Vampires all the way! However, just a teeny mistake. Our little Danielle here believes that they don't exist. Oh, poor little Dani. What will she do when she encounters one? Let's see, shall we?


1. Introduction

     "Aaron! Let's get going!" I yelled. We were definitely going to be late for school. Oh, how rude of me not to introduce myself. I'm Danielle Leonte, my height is 5'7 and I'm currently going to Bradford Academy. One of the top universities in the whole of England. And my brother, Aaron, goes to the same school. "Aaron! It's just a hairstyle!!" I screamed. "Cool it, little sis," he said calmly  while coming down the stairs. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, our parents left that morning and were going to be gone for about a month or so. I don't bother. they're never here for us anyway. "Come, beautiful sister, let us-" Aaron started. "Cut the crap, Aaron," I sighed. He was too flirty. "Fine, oh holy one." he snapped back. I glared at him and he totally ignored me. "Fine. Let's go," I growled. Aaron giggled. I ignored him and sat in our Ferrari. "Why are you there?" he complained, I laughed inside and replied," Men must drive the ladies, I'm sure," "Fine," he sighed. Purrr. The engine of the car relaxed me. Let me tell you a bit about our family background. We are one of the richest families in the world. The moment you say you're a Leonte, people go crazy. But, you NEVER get used to it. 'Hi, I'm Danielle Leonte!' Other person: *fainted*. It's easy, but I'm too pretty for my liking. Boy's eye's trail me when I walk past. I have long brown hair  that falls into waves when left on my shoulders and my brother? A ladies man. His hair is... Um... Like Niall's from 1D. But darker in colour. A dark brown. Plus, girls would swoon every time he walks pass. "Here we are," Aaron pulled to a slow stop. "Thank you. See you at 3," I called. "Dani! Dani!" a high-pitched voice called over to me. "Oh, hey Cassie!" I waved to her. She came running and said, "Guess who got an A* for French?!?!" she literally screamed. "Mhmm... You?" I asked. She nodded and I hugged her. "Congrats! How much did I get?" I asked nervously. "Oh, you got full marks! I just got 91," she replied. "Oh mon dieu! Maman et papa vont être si heureux!" I said excitedly in French. "I know!" Cassie exclaimed too. "Oh no! We're gonna be late for Chemistry!" I groaned. We rushed to the class room just in time, just to find that the class was going to be rearranged. Aw man! We ran to the back and I bumped into Trey, one of the hottest and strongest guys in class...

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