Love never Lasts

Based on a true story.
Thanks to flora5499, starstruck, directioner_forever, directioner_4life<3, Laladuck and rockongirl2012, amaze123, choc-fan21 and amz rekum for featuring and supporting this story! Keep liking and commenting and faving and reading, I appreciate it! I would also thank Exotic for her positive feedback and support. Laladuck has also written a great version of this so check that out too, and also everyone I mentioned up there! Thank you!


13. Predicting the future

 Okay, so the past is the past, but the future is bright! I've had such an awesome day, no-one's mentioned Oscar once but we're smiling at eachother in the corridor like there's something going on. It's really funny, because I had no idea that this would happen but it has. I just can't wait to get home to my phone. Right now I'm where I'm going to be picked up, but Vienna's not here because she has a netball match.

 Oh, text message!

 Oscar: Hey there

 Smooth, sophisticated reply.

 Flora: Hiya

 Texts back!

 Oscar: So what's up?

 I'm just about to text back when there's a voice behind me.

 "Yeah, Flora, what is up?"

 Tammy. Oh my oh my oh my. And this is one of the most isolated places I could be. I turn around sharply to face her. She's glaring at me, looking kind of pretty in her geeky glasses and her hair in a side pony. I'm about to say something back when she grabs my phone and tosses it up. High up into the air.

 "Give it back!" I yell, running after it desperately.

 "Hey girls, catch it," she says calmly, and I realise she's got a gang of 5 girls behind her. Now I am stuck. Thankfully, one of the girls catches it with one hand and it stays in one piece. Un-thankfully (I know thats not a real word) she hands it back to Tammy and there's nothing that I can do now. I watch as she navigates through my phone. I knew I should have put a password lock on it.

 "What does it say?" says Anne. Wait - wasn't Anne my friend? Why is she against me now? I trusted her with everything and now she's on a different side to me. The jealousy is probably in my eyes - and Tammy can see it.

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