Love never Lasts

Based on a true story.
Thanks to flora5499, starstruck, directioner_forever, directioner_4life<3, Laladuck and rockongirl2012, amaze123, choc-fan21 and amz rekum for featuring and supporting this story! Keep liking and commenting and faving and reading, I appreciate it! I would also thank Exotic for her positive feedback and support. Laladuck has also written a great version of this so check that out too, and also everyone I mentioned up there! Thank you!


3. Text Message

Anne : He is like, really mad at you.

Flora : Don't you think I realise that?

Anne : Like, apparently you're going out.

Flora : Oh, bum.

Anne : He said he would never go out with someone like you, that he doesn't care, and it's a lie.

Flora : Like I care!

I switch my phone off and flump down onto my bed. I think about everything that has just happened. Hassini telling everyone about how I like  Oscar, and apparently we're going out. Such fakers. I feel like missing school, I feel so bad I can't face Oscar. What would I say? To everyone? I have so much to thank Hassini for.

But I can't help it. He's too good to be true. It's then that I realise that love can't be helped. Love is hopeless. It never lasts.

Or does it?

I spend time going online to do my maths homework, which I eventually give up. I play around on the VLE, and decide to search Oscar's eportfolio. He's decorated his homepage with KEEP OUT pictures and cars. I click on message and play around, deciding what I would say to him.

Try 1 : Hey, I'm Flora, and I just wanted to apologise for that time in the library...

Too soppy.

Try 2 : Okay, yes I'm Flora and I am in your class. Just wanted to -

Too long.

Try 3 : I love u.


"Flowa! Flowa!" came a voice from behind me.

"Emmy, go away!" I yell, even though she's 2 and can't understand a thing. "No, go to mummy!"

She's not listening. She walks over and tries to jump onto the bed. I try to drag her away but it's too late, she's fallen on my laptop. There's the sound of my laptop falling down but thankfully it's not damaged. It says only one thing on the screen and that's :


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