Love never Lasts

Based on a true story.
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4. My life sucks

This is not happening, I thought. The button had been pressed and the screen was frozen. I slammed down the laptop in fury and tears swelled up in my eyes. I was right - love will never last.

I wished that life had a rewind button. I wish that I could start again, from the moment I met him, from the moment I looked into his eyes. Now, we were just haters, and I had a feeling it would always stay that way.

I dabbed my tears and chucked the dripping tissue in the bin. It wasn't the end of the world. Yes, it was. What would I say? What would they think of me if Oscar told everyone? I lay down in despair as the thoughts filled my head, and still wondering, I slowly fell into dreams.


I slipped on the brand new cardigan that I had got, seeing as I had carelessly lost my old jumper. I must've been crying in my sleep, because frankly, I found a lot of sleepy dust in my eyes this morning. My thoughts whipped back to school, and Oscar. There must be some way I could end this.

"Vienna's here!" calls my mum. Seeing my dreary face, she wrapped me in a quick bear hug.

"Smile," she said. "Everything will be fine."

I wish.

I hopped into the car, smiling at Vienna. She smiled back, but didn't say anything. She didn't say anything for the rest of the journey. Once we got out of the car she said, "I know what happened."

"What?" I snap.

"You know, the message on the vle.....Oscar told me, I'm so sorry,...I never knew..."

I must've been crying because she instantly handed me a tissue. I quietly dabbed my tears for the second time and smiled back at her.

"It's okay, don't tell anyone," I said. "Anyway, who told you?"

"Well, umm, that's the thing," she begins. "Oscar texted Anne last night, Anne texted Layla with the same news, Layla texted Susha, Susha texted Zara, Zara texted Holly, and well, Holly texted me."

"Could you tell me what this text is?" I ask, butterflies fluttering in my stomach even though my voice was firm.

"It's not about you," she said. "It's actually about Oscar. He likes you, Flora."




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