Boys, Boys, Boys

Cynthia, Holly, and Vannessa. Best friends forever, no matter what, but then... High School.

CYNTHIA: Self-image problems. Abused. Mom lives in a different city. So of course, the first guy who tells her she's pretty, or the first guy who asks her out, she can't say no. But what happens when she gets so caught up, she becomes known as the new school whore...

HOLLY: Small, short, adorable. The three words that she was called on a daily basis. But was that what she wanted? No one thought this nice, small girl could ever be involved with such a rude ass boy, like him...

VANNESSA: New school, new town, new people, and of course, new friends. So, the first group that offers her a spot, she takes it. Was it the right choice? Especially when the boys of that group, get a little too close for comfort...

Will these boys take control over their friendships and lives? Or will they stick together through it all?


7. Vanessa-Just a game


       When Holly and I arrived I saw one of mine and Holly's good friends Samantha, or as we called her, Sammy. Holly and I were both really close to her. In fact I felt like Sammy was gonna become part of our trio and replace Cynthia. Because lately Cynthia has been acting really stuck up, and just different. I looked around for Cynthia but didn't spot her anywhere. I wonder what her excuse was this time for not showing up. Sammy noticed us first. She was standing with a group of more of mine and Holly's close friends. I could see Joanna, Alexis, Alana, Beatrice, and Trinity. 

"Guys, I see Holly!"

"Oh my gosh, Is that Vanessa?" Alana  beamed. 

Next thing I knew they were all running towards us. Sammy was the first person I hugged. It felt nice being with all of my close friends again. I had know some of these girls even before I met Holly. In fact Holly and I didn't become best friends until about 6th grade. Alana, Alexis, and I have known each other since 2nd grade. I met Holly, Cynthia, Sammy, and all the other girls in 4th grade. Next I moved on to Alana, she gave the best hugs. I looked over at Holly she was also greeting and hugging everyone. But I could tell she looked overwhelmed. We were all having small chat and bugging Holly about Andrew for a little under five minutes before Andrew and his crew showed up. 

First thing he did without even greeting any one else was walk over to Holly. He scooped her up in a giant hug. I was observing Holly's face she looked lost. All of his friends were saying Hi to me and flirting with all the girls. I gave one of Andrew's friend a hug, Sergio. But when I looked up Andrew was whispering something in Holly's ear. And then she nodded yes. I looked at Andrew. He was smirking at of his friends when Holly wasn't looking. It was like his friend owed him something, cause then his friend looked bummed. As I watched my best friend run off with Andrew she looked back at me, I mouthed the words "Be careful", just in case. She nodded at me, but I don't think she quite knew what I said. 

I walked over to Andrew's friend Chris. The one who he had smirked at.  

"Hey, Chris."

"Hey. Vanessa how's a going?"

He reached out for a hug. So I gave him a quick one. 

"Good. Hey, um, just out of curiousity why did Andrew smile all..weird at you?"

"Oh you saw that?"

"Um yeah. What does he mean?"

He stuttered.."U-uh-uh-m..nothing."

I glared at him in the eye. This boy knew something that I didn't. And I had to know what it was. That was my bestfriend with him right now.

"Chris. I'm serious. Why did Andrew look at you like that?'

"Like what?"

"Oh shut up. Don't act stupid. You know exactly what I'm talking about. He narrowed his eyes at you and smirked , and you looked all bummed for a split second. So don't act stupid with me. I know theres something you too know that Holly and I don't." I crossed my arms over my chest.

Chris looked a little suprsied I had talked to him like that. He just stood there looking around at everyone else and then back at me.

"Alright walk with me for a minute."

He said while grabbing my arm and pulling me away from the group. I looked back at them. No one even noticed we had walked off. We walked on to a pathway. I searched for Holly wondering where she went. I didn't see her anywhere. There were little kids running around everywhere, and mothers pushing strollers.I thought about Adrian, and Hector. Wondering what they were doing right now. I had been texting both of them non-stop lately. But it seemed Adrian had more of an interest in me than Hector. Even though Hector flirted with me all the time, and hugged me from behind my waist, there was just something about Adrian, that made him seem..I dont know..Jealous, maybe. I was snapped out of my thoughts from sniffing the air. It smelled like cotton candy and wet grass.  The smell of hot dog grease filled my nostrils. I had realized how hungry I was. I didn't eat at Holly's and I never ate when I was at home. As Chris and I were walking I noticed Ernie's's taco truck. Which had the most amazing tacos ever. And right next to it was a homemade funnel cake stand. Oh my goodness. I needed to eat. Now. Before someone got hurt..

