Boys, Boys, Boys

Cynthia, Holly, and Vannessa. Best friends forever, no matter what, but then... High School.

CYNTHIA: Self-image problems. Abused. Mom lives in a different city. So of course, the first guy who tells her she's pretty, or the first guy who asks her out, she can't say no. But what happens when she gets so caught up, she becomes known as the new school whore...

HOLLY: Small, short, adorable. The three words that she was called on a daily basis. But was that what she wanted? No one thought this nice, small girl could ever be involved with such a rude ass boy, like him...

VANNESSA: New school, new town, new people, and of course, new friends. So, the first group that offers her a spot, she takes it. Was it the right choice? Especially when the boys of that group, get a little too close for comfort...

Will these boys take control over their friendships and lives? Or will they stick together through it all?


5. Cynthia-Finders Keepers

 "Look at them. Just sitting over there, being all flirty. Ugh it disgusts me." 

"Um, aren't you best friends with Holly? I mean not to be rude or anything Thia but shouln't you be happy that she finally found a boy she really likes? I mean we all know how picky she is with guys. So um I'm kinda confused?" 

My friend Joanna was sitting with me on a bench and we were watching Holly and Andrew from afar. 

"I told you to stop calling me Thia. I hate that nickname". I snapped. "And yeah I guess I'm happy for her, but... I don't know. I just don't think she's his type. I mean He's hot. And Holly well...ya know..she's...Holly. 

"Fine. I won't. God." She snapped back. "And you know what Cynthia I was trying not to lose my cool, but you I Hate how you say that-

"Say what"? I Interrupted. 

She took a deep breath. "I hate how you think Holly is never good enough for any guy. Holly is beyond gorgeous, and you know she is. So I don't know what your ordeal is, saying she's not good enough for Andrew. And you know what? If you were really her best friend you'd be happy for her right now. And your just probably jealous. So whatever. And I don't need to waste my time with negative people." With that she grabbed her bag, and slung it over her shoulder. "I'll see you later." And she walked off. 

I watched her go. "Pff. Bitch." I whispered under my breath. 

I didn't care what Joanna had to say. I had to watch my best friend be all cutesy and flirty with Andrew Rason. A guy I've had a crush on the last year and a half. I was still taken by shock when they started spending all this time together. They weren't officially a couple yet..but they definitely had a thing. I mean they've pretty much been spending every day hanging out at lunch together. Since the first week of school. And I'm not sure if Holly is still mad at me since I skipped the very first three days of high school to hang out with my friend Issac. She was over the top when I straight up told her that I'd rather chill with Issac then hang out with her. I mean I'm not sure why she got so mad me. She doesn't own me. I'm my own person. I can do what I want, when I want, And how I want to do it. Nobody, not even my best friends(Holly and Vanessa) can tell me Cynthia Maria Perez, what I should do. And when I told Holly this (and she went off and told Vanessa) they were both mad at me. But whatever, I had the best three days with Issac. We went to the skate park, and he bought me ice cream. We even cuddled and then had maybe one or two, make out sessions. But none of that even matters, because then the next week at school, he completely ignored me. Didn't look at me, didn't talk to me, and when I said hi he looked at me like he's never met me in his whole life. So fine. I don't need him... That man bitch. So here I am a month later drooling over Andrew. I guess I never realized how much I still like him, until I saw him and Holly together. I wanted to tell holly how I felt but I knew that it would just mess things up. I thought about maybe calling Vanessa and telling her how I feel, but there's no doubt she would go and tell Holly. I thought about Vanessa and wondering what she was doing right now. Last time I had talked to her she was whining about having no friends. 'Haha that sucks'. I thought to my self. And as much as I hate to admit it, just a little part of  me is glad she's gone, because then if Vanessa were here too all the guys would be after her as well. And me the ugly duckling would have to watch my two best friends be all happy and shit while I'd have to watch from the sidelines all lonley and depressed.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I saw Holly and Andrew stand up from the bench they were sitting and they gave each other the biggest hug. He wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up while he was at it, since Holly was like a four inches shorter than him. I couldn't help but feel a strong wave of jealousy wash over me. I glared at them. Glared at them hard until he finally let go. They waved bye to each other, and Holly started walking my way with a giant grin on her face. 

"Oh my god. Guess what Andrew just asked me!" She squealed with a giant grin on her face. 

"What? He asked you out didn't he?" I huffed at her, while crossing my arms. 

