Boys, Boys, Boys

Cynthia, Holly, and Vannessa. Best friends forever, no matter what, but then... High School.

CYNTHIA: Self-image problems. Abused. Mom lives in a different city. So of course, the first guy who tells her she's pretty, or the first guy who asks her out, she can't say no. But what happens when she gets so caught up, she becomes known as the new school whore...

HOLLY: Small, short, adorable. The three words that she was called on a daily basis. But was that what she wanted? No one thought this nice, small girl could ever be involved with such a rude ass boy, like him...

VANNESSA: New school, new town, new people, and of course, new friends. So, the first group that offers her a spot, she takes it. Was it the right choice? Especially when the boys of that group, get a little too close for comfort...

Will these boys take control over their friendships and lives? Or will they stick together through it all?


3. Holly-Confused

   'Where is she?' I thought. I was waiting for my best friend Cynthia to get here. We had five minutes before the first bell was suppose to ring to go to first period. I'm Waiting here all by my self and she's not here. Of course, it's so like her. I thought about my other best friend Vanessa, and I wondered what she's doing right now. Probably getting ready, or doing her hair. I miss her. She moved an hour away. So now it's just me and Cynthia. If Vanessa were still here, she'd be with me right now, and we'd both be waiting on her. Vanessa and I are closer to each other than we are to Cynthia. She's still our best friend, but sometimes she just, thinks she's the boss, and won't listen too any of our advice.

I looked down at my outfit, I was wearing my new beige shorts and a green blouse. I started twirling my hair. 'I wish it was longer.' My short black hair was getting to old now. I needed something new. 

"Hey holly!" My friend Janice ran up to me.

"Hi! You look so cute!"

"Thanks! You do too. So what are you doing waiting here, by the flagpole, haha.?"

"Oh, I'm waiting for Cynthia, she should be here any minute. We have first period together."

"Oh cool. Well I hope you guys aren't late, because the warning bell just rang. But i'll see you later! "

Oh shoot. I looked down at my watch, it did just ring. You know what I can't wait any longer, I've been waiting for her for 20 minutes now. Guess, I'll Just have to see her in first period. 

" Wait, Janice! Um, I'll just walk with you because I don't want to be late, so let's just go." 

"Oh, okay. Well come on." She smiled.

We walked off together, and I took one more look back at the flagpole just in case Cynthia miraculously showed up. She didn't. Oh well. And i kept walking.. 


~Lunch time~

"Oh my goodness! I'm so hungry!" If there's one thing that was for sure was that I LOVED food. I could eat all day. Literally. And yet I'm so short and tiny that people would think the opposite. I unpacked my Lunch, I had a turkey sandwhich, hot Cheetos, two apples, Snickers, and a soda. I sat down with all my friends that Cynthia, Vanessa and I use to hang out with. Cynthia never showed today either. I hope her reason is good enough to skip the first day of high school. While I was eating my hot Cheetos I noticed the same group of boys kept passing by my friends and I? I recognized some of them too, they went to my school last year.One of them stood out more than the rest, though. It was Andrew. I had seen him around before but, just never really talked to him. He kept looking at me, I could see from the corner of my eye, it was really obvious.  

"Hey Holly, Andrew Rason keeps looking at you!" exclaimed my friend Alexis. 

"Haha i know! I'm not sure why, I barley know him." 

"He probably thinks you're cute." said my friend Leah. 

"Haha! Me cute? no." It was really hard to ignore his staring, but I couldn't. Every time I looked up he was looking at me, or he would just look away as soon as I looked at him. I mean Andrew was cute, I have to admit. I guess I never really noticed that until now. He had cute dimples, and just an attractive face. And so I was kinda taken aback when he wouldn't stop looking at me. I mean I'm nothing special, or extraordinary, I'm just me. I don't know what to think of it.

After lunch was over, my friends and I just walked around the quad talking until the bell rang. Checking out some of the junior and senior guys, talking about our summers, how freshman year will be, and more. I wished Vanessa were here, and Cynthia. Not sure why she skipped today. 

*Brrnnngggg* Theres the bell. So we all said our goodbyes, and headed to class.


~At home that night~ 

"Love you too. Call me tomorrow and tell me more..bye!" I had just finished talking on the phone with Vanessa for an hour talking about our first days. We talked about Cynthia too, and how she didn't go to school. We both called her and texted her, but she only replied with "Call you guys later." So I don't know what that means, but I hope she's alright. Since I had nothing to do I decided to check my Facebook. I was a tad bit addicted. The first thing I noticed was, Andrew was online. Part of me wanted to chat him, but who am I kidding, I won't chat him. Instead It was totally unexpected, and he chatted me..


-Um, hey. 

-Whats up?

-Listenin to music, being bored, haha wbu?  

This was all too strange why was he chatting me? We barely talk to each other, or in fact we never talk to each other. 

-Haha cool(: so how was your summer? 

-It was great! how was urs?

-Awesome! but we never talk anymore:( why?

I wanted to say so badly that we never had even started talking which was true, but i didn't want to mean.

-You tell me? Haha but we should start talking now(: 

Oh god. Why am I being nice to Him? Everyone in the freshman class knows how much of a player Andrew is. He's had tons of girlfriends. Too many to name, and he even dated my friend, Trista. She's told me, how he flirts with every girl, and uses every girl. So why am I being nice to this kid? He's probably just trying to get at me too. But I just wont let him. 

*Two hours later*

I failed. I failed badly. Andrew and I were talking on Facebook chat for over an hour. Talking about the most randomest things. At the end of it all he asked for my I gave it to him. I know I should't have, but I just can't be mean and say no. Plus he knows I have a phone. Over text he asked if I wanted to hang out with him during lunch tomorrow, and i said yes.. I don't know what's wrong with me! Why am I being nice? I'm so confused with myself right now. But maybe I should just stop worrying, maybe he just wants to be friends. So tomorrow at lunch we'll see what happens. And I hope that is what his intention just be friends...



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