Love never Lasts

Based on a true story.
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11. Straight through those lies

 "And all these little things..." Vienna sings as we wait by the corner for our parents. "Why aren't you singing, Flora?"

 "I'm to depressed," I answer truthfully. I am, now that I've broken a test tube in science, got a detention for drinking water in IT and I've got humiliated with a blue slip for not doing my homework. And all after Tammy's told me she'll do anything it takes to seperate me and Oscar.

 And after all, I've found out her reason too. She likes him. Oh, you can tell by the way she was sucking up to him at the table tennis courts this lunchtime. Normally I go there - today I didn't. And every time she walks past me she gives me those warning glares; but it's no use, I won't even try.

 "You have to tell me what's going on," she says, siding up to me.

 "Fine," I say. "Tammy's been tormenting me to stay away from Oscar. It's not like I like him anyway, it's her threats that scare me silly."

 "Report her," says Vienna.

 "I'm too silly to be sensible," I groan.

 "So you like him?"

 There's no point in lying. Vienna can see straight through them anyway. Her face is smiling, urging me to spit out whatever's inside. I can't help a smile creeping onto my face as I stare into the sky and ponder upon what's happened. What was meant to be perfect went haywire. When things were awesome they turned upside down. When my world was finally back on track someone came and pushed me onto another planet. Now, I just don't know what I want anymore. Love is confusing, and I guess I'm just a victim. "Yes."

 "I told you so. See, you can never hide things from me."

 I chuckle and look up again. The skies are parting, just like my mind. There's two directions - live the low life forever or stand up for myself. Which do I want?



 Next day at school isn't so painful. It's the last day of the week and I'm pumped about our ICT test - which turns out to fail because I've lost my work and Miss does not believe me. Okay, I was excited abou our science practical, but I missed a lesson ago so I couldn't do the follow-up work and the pracical. DT's worse, hibernating from the scariest teacher on he planet that screams at you when you get a question wrong.

 You know what made it okay?

 I'm sitting by the same corner as yesturday, when I hear other people coming up to me.


Vienna's up off her seat, welcoming Oscar to the stand by the bus stop like it's her home. I look up and raise an eyebrow.

 "Thanks," says Oscar, feeling bewildered. I laugh at this and for once I feel like I can be free towards him. If only I could.

 "Hey Flora," he excaims. "I've sent you tons of missed calls, is your phone off or something?"

 He says it really casually, cause he has no idea of what is going on. Or at least, I hope he doesn't. I would look ike an idiot in front of him.

 "Oh, yeah, I guess," I lie, but my lies are revealed. My phone starts beeping because I've got a new text messages. Vienna laughs and Oscar raises an eyebrow.

 "Sure, phones always make sounds when they're off," he finally laughs, and I hide my blushes behind my hair. "Hey, look, I am really sorry about Tammy. She can be -"

 "So you know?" I foolishly blurt out.

 There's an akward silence.





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