Love never Lasts

Based on a true story.
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10. TTYL!

 Last night was AMAZING. Vienna texted Oscar my phone number and he texted me. Umm, it was kinda cute! I couldn't believe it was happening though - from enemies to texting buddies!

 Oscar : Hi Flora

 Me : Heyyyy......

 Oscar : I don't know what to say

 Me : Umm.....let's talk in Italian!

 Oscar : Good luck with that

 I snorted loudly. This boy thinks I can't talk Italian?

 Me : Ummmm......Grazie

 Oscar : That means thank you

 Me : At least it's Italian!?

 Oscar : Great, yeah, you impressed me....

 I don't know if he was being funny or not. I found out when I came to school, and it turns out he was. We were okay together then, talking, smiling, occasionally sharing jokes and being friends.

 Though I really wished this could have been more than that.

It's a Tuesday, the worst day of the week now, and I'm getting my lab coat out of the locker. I'm just about to leave when Tammy's behind me, rasing an eyebrow and glaring straight into my eyes.

 "What do you want?" I ask her, ready to show her that I'm not going to all for her glarin eyes and tough talk.

 "You got me into trouble," she said, snatching the lab coat out of my hands.

 "Give it back," I say, standing up again.

 She laughs. "The point is, honey, you took Oscar from me."

 "You like him?" I say, snorting. 

 Tammy snorts. "No!" She retreated. "I have a sister. Taylor. She's year 6. She's known Oscar since primary and is, well, you know, she likes him. His family and my family are pretty close. So just back off, okay? My sister's....pretty emotional."

 I stare at her for a while. Tammy may be my worst enemy, and her reasoning seems ludicrus, but her face was pretty genuine.

 "Me and Oscar are just friends," I finally manage to say. "Tell your sister what she wants to hear." I walk out of the room leaving Tammy scowling and looking at her fingernails. Even now I don't feel so sure. I decide to test my concience on Tammy's friend Susha.

 "Hey," I say. Susha's head jerks up.

 "Oh hey, Flora."

 "Does Tammy have a sister in year 6?"

 Susha raises an eyebrow and looks at me, bewildered.

 "Sister?" she says. "Who told you that garbage? Oh no, Tammy only has three brothers. No sisters."



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