" Awright, so look..-"

"Um, Chris?" I said while clearing my throat. And clearly interrupting him. I didn't care how cute he was or if he would think I'm a fat pig I was eating. Now.


"Um, well,"...I giggled. "I'm like starving cause I haven't eaten all day. You don't mind if a get a taco right?"

He laughed.

"Ha naw, it's all good. I think I might get one too."

Good. I thought. At least I won't be the only one eating now. When we got to the stand there was a line, of course.

"So, what were you gonna tell me?"

He might as well just get it out now, while we were waiting.

"So..Okay..Well Andrew and I sort' know.."


"We kinda made a deal..."

"A deal? What kind of deal?"

What was this boy talking about. This "Deal" it better have nothing to do with Holly I thought. He ignored me for a second. He just looked down and took out his money from his pocket, pretending to count it. I grabbed his wrist forcefully and that made him stop counting.

"Chris, What kind've of deal?'

"Jeez. see um..I kind of.. have a crush on Holly too.."

"You what!?"

"Nest please." Shouted the little stubby old mexican lady with a very stong spanish accent.

Chris looked at me like a puppy who had just gotten hit. Pff 'Don't give me that look' I thought.

"Hold that thought.."

I said as I stepped forward to order at the little windowI could tell she spoke spanish so right now was a perfect time for my skills to come to use.

"Hola Senora. Puedo Tenar dos tacos sin salsa caliente...y un coka cola por favor?"

She wrote my order down on a little notepad. I looked at Chris he looked astonished that I had just spoken spanish. I rolled my eyes.

"Eso, es todo?"

"No. Hay un orden mas." I smiled at her.

I looked at Chris.


"Well, what?" he asked.

"Aren't you going to order? The lady is waiting."

"Oh right. I want one grande taco, no tomatoes, and a Dr. Pepper. Can You order for me? it sounds cool when you speak spanish."

"Wow." I said and rolled my eyes. "Fine."

"Senora, En realidad, puedo tener un taco grande, sin tomatoes, y un coka cola asi por favor?"

"Clado." She said while writing our orders down. I payed and chris payed. They called us up for our tacos in like 2 minutes so we really didn't get to continue our conversation. I grabbed mine and he grabbed his. I had already finished my first one when we started walking again on the pathway.

"Anyways.." I said between bites, already on my second. I cleared my throat. "What do you mean you like Holly?"

"Well.." He stopped and threw his empty taco wrapper in he trash.

"Okay look.." He huffed. "I'm just gonna tell you everything right now.."


"Awright see..okay, so, at the beggining of the school year I was going to tell Holly I liked her and ask her out....cause um, I've liked her since last year. But then before I could get to her Andrew got to her first. And We made a bet.."

"What kind of bet?" I was almost done with my taco but I was eating more slowly because I wanted him to know I was listening.

"Well...You see, On the first day of school Andrew came to my house. And I told him that I liked Holly. And he said he liked her too. He kept saying how hot she had gotten over the summer, and shit like that. But that ain't right cause I've always thought she's hot, and I've liked her since 8th grade"...

"Okay. Cool. But what bet or deal did you guys make?" 'Cut to the chase' I thought.

"Well, I told him I was planning on asking her out finally. But he said he was going to ask her out first. So we made a bet..."

He took a deep breath.

"We bet each other 5 bucks as to who would talk to her on facebook first. Then we bet 20 bucks to who could ask her out first. Then we bet each other 50 bucks as to who could ask her to homecoming first. And then finally we bet each other 100 bucks as to see who could...kiss her first.

I stoped chewing at looked at him dead in the eye.


