Love never Lasts

Based on a true story.
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8. No more Bright Side

We end up outside the headteacher's office, Tammy and I. Every now and then we cast angry glares at each other, Tammy's a more relaxed one and mine a freaking out one. What would my parents say? What would my RE teacher say? What would Oscar say?

Oscar? Pah. He's the one who caused this. Instead, he's making me feel guilty but I have no idea how. I hate him, I really do, but somewhere deep inside me he's still there, every word scarred on what's now my broken heart. And now I'm desperately trying to see him, trying to get a glimpse of the reason I'm wasting time standing here today. But he's avoiding me, for sure. 
"Tabitha and Flora to see the principal, please."
We enter the room, a room filled with beautiful monuments and sixth form artwork. I take a seat where Miss Whithpick beckons me to, and take a deep breath in. I glance at Tammy, who despite her outer careless looks seems just as nervous as I am. I jump as the door shuts behind us, and I'm face to face with the headteacher.
"Now," she started. "It has come to my knowledge that has been a little tiff going on between you girls in the playground. Tabitha, I dare say you shall grant me a fine explanation."

So Tammy went on and on about how she noticed that I was bullying Oscar, and how she heroically stepped in to solve the matter. She explained in great detail how I apparently yanked her hair when she got involved, and how she was only trying to help a friend.

"Lies!" I yell. "All lies, Tabby. Miss Whithpick, please -"

"Tabitha is speaking, Flora."

I clump down in my seat as Tammy's explanatory seems to go on forever. She was the one that started it, by pulling my hair. Then I stepped on her leg and then she jumped on me, scratching and pinching me. I only fought in self defence, somehow bearing all pains but one. The one pain that Oscar didn't say anything the whole way through.

She makes me look bad, deceitful, evil, and I wonder what goes on in that crooked twisted mind of hers. Still, only god shall know. I take a sip of water, relief rushing over me that her explanation is coming to a close.

".....And it was all because Oscar wasn't going out with her, miss. She threatened him."


My heart almost skips a beat. My bones freeze. My lips are dying to speak but can't make the words. I feel a wave of fear, terror

 and anger wave over me, an anger that makes me want to rip Tabby's head off.


"Flora? Would you like to say something?"

I'd love to, and I only wish I could. But my thoughts swirled back to the table tennis court. Is that what they thought of me? Is that what they thought I was dong, threatening him back? Worst of all, is that what he thought I was doing? Somehow the blame seems to turn on me, and frankly, I can't imagine how I shall bear another day at this school. Now, everything just seems so wrong.......




I run right out of the head teacher's room, my lips trembling, tears flowing down my cheeks. My lungs gasping for air, my heart skipping multiple beats. I run and run until I reach the gardens, where I sit for five minutes, thinking about life, thinking about school, about everything. There was no way I can convince anyone to believe me again, not with what they have planned. Everything would have been so perfect if what happened hat day never did.

It's all my fault.  I wonder what would happen if I didn't come to this school, if I never met Oscar. Would I fall for someone else, to the extreme heights I fall for him?  And what would he be like? Would he look like him? All the memories recollect in my head, turning to stone one by one.

I dodge the head teacher's office when I finally decide to make I back to class. All the heads turn around, staring at me, glaring at me. All heads but Oscar's, whose is buried in a textbook. Even the teacher seems to take a serious interest in staring at me. I tuck a curl behind my ear and take an available seat next to Bob. Even Bob seems to blank me, and if this is the case in year 7, I wonder how I will survive until year 13.

Those heads are turned back now. I guess I'm back with Anne, Vienna, Holly, Susha and Layla, but everyone else seems to blank me. Especially Tammy and her lot, jeering at us and making faces in the corner. I made sure to avoid them during French, though I know that lunchtime will be a nightmare for me. Good luck to me for the next 7 years of my life. I walk out of he building, isolated and alone, wondering how today's events have impacted my life.




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