yee. What he said, breh. "

"Haha okay. Well then text me so I can save your numbers too."

"Aight." They both said in unison.

And they did. They both texted me and I saved there numbers.  After that It didn't feel so awkward anymore. When the lunch bell rang all four of us walked towards our classes. Hector was the first to leave, then Melina. So now it was just me and Adrian walking to English together, cause it was right after lunch. He was being really nice, and making me laugh. When we got to the class I reached for the door, but he stopped me..and pushed me aside..

"Naw, naw, naw." He was patting his hand on his chest. "Don't you know das my job? I'm the guy, you the girl. I hold the door open for you." And with that he grabbed the handle, and and motioned me to go first. 

"Haha okay my bad. Thanks." I gigged. 

I stepped in first and went to my seat and he went to his seat. I would say today was a good day. No library, no nerds, no loneliness. I met some new people, who were all pretty chill, and nice. I don't know why but I felt like this was going to be my new group. And I was flattered that Adrian opened the door for me. I don't know what it was....But I just could not stop smiling. 





Hey guys, sorry for the long chapter this time I had a lot I wanted to say. Oh and btw that's not a real number, haha I just made it up, just lettin you guys know. aha. Anyways thanks for reading my story so far! My best friend showed me this site, and I just decided to write one. If any of you are interested, go check out her story it's called Chasing Dreams-Niall and Harry Fanfiction, and her pin name is LivinglsBeautyxx, I love it so far it's a really good story. So I recommend checking it out! Anywho, if anyone was any questions about this story so far or any recommendations for future reference, don't be afraid to email me! But thanks again for reading this! :) Bye for now :) 












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