Meant to be

Macy and Harry are best friends and have secret crushs on each other.
will they tell each other how they feel?
or will one of the other members of 1D take her for herself.


1. living in hell


Macy get your a** down here now yelled my step father coming i yelled back i ran downstairs to see my dad with a beer in his right hand and a cigeratte in the other. i'm going to a bar to find a ladie said my dad with a evil smile i don't want a step mother i nearly yelled i saw him get angry. So he slapped me across the face, kicked in the gut and pulled me to the his room.   *Dad's room * he went in the bathroom and after about 2 minutes. He came out naked. I tried to run out of the room but i felt a strong hand on my arm. He spun me around and stripped my clothes down, i tried to yell but he slapped me and put his thing in me. It hurt so bad that i screamed.     * My story * When i was 11 years old my mum died. after about 2 months my dad abused me and rapped me. i had no friends i started to skipp school alot because of my dad. i hated my life so much i just wanted to kill myself but everyone knows its a sin.   * 2 months later * I was still with my evil step dad. i had to wash the whole house ceiling to floor. Macy my dad yelled coming i yelled back running downstairs. As i was walking down stairs i saw my dad holding a teenage girls waist. I saw her reaction it was a smile which meant " get me out of here " when she gave me that smile i new my dad kidnapped her.
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