"Look, I didn't want to do it at first, okay. But I wanted the money and I didn't think Andrew was going to get to her first. I thought I would. But now I owe him 75 bucks. And if he kisses her..I'll owe him 175. And...So basically Andrew never really liked Holly or he doesn't I should say. He still likes this girl named Kyla. And He knew that asking out Holly, would make him some cash, make Kyla jealous, and most of all make me.. jealous. And now he's totally playing her. After Homecoming, he was going to just go back to Kyla. But tonight, The reason he smiled at me, is cause, well. Before we met up with you guys he told me he wanted to some new beats, and that I better have his hundred bucks, because.."

"Because what!? Because what!?" I was yelling now I couldn't even eat. My ears Could not obtain what I had just heard. Andrew was just using Holly for money? That two timing, dick face, son of a bitch. I didn't even know what to do right now.

"Because he's planning on kissing her tonight." He said quietly. But loud enough for me to hear.

"Oh hell no." I said. I was so pissed off right now. I couldn't contain myself. "I'm going to go find that little prick."

"Wait, Vanessa, no!" Chris grabbed my arm. But I managed to pull away. I started running. I had to find Andrew and I was not about to let me best friend get used like that. I could hear Chris right behind me. But I didn't care. I searched frantically for any sign of Holly. As I finally got tired I slowed down by this large bush, and sat on the grass, catching my breath.

"Look, Vanessa..I-"

"Shut up!" I pushed him away from me so he wouldn't sit down too. "I can't believe you Chris!"

"Wha- What'd I do?!"

"Oh just shut up!" I yelled. "What'd I do." I said mocking his voice. "You agreed to the stupidest bet! You agreed to use money to get my best friend! What? You didn't think on how your guys little bet would effect her!? You didn't think how Holly would feel after all this?!

He was quiet. He rubbed his hair. It seemed as if he didn't quite know what to say. "Well...we weren't exactly planning on her to find out...."

"Oh, Fuck you Chris. And Andrew. You don't just go and play with someone's feelings like that! And you say you liked her?! Bullshit. If you liked her you would not have agreed to such a stupid bet! Betting money on her!? No. That's just wrong. What was next you guys were gonna bet on sex or some shit? And you know what? I'm glad you have to give up 175 bucks to Andrew. That'll teach you a lesson. Asshole. You just wasted 175 bucks on a person. Good job. Round of a applause to you! But let me just tell you something. Holly is not some toy you just play with okay. She's a person. A person with feelings. And now she's gonna be heartbroken when she finds out all about your guys bet. And you know what's worse!? She was starting to really like Andrew. She kept telling me all the time how she thought he was gonna be her boyfriend, and that they would last for a long time! But no. It was just a lie. All of it."

I had finished yelling and caught my breath. I got up from my grassy spot. And looked at Chris straight in the eye. He was quiet, and looked very guilty. But I was not about to feel bad for him.

"You should feel ashamed of yourself Chris. And you know what. Your no longer my friend. Because now, just because, you chose to participate in this "bet", my best friend is about to get hurt. And I can't be friends with someone who hurts my bestfriend."

He just nodded back. He refused to even look at me. I looked down at the grass again. Just.. thinking. But when I looked up Chris's eyes were almost in shock. He was looking in a different direction. So I Followed his eyes. When I looked to where he was looking I saw Holly. With Andrew. They were standing on a bridge and he was cuddling her. I had just realized I was still holding my taco. I dropped it. And I continued to stare. Part of me wanted to shout her name, and say "Holly don't!" Or run over to her. But I couldn't. I couldn't do a thing. I just stood there frozen and watched from afar. And then it happend. I was praying that it wouldn't especially after what I had just heard. But it did. Andrew had just kissed my best friend. Andrew had just become 100 bucks richer. Holly had just got her first kiss. A first kiss that was just a joke. A first kiss that was going to buy Andrew some new beats. And lastly....

...a first kiss she could never take back.






Hey guys sorry for the long chapter! There was a lot I needed to put in there. And sorry for all the cussing it's just that..things through out this story are based on true stuff that's actually happend to me in my life, and my best friend. So it just makes me angry. I hope you all still enjoy it though! And sorry I haven't been writing much lately I've just been really busy with the holidays and such. But I'm going to try and update this story more often! I hope you guys are liking it so far! And thank you so much for reading it(: It means a lot. Well bye for now!! (:


















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