Vampires all the way! However, just a teeny mistake. Our little Danielle here believes that they don't exist. Oh, poor little Dani. What will she do when she encounters one? Let's see, shall we?


2. Tragic News

     "Hey! What the... Oh! Uh, Danielle! I am so sorry!" he gasped as I fell down. All the boys rushed to me and I felt a tear trickle down my cheek. "Ouch.. My butt..." I moaned. I think it was broken or something. "I am so sorry!" Trey cried. "I'm fine. Ah, my back..." Philip emerged from the crowd and helped me up. "There you go," he smiled. "Thank you," I grinned and he walked away. "I am so sorry, I-" Trey started. "No, I'm fine. Ouch," I winced, rubbing my tailbone. "Well, we better get you to the office," Oliver, one of the boys spoke up. I half-smiled, half-grinned as he helped me up. "Thanks, Oliver," I mumbled. He shook his head and carried me off bride-style. As I looked at Philip's eyes, I could see um... A lot of anger... Is he jealous? I'm not sure... "Hey," Oliver said. "W-What?" I stuttered, snapping back into reality. "I need to tell you something," he mumbled. "Sure, I don't have to go anyway," I sighed, getting up. "Philip really likes you," he started. "He, does?" I asked, surprised. "Yeah, he told you know," he answered, smiling sheepishly. "Hey, what's with that look?" I accused, pointing at his face. "Trey likes you too..." he smiled. "WHAT?!" I hissed. "Yup, let's head back now," he sighed. I'm sure he knew he did or say something wrong. "Ah, Danielle, are you alright?" Mr Snaskanta-yes, it's a weird name- asked. "I'm totally fine. Thank you very much for asking," I bowed. He nodded in approval and I smiled. "Take your place next to Philip please," "P-p-philip?!" I stuttered. "Why?" Mr Snaskanta asked, raising an eyebrow. I shook my head and took my seat. 

   *2 Hours Later*

   "It's the end! Yay!!" I sighed happily, holing Cassie and Philip's hands. "Miss. Leonte? May I have a word?" our receptionist asked sadly. "Um, sure! Guys, wait here?" I asked, turning to them. They nodded and I followed Miss Carrab. Strange names, I know. "Dani?" Aaron asked, surprised. "What is going on?" I whispered, slipping next to him. He shrugged and the Principal walked in. "Good morning Miss Ashika," we greeted, bowing. "Yes, yes. Now, I have some bad news..." she trailed off. "Yes?" we urged her. "Your parents have passed away in a plane crash," she spoke slowly. "W-what?!" I gasped, clutching my chest. "No!" I hugged Aaron, who stroked my hair and I burst into tears. "If there is anything you need, please-" "Yeah, we will," Aaron gruffly answered as we ran out of the office. "Hey, what happened?" Philip asked. Aaron swiftly told them about the event and made them promise not to tell anyone. "Oh," was all Philip and Cassie could utter out. "I... Can't believe it!!" I bawled, switching to Philip's chest, in which he wrapped his arms around me...

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