"Um, actually no. What's wrong with you?" She crossed her arms back at me. 

"Nothing. Just tired. Now what did he ask you?" I sighed with relief. The last thing I needed was too find out my best friend was going out with my long time crush. 

"Okay." She took a deep breath, and unfolded her arms. I could tell she was trying to contain her excitement. "He asked me to homecoming. EEEEKK!" She was squealing and jumping up and down. "I'm so excited! Oh my god, oh my god!" She was hugging me now. 

"Well did you say yes?"

"No. I said no and then kicked him and ran away." She said sarcastically. She rolled her eyes "Of course I said yes! I wouldn't be all happy and excited right now if I hadn't! duhhh!"

"Right. Well I'm happy for you Hol." I reached in and gave her another hug. 

"Thanks love. Now I gotta go fine Kayla and Joanna. I'll call you tonight. Love you bye!"

"Bye." I mumbled. 

And with that I watched her walk off towards the cafeteria. Leaving me standing outside the locker room by my self. Part of me wanted to follow her and go with her, but I didn't need to hear the same news again. From afar, I could see Holly, Kayla, and Joanna all cheering and hugging Holly. They were drawing in more groups of girls, and again they were all cheering, and smiling, and hugging Holly. I thought about Andrew and what him and his friends might be doing. I scanned the crowd for them. I spotted them in a corner by the gym. I could see a group of guys huddled around Andrew all giving him the "Guy hand shake". And they were all patting him on the back congratulating him. 'Why?' I thought. 'Why is everyone making such a big deal out of this. It's just homecoming. Who cares if he asked Holly. God. People are morons.' But after I thought about it they weren't really. Because as much as I hate to admit Holly and Andrew are adorable when their together. And everyone knows they like each other, so it just makes things that much more exciting. 

*Brngggggg* There's the lunch bell. I rolled my eyes at Holly and Andrew as I headed for class. I realized at that moment how much I just did not want to be here. Not at school. Not near people. Not near anyone. I don't know what it was but I just felt, confused, hurt, lonely  'Eff  this'. And before anyone could notice I quickly walked out the front gates of the school.


It was about 8: 30. I was laying on my bed staring at my wall. I was listening to "Let me love you" by Mario. It was my favorite song. I could hear my dad through my head phones down the hall yelling at our land lord through the phone about our overdue rent this month. Saying supposedly he had payed it. 'Yeah right'. I thought. My dad is so drunk all the time he doesn't remember have the things he does. Just then I felt my phone Vibrate. This guy Tj , who I barley talked too, texted me. I remembered he was a friend of Issac's. 


'Winky face'? I thought. What does he want.

-Oh uh hey. haha 

-Wassup cutie?(;

Where is this guy going. We never talk. 

-Just chillin. haha I hvnt tlked 2 u in forever!

-I know bruhh. whys that?(;

-haha you tell me?(;

We were flirting. This is weird. Tj and I had only texted maybe twice before, And he was in my PE class this year but we still kept our distance. 

-Aye, so listen I was wonderin. Um u wana go 2 HC with me?(;

Omg. Was he really asking me to homecoming?! Ahh this was soo exciting. But wait..Over text? Wow. All guys should know better not to ask over text. It's pathetic. I thought about saying no, but then I thought  'Oh what the hell. Might as well say yes. I already know a ugly girl like me won't get asked by no one else. And Tj is decent looking. Ah whatever'.

-Um, Sure(:


We ended up texting for almost two hours. And at the end Tj told me he wanted to hang out at the park on Friday after school. Which today was Wednesday? Yeah. Friday worked. I have no idea what this boy was planning but who cares I just feel special a boy wants to hang out with me. With Issac it was different we kinda just both planned to hang out in a way..I guess. But this time with Tj he asked me first. 

It was about 11:30 now. So I slipped out of my jeans into some warm sweats and a T-shirt. I crawled into my bed. Just thinking about how my day went. Tj asked me to homecoming. So I felt happy from that. Holly had never called me back either. I still felt lousy knowing the fact Holly was going with Andrew to homecoming. I'm not sure why I was trippin about the two of them going together. But then it hit me. I've known Andrew way before Holly. I know him better than Holly. And I saw him first. I've liked him for the longest time I just never realized how much. Andrew should be mine. I met him before her, and we were friends for the longest time before he met Holly. We still are. Just not as close. But whatever I'm determined to make him mine. I smiled deviously to myself at the this thought...and turned out the light.

After all...Finders Keepers.




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