Love never Lasts

Based on a true story.
Thanks to flora5499, starstruck, directioner_forever, directioner_4life<3, Laladuck and rockongirl2012, amaze123, choc-fan21 and amz rekum for featuring and supporting this story! Keep liking and commenting and faving and reading, I appreciate it! I would also thank Exotic for her positive feedback and support. Laladuck has also written a great version of this so check that out too, and also everyone I mentioned up there! Thank you!


12. Oscar

 Oscar is getting on my nerves. He is bugging me day and night to try and tell him what he's supposed to know, but I'm not giving in. I'm strong, I don't need anyone's help to ward off Tammy, and I don't think he knows that ITS NO BIG DEAL.

 "Flora!" he calls behind me. "You're gonna have to tell me sometime."

 I turn around and there he is, standing against the railing, looking all innocent and cool and helpful. I try to turn away but I can't.

 I have to tell him. I take back everything I said, I must tell him.

 He runs up to me and grips my arm, and my world has just turned upside down.

 "Yes, you're not going anywhere," he demands, but laughs. "Look, it's obviously been bugging you, and its got to do with me. Or else I wouldn't care."

 "Eeeeuuuuggghhhhh," I say, looking around. "It's Tammy, okay? She's been bugging me not to talk to you, and that's it. I'm not listening to her, okay? That's why I haven't been making a fuss and all, and I'm not really the one to go stand up to her. Now you know, just stop bugging me. Or you can just tell me to get lost."

 He looks down for a second and then looks up again. For a moment I tink that he is going to tell me to get lost, but then I hear the unexpected.

 "You know, I would never forgive myself if I did that." 



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