Love never Lasts

Based on a true story.
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9. Miracles can happen

 It's the Monday back from the weekend and I'm wondering how long this week will last. By the gates I meet Anna and Layla, and as the snow falls above us we walk inside. I want to take my mind off everything I have been through this  including Oscar.

There's no sign of him anyway as we hurry into form. No-one seems to be interested in me anymore after the weekend flew by. I happily take a seat and bury my head in The Hunger Games. It felt so peaceful, so calm, and all of this when he was gone. 

 I seemed to make it through the day quite happily. Geography was really fun, bidding for house prices and making profits as a special lesson (our company was called Big Bucks). In ICT we made a dance for our flow charts and some of the dance moves were hilarious! In PE, we did trampolining, where I bounced the highest and most gracefully. Plus at the end of the PE lesson we got to have a random bouncing session! 

 I got picked to play the lead in Drama, and my personality was so strong I achieved a house point. After a peaceful and delicious lunch (where I actually got there quick enough to get my favourite bean burrito. I had a laugh with Susha in PCS. Could this day have been any better?


And suddenly, as I walk through the gates, I can see him in front of me, patronising me and laughing at me. The image is so shocking that I fall over, deeper and deeper till my brain hits the hard lonely ground and everyone is looking at me....


"I'm fine, fine, just fine," I say, getting up, but then I actually see him in front of me,  real person, standing there. WHY WAS HE EVEN HERE? Why was he here, tormenting my life, there to trip up my every step, goal and  Vienna followed my gaze and started again.

 "Oscar again?" she groaned. "Okay, this has got to stop."

 She sounded just like me when I declared the same thing on Friday.  That didn't go too well at all, and I had a feeling this wouldn't either.

 "Oscar? Oscar, we have to talk!" she called.

"," I tried to say, but my mouth couldn't make the words. Somehow all I wanted was for him to be here with me, to come here and apologise to me, and we would make up, and he wouldn't be my enemy and would maybe possibly like me as a friend.


 That's why I didn't object when he came up to me and said the same thing to me, exactly what I wanted to hear all this time.

 "I'm sorry, Flora, for what happened to you," he said, and I managed a short smile. His face was warm, comforting, gentle and all I could do was look into his eyes and nod to every word.  HE smiled at me, and the only sentence that actually went into my brain was the last one.

"Wanna be friends?"

 Yes. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes! But I was too excited to even say this, and all that came out was....


 "She'd....she'd love to?" replied Vienna, staring at me bizzarely.

 "Perfect," said Oscar. "Can I have your phone number?"

 This was so insanely awesome I thought I would pass out. Luckily Vienna came to my rescue.

 "I'll text it to you tonight, yeah?"

 "Okay," he said. "Cya, Vienna. See you too, umm, Flora."

 That was the best moment of my life. He actually said my name! And he meant it, too! Remember what I said in the last chapter, about my life being ruined? I totally took that back. From this point, my life was the best life of any ordinary teenage girl in the universe.

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