By Chance

‘“Elle,” Niall smiled. “It’s a pleasure to meet yeh’.” He said, shaking Elle’s hand gently. Elle recognised the twang that was evident in the way he spoke to be an Irish accent. She caught his bright blue eyes in her own and felt somehow that Niall was also familiar to her.’
Elle has lived in central London for a little over a week with just one key to her flat. One afternoon she bumps into somebody in the street, losing her only key down the drain. The stranger, somehow familiar, convinces her to stay the night at his place where she meets his flatmates, who are also familiar to her. They are generous, humorous and very welcoming, and it doesn’t take long for Elle to recall who they really are. From there laughter, talent, friendship, romance and careers ensue, all by chance.


2. Two

For the week Elle had been in central London the weather had been turning quickly and unexpectedly. She had learned the hard way to always have an umbrella handy. Exiting her building, she glanced at the sky. It was overcast, but not raining. She dropped her umbrella into her bag and then carefully placed her key to her flat on top of it where she wouldn’t lose it. Her landlord only had one key for her and had intended to get copies made. With her rush to move in as soon as possible she insisted she could do it herself. Without setting it off any longer, she had made it her priority to pay a visit to the locksmith that afternoon when she finished work.


She arrived at The Corner Bakery right on time, as she usually did. She was warmly greeted by the welcoming smell of ground coffee and baking pastries. Her boss, Nat, and three other employees as well as herself filled the working spaces for the day. Upon arriving and looping a black apron over her head, she quickly took over the coffee machine for Nat who bustled off to attend other matters. If there was one thing Elle was best at, it was her coffee making skills, as Nat had learned in the short week she had been working there. She had earned plenty of practice from her part time jobs throughout her high school years.


As she fulfilled order after order her tired mind kept wandering back to the things she needed to get done at home; what needed to be done first, what was left to unpack, the jobs she needed to do... she was afraid she would forget to get her keys cut, and not being able to afford putting it off any longer, kept reminding herself. In the midst of her reminding, Nat interrupted her.


“You look awfully tired today.” She noted as she brought freshly cleaned coffee mugs to her.


“I feel it, too.” Elle laughed light-heartedly.


“Did you forget to sleep?” Nat joked.


“I may as well have.”


“What kept you up?” Nat glanced at her, worried for her new employee.


“I was unpacking and lost track of time again. It’s taking a long time is all.” Elle briefly explained.


“Ah, I see. A job we’re all familiar with at one point. If you need a hand, don’t be afraid to ask.” Nat kindly offered before leaving Elle to making coffees once more.


As she stood making coffees, she ended up making herself one as she worked, hoping the caffeine would help her get through the day. The regular customers she had grown to know noticed and laughed about it with her.


“Is that the trick to standing all day? Drinking coffee?” An aging man with a newspaper in his hand gave her a friendly smile as he waited. He came to The Corner Bakery every day at the same time and placed the same order. All the employees knew him well, including Elle. Only, his name escaped her mind today.


“It’s working for me today.” Elle replied fondly with a tired smile.


“You look like you need to go home and rest.” The man said, looking at her over the top of his glasses.


“I wish I could, believe me.” She laughed as she tended to his coffee.


“You must be the youngest one here. I haven’t had the chance to ask, but are you studying?” He began polite conversation as he waited patiently.


“Not at the moment. I just finished school a few weeks back. I plan to work for a while before I go back to studying.” Elle explained as she dusted his coffee with chocolate powder.


“Taking a well-earned break.” He assumed as she handed him his coffee. “Destined for big things, I’ll bet.”


“Thank you, Ron.” Elle said graciously as his name suddenly surfaced from her muddled mind. “We’ll see you tomorrow.” She smiled as he nodded and left the shop.


All morning the regulars came and went, and poor Elle even managed to mix up some of their names as she apologised profusely. It was nearing midday when a small influx of people began the steady flow that the employees referred to as ‘the lunch rush’. It was at this time a tall and good-looking young man placed a coffee order amongst the busyness. He greeted Elle politely as he waited patiently, overlooking her as she made his coffee. She recognised him. Another regular whose name I’ve forgotten, she thought dismally. She was not having a great day.


“It gets busy in here, doesn’t it?” He struck up a conversation.


“It does. That’s what happens to cafes in the middle of the city.” Elle responded cheekily, glancing up to make sure he understood her light-heartedness. He laughed politely. It was then she took a moment to look at him. Yes, she definitely recognised him. But somehow she hadn’t seen his brown eyes before, or the character he portrayed in his face. Maybe he was wearing a colour he didn’t usually wear. But there he stood wearing jeans and a plain navy jumper. Maybe he’d gotten a haircut recently. But surely not when his brown curls were long enough to brush his eyebrows.


Elle looked away before she concentrated on him too hard in her tired state. As she finished up his coffee she racked her brains for a name to match his face. Unfortunately, none surfaced.


“Here you go.” Elle smiled politely as she handed him his coffee.


“Thank you, very much. See you.” He said as he made to leave.


“See you later.” She responded. As the next order came in, Elle watched him leave the shop, desperately trying to think of his name before he left her sight. He began walking down the street, passing the shop’s window. To Elle’s surprise he was quickly stopped in his tracks by a couple with young girls and cameras in their hands. She assumed they must be tourists who needed a kind enough stranger to take a family photo of them in the centre of London. Her assumptions were quickly proven to be wrong, however, as the young man naturally got into the centre of the photo. Confused, she watched on as the family appeared to thank him. Another coffee order was already being thrust into her direction, and she had no time to ponder over what she had just seen as she continued to work through the lunch rush.


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